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14 years
Antony, FRANCE

My experience


WhozNovember 2019 - Present

Company Context
Whoz is a 3 years old start-up that supports the digital transformation of Digital Services companies (ESN), which mission is to optimize the staffing of client companies, using strongly the artificial intelligence (AI).

Project Context
I have been called to support the evolution of the company, to put in place an adapted organization and promote Agile principles. The goal is to help teams being collectively more efficient and to help them achieving an industrial delivery workflow.

Main activities
• I have adapted/created Jira boards, dashboards and managed many evolutions on Atlassian tools.
• I have managed to optimize the Demand Management workflow, by introducing MMF concept and corresponding meetings/workshops.
• I have introduced better approach for Quality policy.
• I have structured a dedicated Search department (Service R&D).
• I have helped developers for better knowledge transfer and how to be more efficient on their daily tasks.
• I have helped POs to better groom and manage their backlog.
• I have introduced new CI practices.
• I have animated regular Scrum meetings for 3 Scrum teams.
• I have animated many workshops with the PM, POs to maximize value, challenge priorities, propagate Agile culture and diffuse the most appropriate practices.

Carrefour - Paris regionJanuary 2019 - October 2019

With 200 collaborators

Project Context
I have joined a very ambitious international project, working on the first Carrefour e-commerce application « carrefour.fr ». This happens on the main Agile Digital Hub of Carrefour IT services, in Paris 13ème, with more than 20 Scrum teams.

Main activities
    • I am in charge of coaching 2 Scrum teams as Scrum Master, to mainly be more autonomous, more effective and less stressed.
    • I am in charge of coaching other teams at Scrum Of Scrum level, across Safe trains.
    • I am animating regular worshops with RTEs, PMs, POs and SMs to maximize value, challenge priorities, propagate Agile culture and diffuse the most appropriate Agile practices and tools.
    • I am also mandated, as scaled Agile Coach (member of the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence - LACE), to work with all front developers across 5 Scrum teams.
    • As LACE member, I was in charge, within a small group of persons to organize 2 PI planning. The second was involving more than 250 collaborators, with 7 Safe Trains.

Renault Digital - Paris regionJune 2018 - December 2018

With 20 dev collaborators

Project Context
I have integrated an already started project, suffering from organizational issues. It is composed from 36 collaborators, including 21 developers, organized on 3 development teams. The project is a strategic one for the Renault/Nissan alliance, for vehicle parts management.

Main activities
    • I have managed interviews to hire collaborators
    • I have worked on daily Scrum practices with the entire team for almost 10 sprints
    • I have worked with the local and remote team in India to animate Agile activities,
    • I have put in place adapted processes for the team I was responsible
    • I have organized sessions of Release planning, extreme quotation and team building
    • I have put in place adapted processes for the 3 teams coordination, on Scrum of Scrum basis
    • I have configured tools like Jira boards, Confluence pages and project KPI for all the 3 teams
    • I have coached people on Agile practices, including the PO and external collaborators

Renault Digital - Paris regionMay 2017 - May 2018

With 10 dev collaborators

Company Context
In start-up atmosphere within a big new company, I have actively participated to start two of most important and first projects, managed in Renault Digital.

Project Context
Both projects are modern Web Applications (using React and Angular frameworks) linked to the Supply Chain & Logistics services.
    • The goal of the first project is to optimize the Sales and Production coordination, preparing a car sample list, to better anticipate production forecast in next months.
    • The second project is based on predictive models, to optimize outbound routes capacities management, in car distribution for Renault and Nissan Alliance.

Main activities
In both projects, I have worked on two main phases: Framing and Production
Framing: I have worked with the Product Owner, Architects and Business analyst to
    • understand the need,
    • manage workshops with key users,
    • make mock-ups,
    • build the product Backlog and define the target architecture,
    • define and challenge the MVP perimeter
Production: According to identified need for technical stack and people skills
    • I have managed interviews to hire developers
    • I have worked with the entire team on the MVP release first and next releases
    • I have worked with the local and remote team in India to animate Agile activities
    • I have put in place adapted processes for the team
    • I have configured tools like Jira boards, Confluence pages and project KPI
    • I have coached people on Agile practices
    • I have ensured that Scrum, Kanban and Agile principles and practices are understood and followed, to help the Product Owner, the developers and all the team to be more autonomous, client-focus and more efficient.

Albeyt - Paris regionFebruary 2016 - May 2017

Albeyt Company is specialized in IT services, mainly for Web and Mobile applications. I am working in close collaboration with a near-shore company Beitcan (www.beitcan.com) based in Constantine, Algeria, with high skilled collaborators, following Scrum Agile project management. Here are some interesting projects we have worked on during this last year: 
    • Xamarin project, with XForm XAML technologies to build IOS and Android applications for a start-up company with a great potential market (www.napinmap.com).
    • AngularJS project, with .NET backend technology to build a front and an administration web applications for an e-commerce company on French market (www.halal-boucherie.fr).

Main activities
    • Made the appropriate technology choices.
    • Built the application architecture in different layers.
    • Defined the namespaces, projects separation, logs, exceptions and interfaces policy.
    • Defined the test and the continuous integration process and put it in place.
    • Made code myself and supervise other collaborators.
    • Made code reviews, clarify and review code quality.
    • Animated all Scrum meetings and board management.
    • Communicated with final clients on the tasks progress, sprint content, tasks priority and any conflicts found during different project phases.

Technical environment
    • Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.6, C#, XAML, Linq 2014, IIS7, Git and TFS
    • Xamarin Forms, Angular with Breeze (for the web), MSBuild, MSTests and Log4net
    • SQLite for mobile and EF6 with SQLServer as Server ORM

TraceOne - ParisMarch 2015 - November 2015

With 6 dev collaborators

TraceOne is an important software editor, for retailers, manufacturers and suppliers along with B2B Cloud applications, especially for the Retailer Private Label development for costumers such as: Walmart, WholeFoods, Rewe, Carrefour, Auchan, Auchan International, Casino and Inter-Marché.

My mission is to bring team members to the scrum spirit, to get all the methodology benefits:
    • For the interest of all collaborators.
    • The efficiency of the project, for the PO and costumers.
    • The QA of the product.
To achieve my mission, I was:
    • Leading several meetings: daily stand-up, review, retrospective, poker planning, architecture design discussion and technology watch POC.
    • Taking technical decision.
    • Making code review.
    • Working as devOps, ensuring our continuous integration system.
    • Synchronizing stories’ priority and content with the PO.
    • Working to improve our automation and integration tests.
    • Reporting on the project progress, product QA and team velocity.
My team, in collaboration with another scrum one, is working for the creation of the first professional B2B network between retailers, manufacturers and their suppliers, covering all the supply chain. This starts taking shape, with efficient features

Technical environment
    • .NET 4.5 Framework, with TFS 2012, IIS7, SQL Server 2012 and VS2013.
    • HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS with Gulp and Node.js.
    • SSO, STS, WCF, Drupal and WebAPI.
    • Integration tests with SpecFlow, SpecFlow.UI and Selenium.
    • Atlassian tools: Jira, Confluence and Zephyr for tests management.

TraceOne – ParisMarch 2013 - April 2015

With 4-8 dev collaborators

As a team leader, in the innovation department, I have participated with local development team working with Romanian collaborators, to create, maintain and push several new products in the market. I have worked daily in collaboration with:
    • The Product Manager, to coordinate our understanding of use cases, prepare next release content, prioritize change requests and issues.
    • The QA Manager, to review test cases, improve automation tests and synchronize our efforts to get best products quality.
    • The other team leaders, especially in innovation department, to coordinate our technology watch, our POC and our methodology and technology strategy.
Within my team, composed of 4 to 8 collaborators, I have worked on:
    • Introducing release features and technical architecture to all development members.
    • Following-up development progress and reporting on it.
    • Managing ations and feedbacks.
    • Making code review and taking architecture/design decisions.
    • Maximizing efficiency, increasing quality and improving team technical skills (with POC ations and training, especially with PluralSight).

TraceOne – ParisDecember 2011 - March 2013

With 4-6 dev collaborators

I worked as team leader, with local developers in Paris and offshore collaborators in Romania, on two important projects:
    • Upgrading our tools, environments and all legacy applications to use VS 2010, IIS7, .NET 4.0, SQL Server 2012, with last third-party component versions.
    • Maintaining and adding new features, for old and new customers on one of the most important Trace One applications' suite. That application combines Java world with JBPM workflow engine, running on JBOSS server with .NET ASP application running on IIS. Both communicate with Web Services and some Stand-Alone services, ensuring the application QA and performance.

TraceOne - ParisJuly 2009 - December 2011

I worked on several applications and projects, with different teams. Especially on ASP.NET and MVC.NET applications, with HTML, CSS and Java Script front skills and got important SQL Server database experience. I have contributed to improve the code QA with unit tests and layer separations patterns.

Atos Origin (Internship)January 2009 - June 2009

I have created a referential wiki to capitalize collaborators experience, in the company Selligent CRM service. I have used for this mission: Excel VB macros, Java J2EE on Spring framework with MVC pattern, JavaScript and Crystal Reports.

TraceOne (Internship)May 2008 - September 2008

I have worked on applications’ integration, using Web Services. I have used for this mission: C# on Visual Studio 2005, MVC.NET, NHibernate, JBPM and SQL Server.

Skill Software (Internship)July 2007 - September 2007

I have worked on the conception, development and the integration of a new module on existing application.
I have used for this mission: Visual C++, SQL Server and Crystal Reports.

My stack

XML, XAML, Xamarin, Web Services, Unit testing, UML, Test Cases, Team management, SQLite, SQL, SpecFlow, Software Development, SOAP, Selenium, Scrum, SAFe, REST API, Release Management, Project Management, Node.js, NHibernate, MVC, MSBuild, Microsoft SQL Server, LINQ, Lean, Kanban, JSON, jQuery, Jira, jBPM, JBoss, JavaScript, Java, iOS, Integration testing, IIS, HTML5, HTML, Git, Drupal, DevOps, Design Patterns, CSS, Continuous Integration, C#, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, Android, Agile Methodology, Agile, .NET Framework, .NET