Catalin Constantin V.

Project Manager

225 dollar
6 years
Timisoara, ROMANIA

My experience


ContinentalApril 2016 - Present

Responsible for technical solutions, in my area of responsibility. I perform technical development activities within the project
(Architect, Discipline Project Leader, Function Responsible, Technical
Expert etc.).
Responsible to provide/ approve work packages estimations or quotes from his/ her team.
to plan and monitor the execution of all activities/ tasks in order to
meet due dates according to clients' requirements.
Assign tasks to
team members, according to their internal function, competences and
capabilities, with the involvement of the direct superior when
necessary, in order to increase team performance.
Identifies and gives input to direct superior regarding the technical equipment needed, trainings, business trips.
Responsible to ensure cross-functional communication in order to improve information flow inside his/ her team.
Keeps the contact with the business partners (e.g. Discipline Project Leader, Technical Project Leader, Project Manager).
Organizes regular team meetings in order to communicate administrative topics and project related information.
to mentor and/ or coach team members, when necessary, on technical
topics in order to obtain expected project results.
Ensures that new team members easily get integrated in my organisation.
Responsible to ensure improvements in his area of expertise, process, procedures.
Creates an innovation culture, by facilitating knowledge sharing within my team.
The main goal in my position is to
develop applications(HMI applications) for automotive industry where the
base for developing is C++, and different language that was used for
modelling like javascript, or qml.
As part of my job it is good
knowleadge about C/C++, Qt, Linux, Canoe, Android basic, Altia, Visual
Studio IDE, CGI Studio, LogiCad, javascript,SVN,MKS,Git.
And i was Interviewer, to help in the selection of candidates for C++ positions.
In CETP program developed by
Continental, i participate asTrainer for 20 students.This program was
based on OOP, where I taught UML(oop fundamentals).

MovidiusMay 2014 - June 2014

The main objective was to increase the
knowledge in the domain "image processing" and the programming of
microcontrollers in 'C', and uses of different filter on an image ( this
being the final draft ) .
i had the platform and software tools
needed and assistance offered by the company , the goal was a project
which consists in applying various filters on images taken with a camera.

AutolivApril 2014 - June 2014

I built an autonomous car , where i used Arduino and Raspberry pi .
I programmed the two boards for to make car meet certain requirements such as :
-to maintain lane right whitout exceending the line white
- to overcome obstacles and to return to her hand
-to recognize the semaphore , where from red to stop car , and from green to start car
-and had to go on predeterminate route

I used Raspberry py for color detection(image processing) , arduino for the rest.

My stack

Embedded and Telecom

Arduino, Raspberry Pi


Microcontrolers, C#, OOP, C/C++, Matlab

IT Infrastructure



Android, Embedded Systems


Project Management, Artificial Intelligence

My education and trainings

Information systems applied in Production and Services - Politehnica University of Timisoara2016 - 2018

Automation and Computers / Systems Engineering / Programming Engineering - Politehnica University of Timisoara2012 - 2016