Top 5%
Dan R.

Test Manager

225 dollar
15 years
Timisoara, ROMANIA

Why I'm Top 5%

  • Superior technical and people skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 15 years of industry experience
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My experience


AzetsAugust 2016 - Present

QA Automation Lead.
Design, development and maintenance for a test automation framework for financial web applications:

- Test automation tool development.
○ Eclipse IDE + Java SE 10 + JUnit4 + Selenium 3.
○ Node.js + Express + Puppeteer + Lighthouse.
- Data Driven Testing - XML test configuration, modular and generic tests cases.
- UI tests.
○ Selenium (WebDriver, Grid), POM design pattern, Component design pattern.
- Mobile tests - Appium GUI, AndroidDriver, Android Studio, AVD.
- Performance tests.
○ jMeter - Blazemeter, framework jMeter integration, reports comparison, generic JMX.
- Windows desktop automation - Java Robot, AutoIT3 scripting, AutoITx, PowerShell5, Batch, Sikuli, VBScript.
- Continuous Integration - Jenkins.
- Version control - Git (GitHub, GitLab).
- Scaling - vCloud test targets.
- Bug tracking - Jira, YouTrack.
- Test documentation.
○ dynamic test case docs (extracted from modules code).
○ test flows docs (scenarios) - framework integration.
- Cross-browser/cross-platform testing.
- Tool updates deployment - batch/bash scripts.
User interface based on Ubuntu Server LTS, Apache Web Server and
Node.js (for triggering tests, centralizing reports and documentation,
monitoring test execution).
○ Backend - PHP, bash, Node.js.
○ Database: MySQL (CRUD).
○ Frontend.
- IDE - Visual Studio Code, Vi Text Editor.
- Layout - HTML5, CSS3, LESS.
- Functionality - JavaScript, jQuery, Jasmine, Mocha, Chai (BDD), Winston, loglovel.js, WebWorkers.
○ Reports - JSON, XML, XSLT, HTML.
○ Documentation - PDF/HTML/markdown editing.
○ Test triggers (JNLP, REST).
○ Continuous integration - Jenkins - parameterized jobs triggered from the framework's UI
Other tools/technologies - Docker, Oracle VirtualBox, Fiddler, Postman,
Google Dev Tools Protocol, xPath, JSON Path, AJAX, bash, nmap, SSH,
functional programming, PowerShell, Jshell, Jackson, Mockito, Regex.

Saguaro PrintNovember 2006 - July 2016

QA Automation Engineer.
- Project: Tools and Automation.
- Java automated tools development, bash scripting, web reporting interface, HTML5 and javascript, PHP, networking.
- Developing automation tools for printer tests - C light language, bash scripting, Linux tasks automation.
- Developing Python automated tests tool, bash and Linux tools.
Acquired skills and knowledge: Java, Selenium, JavaScript, jQuery, XML,
Networking, Apache Web Server, HTML5, Debugging, bash/batch scripting,
Eclipse IDE, C/C++ development, software testing, test automation, Open
Suse, advanced bash scripting, Python.

Software Developer.

- Projects: Control Unit Cluster Controller; AFP Workbench (Viewer, Driver, Plug-in, AFP Printer Driver).
Details: C/C++ development - Linux environment (GCC, GDB); C/C++
Windows code development, Install Shield, browsers plug-in, Visual
- Skills and knowledge: Linux, Visual Studio, C/C++, Install shield, Visual Studio, Scripting, IBM Lotus Notes, CMVC, AFP.

My stack





Open Source solutions



Lotus Notes

Analysis methods and tools

Jackson, Junit, Selenium, JIRA, Design Patterns, Responsive Design


nmap, Web Design, Continuous Integration, Fiddler, Test management, JetBrains YouTrack, Test automation, GitHub, Technical Writing, API Google Dev Tools

Application servers


IT Infrastructure

Virtual Box, Open Suse, Docker, Git, Ubuntu, Linux

Environment of Development

Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio, GitLab, vCloud


XPATH, XML, JavaScript, Java, XSLT, Less, PHP, HTML5, SQL, OOP, PowerShell, Regex, CSS, HTML, Bash


JMX, Express.js, jQuery, REST, AJAX, Node.js



Software testing

Mobile Testing, Performance testing, Mockito, Selenium Grid 2, Postman, Selenium WebDriver, UI testing, JMeter

My education and trainings

- Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications - Polytechnic University of Timisoara.2000 - 2006