Stefano L.

Mobile Developer

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My experience


TyphoonOctober 2008 - Present

 I am the author of the Typhoon engine ( The engine features sophisticated and innovative technologies for the simulation and rendering of an entire planet, with a focus on terrains and water.
Licensed for the development of a game and two simulations.

SocialpointJanuary 2018 - Present

* Added support for in-game-purchases through the Microsoft store
* Extended Cocos2dx to load assets from compressed files directly
* Integrated libwebsockets for network-based services.
* Integrated Spine in the in-house engine for 2D animations
* Misc. optimizations, bug fixes, maintenance, SDK integration tasks

ZeroLightJanuary 2016 - May 2016

R&D on photorealistic, real-time visualization of cars using Unity, for the automotive industry. Worked on:
* Elliptical filtering for anti aliased, anisotropic texture mapping
* High quality image filters
* Specular anti aliasing
* Support for huge resolution screenshots

MicrosoftDecember 2015 - January 2016


HavokSeptember 2013 - December 2015

As part of the Military & Simulation team, I worked mainly on:  * HLA network library for the synchronization of multiple systems simulating vehicles, articulated parts, characters etc.
* Photo-realistic, unconstrained rendering of the atmosphere running on DirectX 11
* Ambient lighting based on spherical harmonics
* Aerial scattering, depth and height fog

JagexMay 2011 - December 2012

I was part of the rendering team for the game Transformers Universe. I developed or contributed to most of its technologies:
* DirectX 9 graphics backend
* Particle engine
* Terrain engine with LOD, material painting and heightmap sculpting, ground cover
* Lighting engine (cascaded shadow mapping, point lights)
* Sky and aerial scattering
* Text rendering
* Core engine components: memory allocators, in-game logging and profiling tools and acceleration structures

Frontier DevelopmentsJanuary 2010 - January 2011

I was part of the rendering team of The Outsider, an unreleased AAA title for the Xbox360, PS3 and Windows platforms. My contributions were: water rendering, indexed deferred lighting, aerial scattering, lens flares rendering, volumetric lighting, deferred transparency.

DivenavOctober 2006 - April 2008

I was the main programmer of the eDiving scuba diving simulator ( I worked mainly on the graphics engine, physics simulation, networking, AI, GUI and partly on the gameplay.
I was also responsible for supervising and coordinating other programmers and artists.

EutechnyxApril 2005 - September 2006

I worked on graphics effects and technologies for the Xbox and Windows platforms: water rendering, subdivision surfaces, spherical harmonics lighting, various shaders for the rendering of skin, vegetation and other materials.
I also worked on a sound library with FFT-based filters for pitch and frequency shift.

My stack


Computer Graphics


DirectX, OpenGL

Software testing


Embedded and Telecom

Embedded C/C++

Machine Learning

Neural networks


Back End, 3D, 2D, Senior Game Developer, GUI Applications, Microsoft DirectX, Microsoft Visual Studio


C++, LUA, XML, C++ 11

Environment of Development

Visual Studio


Artificial Intelligence



My education and trainings

Telecommunications Engineering, Telecommunications, Physics, Electronics - Politecnico di Milano1999 - 2005

Master Thesis, Artificial Intelligence - Université libre de Bruxelles2004 - 2005