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  • 18 years of industry experience
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My experience


Self-EmployedOctober 2017 - Present

• Building my dream apps from scratch.
• Working experience with MVC, MVVM.
• Architecture components (Room, LiveData, ViewModel).
• Custom views and Material Design adherent.
• Firebase, Cloud Vision embedding.
• Embracing Clean code and Design patterns.

My first published application, is Child Radio Tuner (, was done exclusively by me, from scratch to publishing and promo.
Is true that if I where to do it again I would keep 30% of it now but I learned a lot from doing it.
And was featured app of the day for Sony, 1 - 3 June 2019!

Other three projects in progress. Just ask for Git private repositories access. Some I work on alone, some by leading a small team I gathered.

Photos Photiades GroupSeptember 2014 - May 2017

• Route to Consumer: framework, staged deployment and opportunity/size of prize buildup from scratch, drill down per channel. Complete solution: from data sources, multilevel segmentation (shopper, consumer and company perspectives) to prioritization methodology. Including sales force modeling, with audit and optimization scenarios; structure, size, geography, split per channel, portfolio allocation, contracting.
• Integrated Strategic Planning: full processes definition, for all views: Master Business, Commercial, Consumer Marketing and Trade/Customer Marketing, Sales.
• Trade Marketing Management senior/advisory role for all channels.
• Business modeling and deployment: business model model development for online.

Achievements :
• Route to Market/Consumer: complete, turnkey solution delivered with sizable opportunity. Deployment in progress.
• Integrated Strategic Planning: methodology provided with critical, structural opportunities pinpointed.
• Trade Marketing Management senior role: complete assortment redefinition, per channel, down to segment level for 14 categories.
• Pricing strategy reassessment, elasticity based, in and inter channels, both shelf and promo for key brands, down to sku level. 
• Activities pre and post evaluation methodology assessment and reconstruction. 

References available on demand:
Nikitas Aspiotis, General Manager PPD Romania
Nikolas Xystouris: Ex General Manager PPD Romania

Metro Cash and CarryJuly 2011 - August 2014

•    Business models definition for private label brands in coffee, bakery, water. It includes full business flows, structure, resources, activities, channels, cost structure, and revenue streams.
•    Business cases definition and deployment with all the related budgets implied by P&L lines, from HR to Marketing, CAPEX, and so on.
•    Build a private label to become a brand able to compete with relevant “A” brands by all relevant Marketing and Trade Marketing management tools and processes.
•    Deploy the defined business models and move very fast into a rising star stage that implies not just full self-financing but break even and EBIT delivery.

•    Transform a cost line into an income and profit one by partial internalization and competencies building.
•    Define and implement fully functional business models not native to wholesale or retail with full symbiosis to legacy systems and procedures/work instructions.
•    Expansion at national level without additional resources. Triple the sales in volume and double in absolute amount, break even in year one.
•    Move Rioba private label from a low profile shelf product to one of the top five brands acting on the relevant market. Now, six Rioba branded beverages are consumed every minute even in the premises of notable customers like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Damen Shipyards, and Cummins.

References available on demand:
Marc Carena: Vice President METRO Group, Customer Management Director, currently Managing Director Metro Cash and Carry Croatia.

NestleJuly 2008 - July 2011

•    Marketing and Trade Marketing Management; Channel and Category Management, from strategy definition; budget structure and size definition, to implementation control.
•    Innovation/Renovation for products and services portfolio including cluster leadership for category.
•    Trade assets management including CAPEX business planning and execution, core activities for this type of business.
•    Business models definition and deployment with cross function integration role and cross markets knowledge dissemination role.
•    Senior management and Top management advisory roles in respect to strategic plans as Master Business Strategy or Market Execution Plan; also financials monitoring and steering.
•    Managed strategic cross countries/regions/continental projects as products and portfolios harmonization or solutions launches.

•    B2B and Consumer Marketing management, Channel and Category Management excellence in communication, innovation and implementation with direct sales proven results. Redefine the status quo of the industry with National Consumer Promo, National Trade Promo that where the very first initiatives of this kind in the industry worldwide.
•    New Product Development and Introduction best practice for both products and solutions, with development and launch of absolute novelties as vending 3in1 that reached 8% of total sales in one year or the first Nescafé Milano Coffee Shop in the world.
•    Development and implementation of the regional sales activity budgeting concept.
•    Strategic planning harmonization by Regional Integrated Commercial Planning linked to Master Business Planning and Market Execution Planning.
•    Global Blueprints definition with Nescafe Milano, including handbooks for Implementation and Marketing activation.

References available on demand:
Stefan Neagoe: Country Business Manager Nestlé Professional Romania, currently Country Business Manager Nestlé Professional Poland

Lykon AdvertisingJanuary 1999 - February 2003

•    Successfully manage the company startup with focus on B2B marketing communication
•    Turnover increase of 2,700% 1999 – 2002, 165% 2002 – 2003
•    Customer’s portfolio expansion outside Romania.
•    TIB – Bucharest together with our customer Elite Coffee Services we received the prize for the creativity of ation of the exhibit.
•    Over 76% conversion rate with Hrema's publishing house’s direct marketing campaign of mailing and faxing.

References available on demand:
Stefan Negrea: Associate General Manager, currently owner CTE Trading

Andrew Nurnberg BucharestJune 1998 - February 1999

•    Highest advance contracted on Romanian copyright market to date.
•    Redefine and build databases for agreements and samples.
•    Define and implement the collection system.

The company closed operations in Romania.

My stack

Visual Basic, Strategic Planning, Material Design, LiveData, Design Patterns, Commercial, Builder, Android development environment, Android Architecture Components, Android, MVVM, Firebase, Java, Git, Marketing, MVC, JSON