Dragos C.


610 euro
20 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


DevodromeMarch 2009 - January 2020

iOS Native Applications development using XCode (Objective-C / Swift) – 50+ projects
▪ develop and maintain many B2B and B2C iOS applications based on client's specification
▪ plan, develop and maintain iOS applications for the Pharma industry
▪ develop and maintain iOS sport betting application
▪ develop and maintain Bluetooth/BLE Connected iOS application (fitness, automotive)
▪ support legacy iOS applications (pre iOS 9)
▪ research and new technologies to fellow developers
▪ plan and develop iOS game using Cocos2d and Objective-C
▪ plan and develop image and video processing apps
▪ experience in RESTful APIs integration, support for designing REST API based communication between Server and Mobile devices
▪ use SQLite and mySQL, complex SQL queries
▪ design and implement native and custom UI
▪ use of various third-party frameworks and SDKs (PayPal payment SDK, Stripe payment SDK,
Facebook SDK, AdMob SDK etc)

Spectra IT SRLSeptember 1999 - March 2009

Large scale projects and integrated systems development using Microsoft Visual Studio (C/C++, i386 assembler)
▪ Romanian border vehicle traffic control – license plate recognition (LPR) developed from scratch
using video processing and artificial neural networks; automated traffic control using barriers, traffic
lights and road sensors.
▪ Romanian National Administration of Roads – portable weighing system for law enforcement,
software development to calculate the fine for the overweighted vehicles and to connect all the
system devices: weighing pads, computer, large display for driver, printer.
▪ Various derivatives from the above, like parking access systems, video surveillance/security

My stack

Xcode, Visual Studio, Swift, SQLite, SQL, Software Development, SDK, REST API, Objective-C, Neural networks, MySQL, iOS, Cocos2D, C++, BlueTooth Low Energy, BLE, B2C, B2B, API