Filip G.


430 euro
3 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


Adonis SoftwareFebruary 2018 - June 2019

We are a team of young professionals from Bucharest, Romania. Our team is formed of creative designers and expert developers with great experience in programming, especially in smartphone application development. We believe that each one of us is a unique and creative force for the company.


- Restograf
Restograf is a free app that lets you browse through local restaurants and allows you to book a table.

Bug fixing.

- Sodexo

Sodexo is a member only , Home Bank app that lets you manage your Sodexo bank cards. The users are able to use the app just any other Home Bank app.
Bug fixing.

- Kure app

Kure is a free and secure messaging application platform. You can use kure to communicate with anyone that has a kure account, individually or in a group chat. Free voice and video calls coming soon.
What sets kure apart is the ability to add visual workflows to facilitate communication between small and large teams. kure Workflows, are saved permanently for future audit and reporting, provide structure to messages, reduce typing, create consistency and transparency, and maintain data history.

Bug fixing.
Code refactoring.
Developing new features and workflows.
Building custom iOS components.
Directly communicationg with the second team from India working on the project

NewrosoftFebruary 2016 - February 2018

Newrosoft R&D specialize in smartphone coding - iPhone and Android. The company started to operate on 2001 and is Nintendo DS/DSi, Wii licensed developers, Sony PSP licensed developers. Some of it's most prestigious clients have been Sony Pictures Digital, Gameloft, British Telecom and have developed more than 50 PC games, 300 smartphone games and apps.

While I worked in the company, I developed, made modifications and updated numerous iOS (Objective C) apps.

Architecture designing.
UI implementation.
Team task management.
Keeping the clients in a feedback loop.
Issues and new feaures proposal meetings.
Coordinating Android developers on my iOS work.
Guiding my iOS colleagues.
Client technical support.

Worked with:
- Video / Photo processing

* Medical purpose app for dentists

* License plate recognition from photos using Google Tesseract, Leptonica, Openalpr and OpenCV
- Online shop app for medical / recreational purposes
- VisaCheckout based plugin for Unity, for a new, stil in progress, online payment solution (PayScout)
- GVRKit plugin for Unity (360 video player)
- In charge of building data base models and the server-app-server comunication
- Sockets
- Apple Push Notification Service
- Local Push Notification Service
- Custom Delegate Systems
- Amazon Alexa Lambda skills
- Very brief Cocos2d experience
- Experience with other SDKs :

*UIKit (custom changes based on client's need)





*GooglePlaces(geolocation, reverseGeolocation)


*Spika Chat System

*FireBase Chat System

Memshare Development SRLJuly 2014 - August 2014

The internship was based on adding new features to an already existing app using the Facebook api, with the purpose of retrieving personal data from the user's facebook profile (name, last name, phone number, address, etc).
This area of the whole project was based on a four persons team where i learned:
-setting and respecting deadlines

My stack

Unity, Swift, Objective-C, Java, iOS, Firebase, Facebook API, C++, AWS Lambda, Android