Chitranjan K.


440 dollar
7 years
Bangalore, INDIA

My experience

Oracle CorporationOctober 2018 - Present

Infinite Computer SolutionsMay 2013 - November 2013


Iron MountainMay 2013 - November 2013

Project #3: Record Center 2.0
Client: Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain is the world leader in information management as service with 140,000 customers. It provides document storage, Retrieval, digitization and secure shredding. Record Center 2.0 is going to be a global platform to support Iron Mountain business and is going to replace a bunch of legacy systems. The major challenge is that the platform, have to scale to handle terabytes of data with multi- million updates each day.

* Developed Test Automation framework using Selenium Web driver - JAVA and JBehave

* Automated & maintained over 200 Test scripts

* Manually constructed the locators based on CSS and X-paths

* Performed cross browser testing on various browsers using sauce labs.

* Implemented response codes to find out the broken links and images on the page by extracting all

* Created bamboo Continuous integration jobs to run automation regression tests nightly basis

* Developed automation smoke test to validate the health of the build

* Created Generic functions to minimize the re-iteration of code work

* Involved in the Daily status report and Automation status report with Management and Client
Tools & Technologies: Selenium Web Driver, Java, Jbehave, Maven, Bamboo and Sauce labs

Honeywell Technology SolutionsMarch 2010 - February 2013


Statoil and British petroleum.March 2010 - February 2013

Project #4 Intuition Executive
Role: Automation Engineer
A system that is capable of transforming production data into the knowledge needed to anticipate problems and optimize operations through solutions like Well Performance Monitor for Refineries, Equipment Performance Monitor for Power Plants etc. Intuition. Solution Core is a system which measures the real-time data from different data sources, contextualize it for getting the relevant information out of raw data, Analyze the data for deviations, take the actions based on the deviations, the data to user in pleasant manner and there by achieve operational excellence.

* Involved in designing, modifying and executing scripts.

* Involved in Estimations, Test Procedures and Test Data Preparation.

* Performing build installations.

* Performed functional testing of the product.

* Maintained good coordination with Product & Development Teams

* Framework Design, Test Design and Test Execution

* Created very good reporting and emailing functionalities

* Automated & maintained over 600 Test scripts
Tools & Technologies: Selenium Web Driver, C#, MS Test and UI Automation

My stack

TestNG, Test Planning, Test design, Software testing, Selenium 2.0 + Webdriver, Selenium, REST API, Regression testing, Python, PyTest, PyCharm, Protractor, Problem Solving, Oracle, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Manual testing, Mac OS X, Linux, Jenkins, JDBC, JBehave, Java, Jasmine, Interpersonal skills, IntelliJ Idea, Gradle, Eclipse IDE, Debugging, Cucumber, Continuous Integration, Behave, Appium, Apache Maven, Agile Methodology