Christopher P.

QA Engineer

468 euro
5 years
Brighton and Hove, UNITED KINGDOM

My experience

IRIS Software GroupJune 2019 - Present


Pure360January 2019 - Present

My role as a Test Analyst is to aid the development of the client’s product by locating as many defects in the system as possible to ensure the end product is of the highest possible quality. Full, standard or exploratory scripts are constructed based on the client’s requirements and executed against the requested desktop, iOS, Android or other platforms. Results are logged to ensure complete traceability and reported back to development in a constructive, informative and positive manner. A high standard of computer literacy is a necessity for this position.

As a Project Lead, my responsibilities are to ensure the smooth running of the session. This requires consistent and professional communications with the client, agreeing project objectives and reing the organisation's interests. This role has required adjusting to the client’s development processes and attending meetings or calls as required.

BevaluedMarch 2016 - March 2017

My stack

Usability testing, Test Planning, Test management, Manual testing, Functional testing, API testing