Ariane A.


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My experience

PhD, IT Medical Project ManagerNovember 2018 - Present


ADNEOM LuxembourgMarch 2018 - October 2018

BNP Paribas Securities Services (BP2S)
Context of the mission : Provide an up-to-date functional and technical application based on SLAs

Role : Application Manager
Organize and coordinate the changes / upgrades affecting and required to NTAS transfer agency software, and all related projects.

- Manage and secure changes / upgrades affecting and required to the application
- Manage change requests and incidents: ensuring required development and testing phases (coding, unit tests, UAT, NRT) with respect for the consistency of the application
- Coordinate the successful implementations of the changes with the software provider, with the various IT contributors, according to clients requirements and expectations, and IT infrastructure relevant evolutions
- Ensure objectives of the Annual Management Plan are met
- Reporting to management committees:  Roadmap, Issues & Resolutions plans, needs
- Update documentation
- Comply with and implement applicable norms and standards: engineering rules, security standards

MedasysSeptember 2015 - December 2017

Product Owner
-    Plan, Prioritize and Coordinate the product developments
-    Involve in the product committees of the company
-    Reporting to management committees:  Roadmap, Issues & Solving solutions, Budget needs, user’s needs, legal decrees
-    Involved in work related to Interop'santé
-    Requirement gathering and Solution Consulting
-    Product documentations contribution
-    Ensure business expertise on main topics
-    International Laboratory Solution Reant
-    Product demonstrations, workshops, call tenders (CHDN Luxembourg, St LUC Belgium)
-    Organize & Schedule the product updates on client’s sites

R&D & Functional Support Manager
-    Set up an organizational structure around the maintenance of DxLab
-    Release Notes & Technical documentation contribution
-    Involve in the product development process improvement & functional testing
-    Organize "Brain Storming" meetings on various technical themes
-    Involved in the implementation of a multi-lingual version of the product
-    Involved in the improvement of the client management and satisfaction
-    Follow-up and management of customer requests (KIMOCE) with the Support Manager
-    Organize & Coordinate the clients training
-    Administrative management (Holidays, expenses etc.)

Other Collaborations
-    Collaboration with the HR department for team monitoring (function definition, competence grid, team management, annual maintenance, etc.)
-    Collaboration with the operations and sales teams for call tenders
-    Involved in international workshops (ex. demos, technical exchanges, etc.)

Hôpital Européen Georges PompidouNovember 2012 - August 2015

Functionnal Skills
Biology and Patient Records Sytems Flows

Transversal Skills
Participation in the implementation and monitoring of interfaces between the different functional areas managing HIS, laboratory accreditation, collaboration with different hospital teams, writing specifications, planning in collaboration with users (doctors, biologists) and our teams, process analysis working group, IHE standard standards knowledge, functionnal analysis anomalies tracking and software upgrades

Technical Skills
Tools Development (Talend, PHP, BO, SQL), Unix and Windows scripts, querries, systems monotoring, etc.

Application Manager
-    Management of the automated biology platform, LIS Software
-    Informatic system monitoring flows
-    Coordination of the implementation and validation of applications of the platform
-    Applications implementation / upgrade management
-    Deployment and monitoring of software interfaces with automates
-    Closely work with business and infrastructure teams

Project Manager / Business – Functional Analyst
-    Draft specifications, project planning, quotations requests, Budget request follow-up
-    Biology Projects Management, Contracts with our legal team
-    New DxLab LIS deployment
-    Analyse user needs and evolutions, assistance
-    Requirement gathering and Solution Consulting
-    Involved in applications development and deployment
-    Involved in the drafting of specifications for development requests
-    Product documentations contribution (Functional & Technical)
-    Coordination of the laboratory department accreditation for the IT department

Universty P. Curie UPMC-Paris 6, INSERM EQ20 UMRS_872November 2009 - September 2013

PhD realized in the context of the DebugIT European project (Detecting and Eliminating Bacteria Using Information Technology), which aims to uses clinical and operational information from Clinical Information Systems (CIS) across the European Union through the view of a virtualized, fully integrated Clinical Data Repository

Engineer, PhD, National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM).

The objective of this thesis was to create a standardized clinical data warehouse, with the aim of creating a multi-site data mining platform, to be used via monitoring and decision support systems.

-    Model and implement a medical data warehouse
-    Standardize the data model of clinical data (HL7)
-    Implement a data query point (SPARQL Endpoint)
-    Automatization the creation of a data ontology
-    Use of semantic web technologies (formal languages) to annotate and formalize data
-    Automatic generation of an ontology of data from the information model of a database
-    Programming in Java

Knowledge Engineering in Health - INSERM EQ 20 UMRS 872February 2009 - July 2009

Design and implementation of a solution of semantic integration of clinical data in the field of antibiotic resistance.

Exploitation of a clinical data warehouse
- Ontology Mapping - Database (D2R Server, Joseki)
- Using an ontology as query support

Knowledge Engineering in Health - INSERM EQ 20 UMRS 872August 2008 - September 2008

Analysis of user needs for the implementation of a data warehouse within the DebugIT European project.

My stack

UNIX, Team management, Talend, SQL, SAS Business Analytics, Project Management, MS Office, Management, Java, ETL, Enterprise Project Management, Data Warehouse, Crystal Reports, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, C/C++, Analysis