Fraser H.

QA Engineer

482 dollar
12 years
Barcelona, SPAIN

My experience


Love To Know MediaMay 2019 - Present

Developing internal tooling to automate processing of customer feedback. Primarily using
google cloud functions written in node.js.
Writing Python based scrapers to gather specific required content from various sources.
Developing data visualisation tools to help development teams understand their workflow
and possible improvements.
Researched and implemented automated page speed monitoring to ensure we are alerted
to performance degradation.
Developing front-end automation tests with cypress.js which are run by the dev team during
their local development and the CI/CD pipeline (pulled as a dev dependency into the front end project.
Support the automation testing of web and mobile applications.

Rakuten MarketingSeptember 2018 - April 2019

● Wrote an automated python program to trigger tracking events and check processing as

those events pass through the attribution process (E2E tracking test).
● Developed a test automation suite for a marketing front-end application.
● Provided automation expertise to a client facing front-end dashboard.

American Express TechnologiesApril 2017 - September 2018

Worked on two different projects: a front-end referral application and a back-end payment
tokenization platform.
Redeveloped a front-end automation suite enabling testing of markets across several mobile
and desktop configurations in parallel; Significantly cutting CI/CD test execution time.
As the only FTE Quality Engineer within the back-end team, developed a strategy to ensure
the functional and performance requirements of our api's were fully tested.
Uncovered an enterprise wide defect in the cloud infrastructure through rigorous
performance testing.
Rewrote the api automation suite enabling effective testing as part of our release pipeline.
Created a consumer test strategy that ensured consumer test data was effectively managed

within a new test environment. 
Alongside my Quality Engineer role I managed a company research initiative into Quantum
Technologies. The role required an ability to digest complex concepts and their potential impact before engaging with senior leaders. The initiative also saw me establish and manage several relationships with leading universities and private companies.

American Express TechnologiesSeptember 2015 - April 2017

The graduate programme offered me the opportunity to perform various 6 month rotations. In

particular I worked in 2 front-end scrum teams and an R&D role researching Quantum Technology.
● Developed a new automation framework for a front-end application that could be applied to
all markets.
● Regularly educated and updated senior leadership on the risks and opportunities Quantum
Technology will to American Express.

WaitroseSeptember 2014 - July 2015

Weekend job to support me during my studies

Longhill High School/PACANovember 2013 - May 2015

Whilst studying I assisted with a University sponsored tutoring programme. The programme saw us
work with students from all year groups will little or no family history of higher education to raise
aspirations and increase their motivation. Active listening and communication skills were critical to
understand the needs of students as well as explain a variety of topics.

SuperdrugOctober 2010 - August 2014


Sussex UniversityAugust 2013 - August 2013

My project saw me carry out analysis on patient data from a large European database. This involved
writing python code to manipulate the database, producing statistical analysis to identify trends and
patterns. My work directly contributed to a patient linkage algorithm, the results of which have been
ed at several conferences including the Farr Institutes International Conference.

My stack

Time Management, Teamwork, SQL, Software Development, Social Media, Selenium, REST Assured, Research, Python, Problem Solving, Power Point, Node.js, Microsoft Excel, JMeter, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, Data analysis, Cypress, Cucumber, CircleCI, API testing