Bogdan R.

Mobile Developer

490 dollar
8 years

My experience


eMAGAugust 2015 - Present

I work on multiple areas for the eCommerce iOS app. I do maintenance work and make sure the crash rate is always under control, mainly during peak campaign days. Also, I help developing new features based on data findings and roll them out using A/B testing. Lastly, I take a part in rewriting the whole app from Objective-C to Swift using a step-by-step plan.

I introduced the team to the processes of coding guidelines, code reviews, pair programming and unit tests and started an ongoing process of improving how we write and test code.

Besides this, I also took the opportunity to become a Scrum Master. This allowed me to evolve my communication and team skills and also made it easier to be involved more in the app development cycle.

ThinslicesOctober 2017 - Present


PentalogFebruary 2015 - August 2015

Worked on an eHealth platform using BLE to communicate with the smart devices. Implemented interesting designs to so the user can control and see the data on every device.

MaxcodeSeptember 2014 - January 2015

Maxcode was a great learning experience. It marked my introduction into SCRUM development and a larger, more dynamic team.
The first project I made was a demo application in order to showcase all the new features of the newly (then) launched iOS 8, which included:

* Using TouchID instead of a password
* Blur
* Application extension
* Size classes (e.g. easily make a diferent layout for a screen in landscape and portrait)
* Using Swift for a part of the application
After this, I joined a team and started working on an application that offered the possibility to pay with your phone by registering your bank account and scanning a QR code.
Technology wise, I worked a lot with Auto-layout (especially compatibility with older devices) and updating the project's old implementation.

MobiletouchJuly 2013 - August 2014

I began with a two-month internship program which helped me learn the basics of iOS development, from HIG to CoreData, HTTP requests, XML/JSON manipulation and many more.

After the internship, during the time I worked there, I developed, updated and maintained several applications, from a vast range of categories, which include:

* coupon offers
* job searching
* customer loyalty
* news feed reader
* social networking
Working on so many projects was a great opportunity for me to gather and consolidate knowledge about iOS, programming style and, last but not least, teamwork.

The team, although it was relatively small, included three seniors. This was a great thing because it ofered me an environment in which I could learn best practices and always have somebody to exchange opinions with about programming and iOS.

Technology wise, besides the iOS SDK, I used CoreData, iBeacons, WebSockets, mobile
payments, maps and geolocation. Also, integration with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr - logging in and posting content.

On my final project, I worked along with two other colleagues and, beside development, I gave them tasks and made sure the project met the deadline. It helped my leadership and communication skills.

As a personal project, during the time I was benched, I learned using SpriteKit framework and made
"Space Invaders", a 2D arcade game with multiple levels/power-ups/enemies.

BitdefenderJune 2013 - July 2013

I participated in a three week training during which I learned:
▪ Python
▪ Assembly
▪ Windows API
Furthermore, I applied everything by doing a specific application/task for each language.

My stack


Core Data, BlueTooth Low Energy, iOS and Mac OS Platforms Technologies



Big Data

Data Mining


XML, Swift, Objective-C, OOP, C#

Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns

Software testing

Unit testing


Scrum Methodology, Python Programming, 2D, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Objective C, English, Scrum Master, Tumblr, Mobile App


Social Media, Twitter, Teamwork

IT Infrastructure

iOS, iPhone

My education and trainings

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) - Cambridge English Language Assessment2012 -

Bachelors Degree, of studies - University of Iași, Faculty of Computer Science2012 - 2015