Andrei A.

Product Manager

520 dollar
17 years
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

My experience


Delivery HeroApril 2019 - Present

Transitioning from the gambling industry to food delivery services brings along a whole new set of
challenges. Especially when you take a leap of faith into the arms of a team where each and every
individual has a product-oriented mindset carved in throughout the past decade. The rules of the
game are the same, one simply needs to shift a bit the perspective. I didn't get any free meals, but I
got to free some burdened shoulders along the way. There's more to product management than

meets the eye and there is no such thing as a product role without shapeshifting abilities.

Smart Continuous DevelopmentOctober 2018 - Present

Personal project designed to further nourish my passion for the world of product by conducting training and mentoring sessions and providing consultancy on business analysis, product management and product development lifecycle. Created to serve the best interest of those who wish to make a career change towards product development, or for young graduates who are now facing the multitude of opportunities in real life after years of knowledge gathering, with little to no practical experience.

Paddy Power BetfairJuly 2015 - April 2019

Carrying on the Product mission, this time from a slightly different perspective. The stakeholders and their ranks have changed, and so did the nature of the challenges. Some things however, remain the same. The products need to evolve, and so do we. And therefore, looking after an idea from its birth till the time it's safely scheduled on the roadmap, and also keeping an eye on it until it starts to fulfil its purpose by faithfully serving customers' needs, this has become my new routine.
Going from business analyst in outsourced payments services to owning and developing internal products in a completely different industry, it was a rich and powerful experience.
I’ve had the chance to work on quite a variety of projects, as well as with multiple development teams. Some of the projects that I worked on as a product owner were related to areas such as:

> login
> credential recovery flows
> registration
> account management
> betting history & transactions
> customer service console
> regulatory & compliance
> responsible gambling

While looking after these areas, I have carried out countless projects of various sizes from idea to post-release maintenance and progress monitoring. With a global reach and equally sizeable in diversity and complexity, challenges have never missed a date. And the rewards have never been any less.

AccentureMarch 2014 - July 2015

As a Business Analyst in an outsourcing model, working with 2 cross-functional development teams, I was responsible of the product development lifecycle from idea to customer facing release, working closely with the client side product owner and fellow business analysts.

From clarifying and negotiating the business requirements and roadmap positioning, to bridging the communication with the development teams, building the backlogs and defining the actual user stories, I've had the opportunity to either enhance, further develop or build from scratch a series of wonderful products related to the payments and e-comm world, such as:

> credit card and debit card payment methods integration
> APM (alternative payment methods) integration
> payments gateway integration
> payment service provider backend development
> banking mobile app development (backend & frontend, iOS & Android)
> merchant mobile app development (dedicated to merchants using POS terminals for sales)
> merchant online portal development (dedicated to the same merchants, for account management)

BRD - GSGJuly 2008 - March 2014

Sell money. Sell it wisely. It's nothing personal, it's just business. Your client's business! And I believe

that says it all.
A sweet old lady called one day to complain about the fact that she was unable to purchase her favorite shirt from an online store. Not long before that, a middle-aged man was sitting one morning in front of an ATM, yelling at it. Then he went inside and told the clerk that the machine wouldn't accept the security code for his card. He was about to find out that he needed to actually type it in. Those were the days when we were rapidly expanding our portfolio, 'arming' our customers with ecommerce platforms, mobile banking apps, points of sale, and all sorts of other weapons of cash distruction.


ABN AMROSeptember 2007 - July 2008

A young man showed up one morning at the money shop and asked for a short term loan. Kind of an expensive endeavour, but he said he needed it because he was about to get married. We discussed and eventually agreed that he didn't actually need that loan and so he left, empty pockets. A couple of weeks later I granted two other loans to people who came to me based on his recommendation. That's when I first felt that it pays to be honest in this line of business as well, just as in any other aspect of your life. I still don't know if that wedding ever took place, but it all happens for a reason after all.

Transilvania BankJune 2004 - September 2007

This was me learning about the money circuit, its lifecycle, the rules and the players of the game.

Payments one-on-one. Fun times, good memories.

My stack


Business Analysis, Product Ownership

Analysis methods and tools



HTML, Java, JavaScript

My education and trainings

Master's - Banking & Finance - Babeș-Bolyai University2005 - 2006

Degree Name Bachelor's - Economics - Babeș-Bolyai University2001 - 2005

Diplôme d'études universitaires générales Field Of Study Management et Gestion des Entreprises - Université d'Auvergne - Clermont Ferrand I2002 - 2003