Dragos B.


488 euro
25 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


Sys-admin at private company .April 2017 - Present

Deep involved in Linux and AIX systems . Users maintenance , aplications, backup, restore,

optimizing networks, network maintenance .

Sys-admin at medium companyApril 2017 - Present

Experience :
Corporation, town : A medium company , Bucharest
Between the years : april2017-
Occupation : IT&C
Engineer . Full time, engineer in IP and core-servers area
Purpose : installation, configuration, maintenance in the application and operating system : Debian 8.0 Linux, Oracle Linux 6.3, Nagios 3.5.1 and entire IP network.
Tasked with: supervising the application under Debian and Oracle Linux, entire network. Supervision of the network by Nagios3.5.1.
Tasked with opening trouble ticket for security sites as : rblmon.net , spfbl.net , mxtoolbox.com,etc .
Tasked with: repairing the configuring of all workstation
Tasked with: topology analysis , the configurations and behaviour of network equipment.
Tasked with: network optimisation
Tasked with : drawing up lists of materials
Tasked with: replacement of defective parts in network elements
New project regarding implementation of Oracle Database 11g2. A successfully project, having as target the database Oracle11g2 installed under Linux Oracle 6.3_x86-64 and Oracle Solaris 10 for Sparc machine.
New project implemented using Python language, with the purpose of monitoring the installations, in automation area .

A private companyApril 2017 - Present

New project implemented using Python language, with the purpose of monitoring the installations,

in automation area.

Huawei Enterprise RomâniaApril 2016 - January 2017

Corporation , town : HUAWEI Technologies, Bucharest
Between the years : april 2016 – december 2016
Occupation: Telecommunication
Engineer. Full time, as engineer in IP area
Engineer in Level 2-configuration.
Purpose: installing and configuring the new routers for IP networks, as support transmission for 2G,3G and 4G stations, and also for business customers.
Tasked with : topology analysis and and router configuration, after this feedback to customer, more specific the planning team of the customer.
Tasked with : Keeping in attention the SLA of each job.
Tasked with : drawing up lists of materials and scheduling jobs of team field.
Tasked with : installing and configuring the routers.

Oltronics S.A.January 2010 - March 2016

Occupation: Industrial and automation
Engineer. Extra-work and later Full-time.
Consultancy for telecommunication mobile networks. Analysis and design of hardware/software for automation industries. Software programs for the automation controllers build with microcontrollers fromTexas Instruments and Microchip. I designed a couple type of power supplies, controlled by these types of microcontrollers. I designed evaluations-kit, development-boards, prototypes. I am using applications from IAR and Keil uVision for microcontrollers from Texas Ins. and MPLAB for Microchip, to design in assembler language and C language. I used Protel application to design PCBs.
Installation of Solaris10/Oracle10, RedHat Linux and Oracle11g. Working in SQL Developer, Java and Visual C++. Also instalation and configuration of switches and routers.

Vodafone S.A.September 2013 - March 2016

Engineer on Level2-configuration. Purpose: to maintain, to modify the SDH and
ATM networks. The equipments belong to many very known vendors. Configuration of the new services for company’s customers, this means to create the new E2E with all related cross-conections in the SDH and ATM networks as support transmission for the new GSM, UMTS or LTE stations, or to modify the trails for already existing stations GSM,UMTS and LTE. Optimizations of network. All these are according with work-orders received from Planning-Service .

RomTelecom S.A.February 1997 - August 2013

There have been 2 periods. First, until February-2007, I worked in a service department for electronics applied in telecommunication. Here, I debugged many central units controlled by microcontrollers. All those modules were built using SMT technologies. In addition, I designed a certain number of units for control, controlled by microcontrollers from Atmel. In this department, I designed programs in assembler language, having the role to control the technological processes. For these controllers, I designed PCBs, electrical schematics and/or software firmware.

The second period from February-2007 to september-2013. Maintenance, configuration of SDH national network. Creation, of new services , E1, STM1, STM4 and STM16, for the company’s customers. Performance analysis. Topology analysis for developing new works. The equipment belongs to multiple producers: Alcatel, ECI, Huawei, SIAE, Fujitsu, Ericsson, Marconi. Permanent surveillance and maintenance of the servers’ network which administrates whole SDH networks. I have knowledge in Unix-Solaris to maintain some applications, and managing the applications. In 2011-2012 I restored a cloud of servers for a national network SDH Fujitsu, starting and finalizing a project in this direction.

My stack

VoIP, Telecommunications, Team management, Network Design, MPLS, Java, GSM, Fortran, Cisco, C/C++, Assembler