Andrei F.

Mobile Developer

170 dollar

My experience


Lucida Tech SolutionsDecember 2018 - Present

Projects that I worked on:

INNA - Official App

CAN-ED - The World’s First Cannabis Education App

Team Extension SRLApril 2017 - December 2018

Truck driver app:
This app was intended to be a tool for truck drivers, helping them to manage their work. In this app I have integrated jetpack components like live data, room, view model, navigation and data binding. Also heavily using RX.

Job Platform App
This app is a platform for people to search available jobs and hire available people to do their jobs. My responsibility was to develop new features, ex. Profile page, and maintain existing code. Some tech used were retrofit in combination with RX java for HTTP requests, Picasso for the photo displaying and caching, realm for persistent data.

Automotive apps
I have worked on a series of apps that are making a connection through a REST api to vehicles. One of these apps is making the connection through a c++ api. My responsibilities were to maintain existing code and develop new features. Some tech used was android NDK, OkHttp, MVP pattern, event bus.

Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker
I have worked on a series of apps that were connecting to different type of sensors (cadence, heart rate, speed) through a Ant+ connection or Bluetooth. I have worked on refactoring and optimizing the code.

Soft GalaxyFebruary 2016 - April 2017

Civic alert type app
App used for reporting civic alerts in a part of Bucharest (sector 3). I worked with a colleague on this app. The app would connect with a REST API for getting all the alerts and reporting them. Each alert had a lat, lng coordinate. I used geocoding api from Google to transform a lat, lng coordinate to an address. I've integrated third-party libraries for the UI, like Picasso Volley for REST queries, Google Maps for showing a map with alerts.

Mobile Newsletter creator iOS App.
This app is for creating newsletters via an HTTP REST Api. I've worked on developing this app from scratch. The main parts of this app was to visualize/edit/upload newsletters from your mobile device. I have integrated the web service and created a lite newsletter editor for mobile iOS device.

Social media for travelers iOS app
Social media for people that are going on trips in new places and want to know all the great restaurants from that place, hidden places to eat. The user could rate a place, comment on it's menu/staff/decoration and could chat with other users that were in that restaurant. Also, the user could have "friends" and could get a rating that was based on his activity in the app. I have worked on this app with another colleague. I integrated some features/pages and by integrating I mean implementing the REST API, making the UI, caching the api informations in core data, making custom views.

Printer Drive Android app
I have developed this application from scratch. This application is meant to be used by bus drivers to print a receipt for clients that bought tickets from him. I have integrated a SOAP Api from the bus company and integrated the Epson printer sdk.

NewrosoftJune 2014 - February 2016

Developing native android applications from scratch or editing existing android apps;

Type of apps:
Social apps and fun apps like games, voice changers, transparent phone

Tools used:
Android sdk
android ndk
android studio

Technologies used:
I have worked with Android application.
components such as: Activities, Fragments, Services, Adapters, Intents. Also
with different web services/API's: Youtube v3 API, Google Maps/Directions
API, Parse, Sinch. In my apps I usually process/send data via JSON or XML;
As for device sensors and capabilities:
-device microphone
-device camera
-Open CV computer vision library together with device camera

My stack


Android, Android Jetpack

Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns, Object Oriented Modeling


PHP, Kotlin




MVVM Pattern


Entity Framework 4.0 code first, RxJava

My education and trainings

Bachelor of Technology - Computer Science - "Titu Maiorescu" University2013 - 2016