Alper K.

Mobile Developer

740 dollar
13 years

My experience

App & CodeSeptember 2018 - Present

DiscoverNovember 2018 - Present


KKB Kredi Kayıt BürosuDecember 2013 - September 2018

* Used native Objective-C and Swift to develop or bug fix several apps such as Findeks (Finance app), Saha Takip (CRM app), CYS (Monitoring app), Pulse
(Security app).
* Migrated the company iOS projects from Objective-C to Swift.
* Drove project discovery phase to define business objectives, existing system capabilities, mobile requirements and API services.
* Was responsible for code quality and code security.
* Tested applications on device simulators and actual devices to fine-tune products.
* Involved in full product life cycle from design and development to deployment.
* Provided object-oriented design, data structures, problem solving, complexity analysis, and debugging.
* Designed and implemented Enterprise REST API. Components included resources, representations, versioning, extensibility, security, monitoring, and throttling.

Fugo Bilişim TeknolojileriOctober 2010 - December 2013

* Used native Objective-C to develop or bug fix several apps such as Wordz, Fottom, Kitap Yurdu, Taksim, Penelope Tekstil, Rezan Kiraz Astroloji, iSalom, Zete, Fotomac, Techpo Sigorta.
* Architected an automated workflow of continuous integration with various metrics on automated build servers to monitor the health of projects.
* Followed Agile testing methodology, participated in daily SCRUM meetings and tested each SPRINT deliverables.
* Coached executives with a risk management model that bridges the gap between engineering and business practices.
* Assisted team members with optimal solutions for complex problems.
* Established coding standards for Cocoa Touch / Objective-C / Objective-C++ for the organization.
* Contributed user experience and UI designs for projects built on the iPhone platform.
* Produced fast prototypes, proof of concepts.

BelsaşMay 2009 - October 2009

* Developed and implemented new feedback system for users concerns, bugs, and defect tracking regarding use and functionality of new interfaces.
* Developed and implemented a windows application for using project management.
* Code and support provided through ASP.NET, T-SQL, Microsoft SQL
* Collaborated in the development of in-house development of new municipality software interfaces.
* Supported existing document tracking system to provide newly created cases and insured they were available in the systems in parallel until document tracking systems were retired. 

StokMarch 2008 - May 2009

• Developing a web application which have been used for determine the quality of product ,reporting and storage lab analysis.C#, ASP .Net, MsSQL and jQuery were used for this project.

MatasSeptember 2007 - March 2008

• Developing a 3D virtual reality for simulate sensors of cleaning robot in an R&D project.C++, C# and Irrlicht which is open source 3D engine were used for this project.

MastaşSeptember 2007 - March 2008

* Developing a 3D virtual reality for simulate sensors of cleaning robot in an
R&D project.C++, C and Irrlicht which is open source 3D engine were used for this project.

My stack


complexity analysis, Mobile Application Developer, Mobile Applications, house development, Microsoft Transact-SQL, SENIOR IOS ENGINEER, Defect Management, RESTful, 3D, product life cycle, iOS developer, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Analyst/Programmer, Microsoft ASP.NET, industry~it, C Programming Language, Objective C, Contributed user experience, Senior Mobile Application Developer, code quality, Objective



Software testing




Environment of Development

Interface Builder, Xcode


Reactive programming, Problem Solving, Continuous Integration


Microsoft SQL Server




RxSwift, Cocoa Touch, Cocos2D

IT Infrastructure



CRM, RestKit


Objective-C, Swift, C++

My education and trainings

Bachelors Degree, Computer Engineering - Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi2001 - 2008