Ayten G.

Mobile Developer

505 dollar
3 years

My experience


ETX CAPITALDecember 2018 - May 2019

As first Android and then as IOS developer, my responsibilities included:
• Architectural Migration: Converted fragments and activities from MVC to MVP design pattern.
• Caching data received from web services using RXJava, implementing update functions at custom repository class
• Writing unit tests using TDD approach for data classes to verify json decoding and extension function implementations
• Redesigning the application by creating reusable layouts throughout the application using Constraint Layout

724ArabulOctober 2018 - November 2018

As mobile app developer for both Android & IOS
• Implemented Firebase integration (Android & IOS)
• Redesign login, registration and checkout screen (Android & IOS)
• Submit both apps to stores

Positive - A Digital ApproachNovember 2017 - April 2018

As only Android Developer for this high-end design and development company
for top-tier brands, my responsibilities included:
• Developing a mobile application for Anadolu Saglik Merkezi (Anadolu Health Clinic) where the app enables users can make an appointment by searching doctors in terms of their departments and branches of the hospital.
• Finding and using third party technologies for infrastructure such as Retrofit, Glide, Butterknife.
• Implementation of features which design team and the customer ask
• Working closely with Digital Marketing team to place Firebase events
• Working in testing and deployment phases
• Successfully submitted on Google Play Store

Anda TeknolojiFebruary 2017 - November 2017

Developed iOS and Android applications for a reputable wholesaler in Turkey. Applications that developed for both Android and iOS platforms enable user to overlook the time restricted campaigns. Customers can search and filter for different products using keywords, categories and/or manufacturer details. Applications create a shopping cart, check out the items and follow their shipment procedure.
• Worked in all phases of the project including design, development, testing and deployment.
• Was responsible for implementing static dynamic layouts using XML and support for multiple devices with respect to MVC design pattern.
• Designed entity models to get and post data by using infrastructure of nopCommerce
• Developed more than 80 restful web services (Web API 2) and parsed JSON data for gathering and sending data for customer’s details such as product details and shipping address as well as manufacturer details and campaign module.
• considered design principles to make sure application on multiple Android targets insures compatibility standards.
• Maintenance of previous apps developed in the company
• Successfully submitted on Google Play Store

Doğuş TeknolojiNovember 2014 - June 2016

• Was responsible for the performance, integrity and security of a database of clients, Doğuş Holding, Doğuş Otomotiv, financial partners and other third parties
• Monitored performance to provide fast responses for designed and developed the database
• Installed and upgraded the database server
• Managed the database access
• Designed maintenance procedures and putting them into operation for backup and recovery of database
• Implemented security measures
• Wrote disaster recovery plans
• Was responsible for Release, Change and Problems Management of the customer database
• Was responsible for High availability and service continuity
• Managed the software migration from SQL 2008 to SQL 2014
• Implemented HA solutions on SQL Servers (Mirroring, Log Shipping, Always ON, WFoC)

Garanti BankNovember 2014 - June 2016

Garanti Teknoloji is a subsidiary of Garanti Bank with more than 1200 employees, one of the biggest private banks in Turkey. GT proves banking and financial services, technology infrastructure, information strategies and software development to Garanti Bank and it subsidiary operations. GT is a leading technology provider in Turkey.
• Worked as off-cycle intern in the Open Systems Database department
• Developed a new reporting system which is required by BDDK.
• Determined the weak and incorrect settings of databases using policies embedded in SQL Server.
• Created dashboards showing the current settings of databases to be corrected.
Accomplishments: With the help of this project, Garanti Bank is able to catch the weaknesses and potential threats before any system interruption. The reporting system designed in this project is still used by the company.

WireCardJune 2013 - August 2013

• Developed an algorithm for fraud detection system.
• Defined the fraud cases with respect to business perspective
• Designed a web based interface using .NET so that employees can see the results and filter to see the attack according to their need.
• Helped solving catch the frauds on time and company was able to avoid further ones by taking precautions on security leaks.

Garanti TeknolojiAugust 2011 - October 2011

• Worked as off-cycle intern in the End User department
• Worked with team leader on finding bugs and creating alternative solutions to the Active Directory.
• Worked on C# patch implementation for Active Directory (AD), where AD was not able to meet the overall requirements of the project.

My stack

Analysis methods and tools



Swift 4, C#, Swift, Java, Kotlin, MVC

Software testing

Test Driven Development (TDD)


Android, Android SDK, ButterKnife




Retrofit, RxJava, Firebase, RESTful API, Glide

Environment of Development


IT Infrastructure


My education and trainings

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering - Bilkent University, Turkey2007 - 2014

Mathematics - Science Department - Dr Rıdvan - Binnaz Ege Anatolian High School2004 - 2007