Gwenola G.


610 euro
14 years
Bayonne, FRANCE

My experience


AirbusJuly 2018 - June 2019

- Business analysis: Manufacturing, Procurement, Logistics
- Data modelling: Work Order, Bill of Material, Ordering, Stock
- Data Governance: Participation to implementation 
BIG DATA Projects (Manufacturing – PALANTIR/SAP HANA)

Sopra SteriaJune 2017 - June 2018

QUANTUM 2.4.1- Project: Master Data Cleansing

• Project management (M3-M14)
- in GPP Agile & Dev Ops
- Coordination and follow-up of the stakeholders (Business, Integrator, architects)
• Business support: requirements gathering, analysis and writing (Uses cases, user stories, data model)

• Functional design and testing: Data model, scoping & checks

• technologies: SAP R/3, SAP HANA, SAP Info Steward, SAP UI5

• Project involving

Sopra SteriaFebruary 2011 - May 2017

ILN bundle - Procurement (Suppliers, Sourcing, General procurement)

• Project management (M3-M14)
- in GPP Agile, Waterfall and light Waterfall
- Coordination and follow-up of the stakeholders Business PJO/PYP, ARIBA integrator, IM integrator, IN infrastructure, IL/IM/IN architecture, IM application service
- Support to Airbus project manager (AOP)
• Business analysis and solution design (M3-M5):
- Business support: requirements gathering, analysis and writing (E2E uses cases, BRD or user stories)
- SAP Design : Core model for the AIRBUS General procurement ordering
- MDM Design : Design of a Airbus Group master data and transcodification tool for the procurement
• Functional design and testing (M5-M10a): Specification and customization SAP MM, Interfaces ARIBA-SAP via Control M/FTS+, MDM Core and interfaces via TIBCO MDM/ESB and ETL websphere

• Budgets eProc Strategic Procurement - Interfaces workstream
> FAL Alabama project - General procurement ordering workstream

LogicaJune 2010 - January 2011

ARP bundle - Migration of an application from Java/oracle to SAP

- Project management (M5-M10): Coordination and follow-up of the onshore/nearshore team, reporting to Airbus ISPL
- Budgets

AtosMarch 2004 - March 2006

Template Europe program

- SAP application security workstream
- Project management (conception to application services): Coordination and follow-up of the stake holders business security actors, IS on-site team
- Security expertise: Business need analysis, design of the profiles/authorizations from a core model, deployment on European sites and training, security procedure and audit.
- Team

LogicaMarch 2001 - February 2004

- Functional analysis, coding and integration testing (MM, SD, PS)
- Abap traine

My stack

SAP R/3, SAP MM, SAP CO, SAP, Project Management, Leadership, Integration testing, Functional Analysis, ETL, Business Analysis, Big Data, Analytics, Analysis, Agile Methodology