Xavier M.


610 euro
10 years

My experience


BBOXXSeptember 2017 - Present

Worked in the front-end team for the Sales Agent app that is the main sales channel of the company:
- Took over the current base code
- Cleaned the code from the bugs
- Added new screens new features in the  application
- Worked with MPAndroidChart
- Visited Kigali and Rwanda
- Migrated the code from MVC to MVP
- Used Dagger2, Room, RxKotlin, Kotlin, Clean architecture in the process of rewriting the application
- Used Leak Canary to detect memory errors, installed Crashnanalytic to remote track errors in the application,  Airbnb Lottie, cwac-saferoom, google map api.
- Organized the code by features
- Communicated and helped the backend team on some features
- Created a systematic caching system since the application is being executed in low-connectivity countries
- Experience Agile Transformation to Scrum with Consultants from RADTAC

Genève HospitalOctober 2019 - December 2019

Contracting for 40 days, for the IT
Services Branch of the Geneva Hospital. I will be available for another
contract on the 17 December 2019.

Creating one Android application for their inventory needs. (More details on request)
Technical stack:
FE: Android SDK, Java, MVP, RxJava, Zxing.

Harvey Nash GroupSeptember 2016 - September 2017

- Designed and implemented a technical solution, to help testers report their tests campaigns, by coding an Android App that communicates with Firebase, and Google Spreadsheet scripts.
- Supported the launch of the product in other countries (EMEA) by writing digests from the bug reports coming from crowd-testers or partners.  
- 4 androids apps to help automate the current workflow
- Tested Warsaw, Poznan and London’s shops, and reported bugs to Google HQ at Mountain View
- Tested Android Pay in TfL's labs to help Android Pay application works seamlessly with the TfL system

Squirrel.frJune 2016 - August 2016

Freelance Android Developer, Squirrel.fr (www.squirrel.fr)
Jun 2016 – Aug 2016

• Short term contract assignment to develop a new Android application that bootstrapped a music playing
app, and adding in crossfade effect for a digital marketing company.
• Design and build Android application using Android Developer, Android Studio and Java, aligned with
solo programming methodology. Utilise BugSnag, Yahoo Flurry and Genymotion services.
Key Achievements:
✓ Succeeded in delivering a functional Android application that provided a customised music library with

crossfade effect and tailored to clients specific requirements.

Mobile Technology Trainer (Freelance)
Jun 2016 – Jul 2016

• Designed, developed and delivered two courses using Teamviewer & Skype facilities to deliver training
for an individual developer, involving skills in Objective C and Swift:
o Android Application Development: 3 days
o Developing iOS Applications: Online Course – 2 weeks

Various OrganisationsJanuary 2014 - June 2016

• During this period, completed a number of small development projects for both in-house professional purposes or on behalf of squirrel.fr.

Key Achievements:
✓ Developed REST services for a mobile application that used Ruby 2.3, Rails 4.2, Postgres and
CoffeeScript, with the purpose detecting Facebook events nearby using geocoding.
✓ Drove the development of a new website that supported the sale of an online video course using
screencast from my own computer, involving Ruby 2.3, Rails 4.2, MySQL, CoffeeScript, Wistiaapi,
bourbon, neat, bitters, refills and twitter bootstrap.
✓ Converted an existing iOS application to Android for a Canadian Agency that was a coupon based app
for a new start-up, and involved authentication by token and Basic HTTP. The app enabled clients to
display products in a list and take a picture using SurfaceView, with a Ruby on Rails redeem backend.

BOMBARDIERJune 2013 - January 2014

• Assigned to a short term development project to extend a JavaScript based application for Bombardier
Canada, with the aim of providing a reliable application for training maintenance staff.
• Analysed business requirements and designed/developed extension using Google Chrome with a PHP
back-end. Added new pages and features via CoffeeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and JSON.

Sopra SteriaJuly 2012 - July 2013

• During this period, operated as a Java J2EE Developer and completed a number of small projects
involving new functionality and resolving technical issues with existing web applications.
• Utilised a number of development tools to complete the tasks including JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS,
XML, SQL, Eclipse and Java 1.5, aligned with Scrum methodology.
Key Achievements:
✓ Based in both Paris and Bordeaux, operated on a project to deliver a major scrum based larger app for
Leclerc that involved the creation of their first e-Commerce website.
✓ Managed the delivery of significant improvements to an official website for the insurance company Maif.fr
including new services and content pages to support essential service offerings.
✓ Handled the rapid diagnosis and resolution of critical issues with a legacy web application, and
succeeded in delivering a more reliable core business solution.

My stack

XML, UML, Twitter, Tomcat, SQL, Spring, Software Development, SOAP, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RESTful API, RESTful, REST, Project Management, PostgreSQL, PHP, MySQL, MVC, Maven, Management, LAMP, JSON, jQuery, Jenkins, JBoss, JavaScript, Java EE, Java, J2EE, iOS, Hudson, HTTP, HTML, Hibernate, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse, CSS, Creole, CoffeeScript, Apache, Android Studio, Android, AJAX