Ionut-Emilian M.


197 dollar
12 years
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

My experience


AROBS Transilvania SoftwareMay 2016 - Present

Test Automation Engineer Web
Setting Up UiTests Frameworks and Maintaining the UiTests;
Web Automation , Selenium Webdriver , Java ,Cucumber, MySql , Javascript , Ruby ,
Windows Scripting , Java awt Robot Java SQL
Xpath , Object Repository, Javascript, Selenium Grid , Zalando/Zalenium
Kubernetes , minikube ,docker, Jenkins Pipeline
Windows Server,Tomcat, groovy/Scriptom , Microsoft Excel Automation.
SikuliX / Sikuli automated testing with image recognition
Team Fundation Server,Jira,Visual Studio, Eclipse , Jenkins; Git, SourceTree
Microsoft Sharepoint; Serenity BDD, Extent Report
TestTrack ,TestTrack SDK ,SoapUi
Apache Poi, Pdfbox , Java IO ,
Internet Explorer Driver / Server , Selenium Remote Control, Batch file Scripting; DevOps;
Migration to better Automation Testing Tools;
Choosing the right fit in Test Automation Practices and Test Tools or frameworks;
Using WebApplication Test Platform;
Using open source automation testing tools and concepts;
Building open source TestAutomationFrameworks.
Demo proesentations with Proof of concept.
Using Single Page Applications running with AngularJS;
Developing Test Scenarios using Keyword Driven / Table-Driven / Action Word / Framework;
Developing Test Scenarios using Test Data Driven Framework;
Developing Test Scenarios using Cucumber-Java-Selenium-Jenkins
Developing Test Scenarios using Coded Ui ( Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Coded Ui )
Developing Test Scenarios using InsideEdge Xaft
Performance Test Script Develop with Neoload tool;
Performance / Load / Stress testing web applications.
Api Testing , SoapUi, Soap Requests Testing;
Maintenance of Jenkins Server , Upgrading Jenkins , Upgrading Project Dependencies.
Microsoft Server Manager Configuration.
Automation Framework Improvements
Setting up Automation Environments, Browser Automatic Configuration;
Mailbox Service Test Automation, Scripts for mailbox , Google App Script , Gmail Api;
Continuous improvement of reliability for Web UI automation

Modus Create, IncMarch 2015 - May 2016

QA Automation Engineer
Cucumber BDD , Webdriver , WatirWebdriver. Selenium, Watir ,
Ruby, Javascript ,Xpath ,
Selenium Grid, Parallel_Tests , WatirGrid
Continuous Integration Engineer, Jenkins infrastructure
Selenium Remote Control, RemoteWebDriver ,WatirRemote
Automate software testing process / delivery process
GitHub, Svn
Testing , Isolation Testing , Exploratory Testing , Bug Tracking , Bug Reporting
Functional Testing of ExtJS webapplication, Single Page Application testing;
Server log files analysis
DataBase Query Testing , Running Sql Queries, SQL Server
Mac OS , Windows Server 2008 R2 , Linux Ubuntu ;
Jira ,Confluence
JMeter Load Testing
Performance tuning
New Relic App Performance Monitor
Sauce Labs Cross-Browsers
Windows scripting , Windows PowerShell, Unix Shell scripting

PeakActivitySeptember 2015 - December 2015

project CityFurniture.
worked with Software Team Lead at creating / setting up the Test Automation Framework infrastructure with Webdriver.Io ( javascript) with Kubernetes docker, jenkins pipeline , cucumber. selenium grid. zalenium. Created documentation , created automated tests with

AROBS Transilvania SoftwareJanuary 2014 - March 2015

Software Test Automation Engineer
QA Engineer

Tasks/ Responsability
- developing Ui Tests, Ui Test Scenario , Selenium Tests, Test harness, Test Framework, Continuous integration ;
- designing Test Frameworks, Test Harness solutions;
- testing , bug / defect isolation and reporting;
- prepare and hold up ation on Test Automation;

Tools / technologies :
- Visual Studio 2013, Selenium Webdriver , .NET, c# , Nunit, Jira , JMeter , Cruise Control C.I., Ranorex , Fiddler , Browser Developer Tools , Html , Xpath , Selenium IDE , csv , xml , svn / vault;

Design paterns:
Page Object model in Test Automation;

YonderMarch 2013 - January 2014

Automation Engineer , QC , Selenium WebDriver

Test Automation

- Java , Maven , Selenium Webdriver , Cucumber B.D.D. , Junit, Jenkins, Eclipse;
- Nunit , Selenium WebDriver , Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 ;
- good abstractization , reutilization of test methods in automation test framework , OOP ;
- continuous integration testing with Jenkins C.I.
- Jenkins Jobs for execution of UI Automated tests :

* 'jenkins job for regression test suite on each Browser ';

* 'jenkins job for smoke test suite on each Browser ';
- SVN integration with Jenkins and Automation framework
- daily execution of UI automated tests on Jenkins C.I.
- cucumber-jenkins reports , test results , after executing automated tests
- reports with embeded screenshots generated after test execution;
- Behaviour - Driven - Development ( cucumber ) , buysness readable , reusable test scenarios
- running Automation tests , interpret the results of tests
- writing test cases
- manual Functional Testing
- Load / Performance testing with JMeter ;
- Scrum agile development - Jira .

FortechMay 2012 - March 2013

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using ' WatiN framework' , 'Selenium WebDriver framework' and Nunit framework ' ; automated scripts in C# for web automation , OOP ; QA Engineer, QA testing, quality assurance, quality control, web testing,software testing, automation.
-'SpecFlow framework' .This language is called Gherkin and it is used for creating readable test scenarios , which bind with implemented methods with C#.

development of Automated Tests for testing .Api (client-server) - also know by the name "Service Tests". HTTP.webrequests and HTTP.webresponses are sent to the server. Server sends back a response - datastream as an XML. Then the XML was deserialized as an object in order for all its elements to be accessed and asserted properly. This Automation project was done in C# using System.Net and using System.Xml.Serialization;

-AutoIt v3 = freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI .

Fiddler tool for browser interaction.

-developing automated test case in JAVA with ECLIPSE -MAVEN , SELENIUM WEBDRIVER project (open source tools).

Convert Manual Test Cases into Automated Test Cases.
Create Unit Test Scenarios / Automated Test Case Design.
Implement Unit Tests.
Run Unit Tests.
Debug Unit Tests.
Debug code.
Debug tests.
Create documentation for automation.
Create Unit Test Result files with Nunit Runner.
Analyze Automated Test Result files in order to discover Bugs.
Update Unit Tests.

Tools : Eclipse , Visual Studio 2010 , OnTime, Jira ,TestLink , Outlook , M. Office,SVN,Crucible,Nunit Runner , AutoIT , Fiddler;

Scrum .


Converting manual tests into automated tests that are used in regression testing and are very useful as new bugs are discovered for the new releases.

NeusoftApril 2011 - May 2012

-Software Tester for mobile applications,quality assurance of aplications.I am responsabile for german language applications.Follow the verification checklist or verification test cases for testing the applications. Communicate the bugs and errors founded , to the development team in order to solve them. Decide on publishing the applications in the online store , only if the quality is assured. Another responsability is building the bug report in Microsoft Office-Excel and reporting to team leader.
-I was also involed in localization projects, for exemple the translation in german of an internal application developed in Neusoft company,CarBlackBox german translation.
-Another project in which I was involved was testing an internal application developed in Neusoft - a management website for tracking and recording products.First we developed a test plan and create test cases in the open source platform TestLink.In creating these test cases , different types of testing were applied like : exploratory testing, black box testing, stress testing. The bugs and improvement list was reported to the developers.Further work was done, in order to automate the testing process by implementing the test cases in the open source web automation tool Selenium-a mozila firefox plug in.

-training for Web-automation:Selenium tool for web automation , attended at Neusoft.
-training for Web-automation:Sahi tool for web automation , attended at Neusoft.
-training for Basic Testing , attended at Neusoft.
-training Perl (basics) , attended at Neusoft.
At the end of each training course I received some homeworks and I solved them succsesfully.
-I also attended at some workshops , gathered and defined knowleages in C# and .NET Framework Essentials organized by Microsoft Student Partners organized UTCN

SEONIDJanuary 2011 - February 2011

Internet,New Media, builing websites , ~10 employers.

I made ​​with HTML ,CSS web pages and integrating them with PHP-WORDPRESS-CMS ,using design

models made ​​in Adobe Photoshop.

My stack

Windows Server, Web Testing, Watir, Unit testing, Ubuntu, Test Planning, Test Cases, SQL, SourceTree, Software testing, Shell Scripting, Selenium, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, JUnit, Jira, JavaScript, HTTP, HTML, Git, Functional testing, Ext JS, Exploratory testing, Statistics, Eclipse IDE, DevOps, Debugging, Continuous Integration, Confluence, Black-box testing, API testing, Apache POI, Apache Maven, AngularJS, XML, SpecFlow, JMeter, Test automation, XPath, Kubernetes, GitHub, PowerShell, SoapUI, Groovy, Quality Assurance, Java, Cucumber, Jenkins, Ruby, Regression testing, Manual testing, OOP, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Crucible, NUnit