Lisa V.

Qa Engineer

485 dollar

My experience

QDOOZJanuary 2019 - October 2019

SafeToNet LtdApril 2018 - January 2019

Avast SoftwareMay 2015 - June 2017


GoogleOctober 2014 - November 2014

Test Analyst for ChromeCast.

Saffron DigitalApril 2014 - August 2014

Test Analyst on STB - Applications for KDDTV.

GoogleDecember 2013 - April 2014

Lead Test for Play Movies.

Samsung ElectronicsNovember 2011 - November 2013

1. Software Test EngineerAs transitioning from Application Test to Software Testing, my work has evolved that include SAFE (Samsung For Enterprise) B2B (Business to Business) Application Network Security Test along with Mobile and Tablet Hardware & Software Test which has all advanced my understanding for the Technological Input and Output for both SW & HW.

SAFE B2B Application Testing differs from making sure that the framework and API comply with all Samsung Electronic Devices that include both Handheld Handsets as well as Tablets. Making sure that every B2B Application Security Policy complies with each and every unique API. Individual network test is also an crucial test element.

While devising the work between B2B Application test, other Technical Tests include interoperability testing for SW & HW for both Handheld and Tablet Devicse that differ from High end and Lower end electronic devices. Other supplementary tests also include cell band testing for 2G, 3G and 4G LTE tests for all UK Mobile Networks.
2. Applications Test EngineerMy main role as an Application Test Engineer was to test for B2C applications within Samsung App Store to enhance the product quality and to guarantee that all applications ran within the framework and API across all Samsung Electronic devices which includes Hand Held Devices & Tablets for Android and non Android devices such as Bada Samsung OS and Mango Microsoft OS.

Despite the main role was to test for B2C applications within the Samsung App Store, User Interface and User Experience was also tested for intuitive navigation and the consumer consumption process.

AtticmediaApril 2011 - November 2011

First Project: Working together side by side with Project Manager and Lead XML Coder binding both flash and XML together to produce an educational online flash game.
The nature of the role consisted of XML editing, making certain amends to the game play and making sure that the flash and XML file are free from technicality issues. Also, creating test scripts for developers to follow as guide line.

Second Project: Working side by side with Managing Director to refine Flash Based Game.
The nature of my role for this project was to manage, track and to verify all bugs with open source bug tracking system along with In-house game engine. This role also required me to write daily test cases, putting through suggestions in improving game play mechanics.

MicrosoftJanuary 2010 - December 2010

Video games tester on Fable III.
Gaining experience from Travellers Tale, working for Microsoft Vault, I
was responsible for test track game play on early stages of game
development and using automated test scripts as a guideline.
Communicating to developers using Microsoft bugging database, which also
enabled me to fully adapt to Xbox neighbour hood and Microsoft outlook
bugging methods.

Traveller's TalesJanuary 2009 - December 2009

Worked on two AAA game titles, this position gave me a full insight of the development pipeline; the process of developing and producing games and the crucial fundamentals of quality assurance. The work required creative test methods, communication with team manager and developers on existing issues through bugging database Jira.

My stack


3D Studio MAX, Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, Game development



Analysis methods and tools


Software testing

Testing tools


Quality Assurance, Computer Animation, Game Design


XML, Flash, HTML

My education and trainings

Bachelor's Degree in Game Cultures - London South Bank University2006 - 2009