Rajasekhar Reddy S.


80 dollar
4 years
Bangalore, INDIA

My experience


Techwave ConsultingAugust 2018 - Present

Roles & Responsibilities

* Installation of operating systems like RedHat Linux, CentOS.

* Working as a System administration, maintenance and monitoring various day-to-day operations.

* Scheduled various regular and periodic tasks by using crontab.

* Installing and up gradation of Packages and patches according to the requirement.

* Configuration and troubleshooting SSH and providing user level and system level trusting.

* Configuring FTP server to maintain the shared folders in the organization.

* Managing groups and user accounts assigned permission to users.

* Handling user account management by creating, deleting, managing user accounts and passwords.

* Changing file permissions as per the client request.

* Security implementation through ACL.

* Performing the kickstart installations depends on the requirements.

* Monitoring system performance of virtual memory, Managing swap space, utilization and CPU utilization.

* Disk management, partitioning tools like fdisk, filesystem management ext3,ext4 and XFS file system & utilities (mke2fs, e2fsck, and tune2fs).

* LVM physical volumes & volume groups extending file systems on LVM mount and umount of file systems.

* Having good experience on AWS.

* VPC creating and adding subnet.

My stack

Troubleshooting, System administration, Shell Scripting, Samba, RHEL, Linux Red Hat, Linux, FTP, Docker, CentOS, AWS, Ansible, Amazon Web Services