Traian M.

Sysops Engineer

365 dollar
19 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


IBMAugust 2016 - Present

Service delivery management for the project (approx 10 colleagues) I was assigned as technical engineer previously.
Implementing ITIL oriented services and procedures/processes.
Team management, sub-projects planning and scheduling, monitoring and reporting, communication and business relationship management, etc.
Optimizing every aspect of the work processes, implementing scripting and automating time consuming processes.
Keeping SLAs and KPIs in line with the levels agreed with the customer.

Proposed, designed and presentation of a basic/medium level networking course for aprox 50 colleagues.
Documenting, planning and coordinating sub-project for implementing MS Office 365 upgrade through newly available SCCM v2012 patching technology.
Proposed new optimal process work-flow for SW integration, testing and deployment.
Optimized different time consuming procedures.
Increased the services baselines, designed and proposed new technical enhancements.

Tools/Methods used:
MS Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint, MS Visio, MS Project, ITIL processes, team and project planning/monitoring, WWPMM methods.

IBMFebruary 2018 - Present


IBMMay 2014 - August 2016

Providing technical support for a large SCCM 2012 environment (WSUS/SCUP/SCOM/SCCM/SQL servers and about 6000 PC clients).
Offering coaching for trainees on technical procedures/methods and SCCM 2012 administration.
Acting as the SW Management team's technical focal point and maintaining a close relationship and ongoing communication with the customer relating to implementing complex changes and rollouts.
Level 2/3 support for incidents, problems, RFCs and Change requests, SCCM 2012 environment monitoring, management, maintenance and change implementation.
Software application integrations, distribution, deployment and compliance reporting.
Security patch deployment for Microsoft operating systems, Adobe products and MS Office 365 products upgrade/security patch rollout.
Creating and keeping the technical procedure process documents up to date. Creating knowledge base articles for resolving the tasks/issues encountered the most.
Troubleshooting application install and OSD image task sequences, creating complex application task sequences used for deploying multiple applications during Mass rollout, creating WQL/SQL queries.

Coordinating migration from old SCCM v2007 to new v2012 environment ( packages, collections, deployments, clients, etc).
Took part of the acceptance testing together with customer engineers and managed to successfully complete it.
Conducted PoC implementation for client management, SW deployment and security patch rollout.
Took inniative and became the focal point for the SW management team.
Redesign of procedures and technical processes.
Resolved WSUS bug, thus increasing the patch deployment success rate from 95% to 99%.

Tools/Methods used:
MS Office suite, MS SCCM 2012/2016, SCOM 2012/2016, Windows Server 2012, SQL/WQL, MS PowerShell, AdFortuna, LANDESK , MS AD, DNS, DHCP, WSUS, MSI packaging, InstallShield, Orca, SCCM Client Center, MS Windows 7/8.1/10, XML, HTML, MS Office 365, MDT.


IBMAugust 2013 - May 2014

Providing Level 2 SCCM 2007 support for large Japanese TV/smart-phone manufacturer headquarters located in UK.
Incident/Problem/Change/Rollout management using BMC Remedy ticketing tool.
Software deployment and security patch deployment management, making sure SLAs and KPIs are in line with values agreed with the customer.
Maintaining close relationship with key stakeholders and providing project status on a regular basis.
Troubleshooting SWD/patch deployment, OSD staging task sequence and networking issues. Investigating SCCM log files for client and server issues and providing a fix in due time so that the environment can function at its best capability.

Tools/Methods used:
MS SCCM 2007, MS Windows XP/7, MS Windows Server 2003/2008, MS SQL 2005, Microsoft Office suite, BMC Remedy ticketing tool.

IBMOctober 2010 - August 2013

2nd Level support for large German car dealerships located all over the world, but mostly for North America customers.
Contact with clients by email/phone on a regular basis and helping them fix the issues encountered during diagnosis/programming of cars.
Providing support based on ITIL best practices. Maintaining close relationship with customers, taking care high quality service is provided.
Incident/Problem/Change/Rollout management. Keeping track of issues through BMC ticketing tool.
Providing coaching and training for new comers.

Providing a quality customer relationship and having very good communication and conflict resolution skill, as well as very good English proficiency ( both written and spoken), I was assigned to deal with the most demanding customers from US which had to be trained on using the diagnosis/programming devices used in dealerships repair shops.
Had the initiative to self-train and learn on installing/troubleshooting the most difficult integrated system used to diagnose/program motorcycles. This type of system was lacking training materials so after I learned everything about it, I took the chance and developed training materials ( PPT, PDF) and proposed to offer a course for the entire team comprised of about 50 colleagues. The course was approved and the initiative result was that our SLAs/KPIs were met and customer satisfaction grew rapidly.
Assigned as focal point for the entire team that provided support for motorcycles due to the vast experience gathered.

Tools/Methods used:
MS Windows 7, MS Windows Server 2003 ( SQL, AD, DHCP, DNS), Microsoft Office suite, BMC Remedy ticketing tool, XML, Microsoft virtualization, networking.

Alexandrion Grup RomaniaJanuary 2008 - January 2010

Windows Server 2003 administrator (AD, DHCP, DNS), HW/SW help-desk support, network maintenance ( HW and SW), detailed reporting on the entire company mobile data consumption.
Constant monitoring/maintenance of entire hardware/virtual server pool,optimization of WINS and DHCP services, fixing any issues that appear and pro-actively assess any risk/issue that might appear..
Tape based backup system management, remote assistance offered to users as well as on-site.
Management for the centralized ESET AV system.
Troubleshooting server and network outages.
Migrating older OS to newer ones.
Administration of Alcatel PBX desk phone system

Proposed and implemented successfully a virtual SCCM 2007 environment to optimize application and security patch deployment. This initiative allowed a faster response time and efficiency for the entire IT department (free up about 80% of the time used for help-desk support). Users also experienced less interruptions and their work efficiency improved dramatically.
Configuring VPN software on users mobile devices and developing easy-to-use procedures for them to be used for self-servicing.
Implementation and managed an electronic timekeeping system.
PowerShell scripting for retrieving daily errors/warning from every server and exported into a central XLS report to be able to monitor and fix faster any encountered issue.

Tools/Methods used:
Microsoft SCCM 2007, MS PowerShell, MS Windows Server 2003 ( SQL, AD, DHCP, DNS, WINS), ESET AV Server, MS Windows Vista/XP, Microsoft Office suite.


LENA Constructii SAJanuary 2007 - January 2008

Administering an environment comprised of around 300 PCs , spread throughout 5 construction sites in Bucharest and Ilfov county, connected to each other through VPN MPLS solution.
Providing HW/SW support and troubleshooting any IT related incident.
Managed the Charisma ERP system.
Managed the relationship with suppliers ( contracts, SLAs, etc).
Reporting to head of IT dept the status of new project implementations along with regular IT reporting.
Coordination of incident/problem/change management for the IT department.

Implementation and management of a document management system used for improving the processing flow of documents in the company allowing to reduce the daily time/costs spent on printing and processing paper-based documents.
Renegotiating the supplier contracts and managing to reduce the total cost with approximately 20%.
Inventoried every HW/SW asset and removed every personal printer from each location and at the same time acquired and installed a central multifunctional printer at each location, thus reducing the overall costing with maintenance, support and supplies spend on more than a dozen of older/obsolete desk printers.

Tools/Methods used:
MS Windows XP, MS Windows Server 2003 ( SQL, AD, DHCP, DNS), Microsoft Office suite.

Leader International SAJanuary 2006 - January 2007

Administering the entire IT environment comprised of 3 major locations spread on 3 different cities ( each comprised of around 50 stations and few MS Windows 2003 servers).
Management for the Kaspersky AV server.
Provided helpdesk support for HW and SW issues. Maintenance of the Microsoft domain environment, MS SQL Server 2000, ERP software, email system and VPN connectivity maintenance and troubleshooting of network outages and providing a fix in due time.
Administrating relationship with HW and SW suppliers (contract, SLAs, etc).

Coordination of HW and SW refresh for the entire environment, where needed ( HW replacement, SW reinstall, OS re-image).
Changed entire network environment from a "hub based" solution to the much more advanced "switch based" solution, thus, allowing faster LAN throughput.
Had all 3 remote locations connected to a high-speed ADSL solution implementing VPN connectivity allowing real-time sync between ERP servers deployed at each location. ( before this implementation finished, the different locations were not connected to each other)
Implemented a Microsoft domain solution whereas, the HQ domain AD server served all clients from each VPN-connected location.
Renegotiating the contract with the ISP to provide one high-speed network connectivity at each location, thus allowing to close dozens of old USB modem connections that were very slow and expensive.
All the above increased the efficiency of the work on all departments, as well as lowering the monthly budget spent on supplier subscriptions.

Tools/Methods used:
MS Windows XP, MS Windows Server 2000 ( SQL, AD, DHCP, DNS), Microsoft Office suite, Kaspersky AV server.


RATBJanuary 2002 - January 2006

Roles/ Responsibilities:
Helpdesk, HW & SW troubleshooting, server administration (AD, GPO, DHCP, WINS, DNS) and network maintenance ( HP switches and routers).

Coordination of the HW/SW helpdesk team ( aprox 10 people), coordination and implementation of the project of configuring network upgrade ( cabling, switches, routers) in more than 10 locations, each comprised of 50-100 computers.
Implemented pilot OS migration of around 50 workstations from Windows 95/98 to Windows XP and provided documentation, training and procedures to be followed by the rest of the team for the remaining locations ( around 30 remote locations , each comprised of more than 50 stations).
Successfully implemented new centralized system for measuring, controlling, reporting gas consumption/leves in each gasoline tank ( around 10 locations spread all over the city) for the public transportation buses.

Tools/Methods used:
MS-DOS, MS Windows 95/98/XP, MS Windows Server NT/2000, MS AD/DHCP/WINS/DNS, RedHat Linux, Microsoft Office.

My stack



IT Infrastructure

System administration, Virtualization, Cisco IOS, Linux Red Hat, LANDesk, Network administration


BMC Remedy, Troubleshooting, Strategic Planning, Leadership

Environment of Development

MS SQL Management Studio



My education and trainings

Master of Computer Applications - MCA - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest