Christian Ray L.

Mobile Developer

505 dollar
6 years

My experience


FreelanceMay 2016 - Present

- Responsive design, from smartphone to desktop: Bootstrap and SASS
- Using Javascript tools like Gulp and Grunt to deliver lightweight files to increase performance and efficiency.
- SEO Optimisation using tools like Varvy. In depth analysis of websites to obtain a better online presence.

Large Projects (Websites that require Databases or backend)

This type of projects require a search bar which will give back results stored in a database. Data is stored from information that a user inputs to the website.

- Test Driven development using Mocha JS, Postman.
- Express, Node JS and MongoDB
- Bower package manager to keep frameworks up to date.
- SASS for CSS

Accent IT ServicesMay 2016 - Present

Director of Software Development
Oct 2018 – Present

Head Developer

May 2016 – Oct 2018

Full Stack Web Developer

* Support with the design and responsiveness of the company's website.
* Ensuring compatibility with devices and web optimisation.
* Maintenance of AccentPOS websites as well as building new features.
* Writing tests for the API.

iOS App Development

* Building iOS apps using Swift
* Built with Firebase and custom backend.

Accent IT ServicesMay 2016 - September 2019

Main iOS developer for the AccentPOS iOS app from the start along with another member of the team in charge of the design.


Main backend developer and maintainer of the AccentPOS API, written in Javascript, Node.js and Hapi.js. Connected to MongoDB. The API is used by two applications, the iOS app and the Web app. New features are added in order to achieve more functionality through 3rd party integrations which improve the flexibility of the app.

QA Manual and automatic testing for the iOS app and the backend.

The AccentPOS iOS app has gone through numerous changes with each new version. In terms of design, performance and stability. With each new version came a new programming principle and/or design pattern being applied, aiming towards clean code to improve maintainability, flexibility and testability. This makes it helpful for future developers to understand the codebase easily.

The first version used Firebase as its backend and the rest used a custom in-house backend which is hooked to MongoDB.

Adding a new feature to the app required the backend to be updated. In order to avoid breaking existing functionality, a new component or function would be created including the new feature. Writing tests to make sure a specific component is working using mocks, stubs, etc.

All of this is done through protocols/interfaces, creating the right abstractions.

The first version had a few unit tests but had more UI tests. Unit tests were later on added bit by bit in the refactoring stage of the app. This was to improve the overall maintenance of the app to ensure that everything is working how it should.
With each case that hasn’t been covered with the unit tests, whenever a client would experience an issue, I would add that case to the unit tests.

The current version of the app is going through different refactoring stages such as:
- Unit Tests
- Integration Tests
- Networking code tests
- Dependency injection
- Memory leaks and use of Xcode instruments to improve CPU performance
- Implement Codable for object initialisation
- Turning class objects into struct
- Maintenance of frameworks

Accent IT ServicesJanuary 2016 - January 2017

My stack


Mobile Software, React.js, Web development, Web Applications, RESTful API


JavaScript, PHP, Sass, CSS, MVC, Swift, Ruby, HTML




Cascading Style Sheets, Concurrent Programming, Database Administrator, Music; Dance, Photoshop, Scrum Methodology, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Music > Bachelor of Music Piano Performance and Composition, Microsoft Outlook, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Grunt, Apple MacOS, Mobile Applications, Musician, Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneNote, Head Developer, Website Design, The Advanced Web Developer, Apple Development, Protocol Oriented Programming, RESTful APIs, Tagalog, Designer, Logic Pro, Piano Accompanist, Back End, German, industry~it, Regular Expressions, memory management, Co-founder of AccentPOS Accent IT Services, Version Control, English, Front End, Personal Home Page, iOS developer, Python Programming, Testing, Japanese, Web Developer (Full Stack), Web Developer (Front-end), Co-founder of AccentPOS


Spanish, Project Management, Social Media, Web Design, Quality Assurance

Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology, Functional Programming, MVVM

Environment of Development

Visual Studio, Xcode

IT Infrastructure

iOS, Git, Heroku



Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word

Software testing

Mobile Testing, Integration testing


WordPress, Node.js, Bootstrap



My education and trainings

Certifications - -

Bmus (Hons) Piano and composition - Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance2014 - 2018

Software Engineering Field Of Study Computer Engineering - Universidad Complutense de Madrid2009 - 2009