Jesse J.


610 euro
7 years

My experience


Ascella Technologies, Inc.May 2019 - March 2020

*Architected and developed the UI for Ascella’s proprietary React-Redux based web application, FDAP (Financial Data Allocation Platform) that allows users to fluidly create and track form-based business processes

*Rebuilt the web app through a complete refactor using React-Redux, JavaScript (ES6), and React Router hosted on a backend SharePoint Online environment.

*Tasked with building out client-side forms and customizations for SEC and USMS concurrently with the internal app refactor.

*Followed UI/UX design best practices and developed styling using Material-UI to create forms and a dashboard that allows for live-monitoring of the forms' progress through their respective workflows

*Mentored and guided new developers in terms of best practices, onboarding, and architecture

*Performed Code Reviews and assisted in writing/editing the app Design Document

*Utilized Jest for Unit Testing

*Developed in a Node JS and Gulp environment

*Used GitLab and Git for version control

Harris CorporationSeptember 2018 - March 2019

*Used a React/Redux ecosystem to build a UI for a Software-defined radio project for the DoD

*UI was built based on prototypes to take advantage of UX best practices and Material Design.

*Interfaced with a backend API built in Java 8, and a data layer hosted in MySql

*Used Bitbucket and Git for version control

*Performed Code Reviews, and wrote/edited Design Documents for specific tasks

*Utilized Jest for Unit Testing

*Developed in a Node JS and Maven environment

Booz Allen HamiltonFebruary 2018 - July 2018

*Independent Consultant position through Softworld, Inc.

*Used Axure to prototype and a React/Redux ecosystem to build a new, personalized employee dashboard system hosted on the Sharepoint Online platform

*Used React, Redux, JavaScript, CSS, Sass, Gulp, Webpack and more running in an Node environment to create new and updated features for the dashboard tool which included customizable widgets, mostly for project metrics

*Relied on Axure, Axure Share (for version control), and UX best practices to build clickable prototypes for pages and features that needed to be developed.

*Dashboard system is specific to the users project or contract they’re assigned to

*Used the Azure CDN cloud platform to host and transport data

*Used Git for version control; Repository hosted on Visual Studio Online (VSO)

*Regularly attended virtual and in-person meetings where many times I would be tasked with ing development or design work to stakeholders

Phacil, IncAugust 2017 - December 2017

* Utilized JavaScript, RequireJS, Node.js, HTML5, and CSS as the lead UI developer to build additional functionality into a custom text editor running on a Grunt server for USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trade Office)

* Primarily built custom in-editor dropdown functionality that would allow the user to select templated options to insert into legal documentation for filing patents. Developed in JavaScript with RequireJS as a module loader

* Tasked with investigating previous code-base and ing findings to other developers due to lack of prior documentation

*Regularly demoed functionality to upper management and key developers due to the high visibility of the project.

*The text editor was embedded into an internal web application, using the CK Editor framework as a baseline to build additional functionality.

*Used Karma as JavaScript test runner

Intellect SolutionsNovember 2016 - June 2017

• Utilized React, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Java and Primefaces to build Front-End interfaces and some back-end support for a DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) fuel accounting web application (REPOL) for the military
• Built wireframes for a complete modernization of the REPOL site with UXPin
• Lead developer on the redesign of REPOL’s UI
• Utilized QlikSense to develop real-time, data based visualizations and models.

Self-Employed (Chainbridge Solutions)April 2016 - January 2017

*Contracted for Full Stack Web Development on projects like a personnel tracking system with the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), and a case tracking system with DOJ (Department of Justice)

*Utilized JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, React and JQuery to build Front-End interfaces for NRC and DOJ

*Used Java to help build business workflow logic

*Used the BPM platform Entellitrak to custom develop those sites

*Utilized SQL Server as the backend database on the DOJ project

LeapPointJanuary 2016 - April 2016

*Contracted to modernize old systems for DoS (Department of State) to .NET 4.5

*Used C#, HTML5, JavaScript, and JQuery for middle-ware and front-end development

*Full Stack development that encompasses upgrades to the front-end views and backend database

*Utilized Oracle as the backend database

*Also used Entity Framework for backend development of data models

Definitive LogicSeptember 2014 - November 2015

*Full stack web development

*Be comfortable building the data, middleware, and front end portions of an application

*Flexibiilty to ever changing requirements and features needed by the client

*Be open to learning new languages and frameworks, especially the constantly growing suite of front end technology

*Use a variety of front end technologies like JavaScript, JQuery, Knockout.js, Bootstrap, etc. to build useful and user friendly UI

*Utilized the full .NET development stack to both build and update web applications and websites

*Built custom features and applications in SharePoint using mostly JavaScript

IBCFebruary 2014 - September 2014

*Used Java, Javascript, Javascript Libraries (jQuery), other web development technologies (Bootstrap), Spring, and other frameworks to design and a build a more efficient system of communication for CBP (Customs and Border Protection)

*Required security clearance

*Scrum development framework

*Contributed to project design decisions

*Implemented a constantly changing list of requirements from client in a fast-paced, high stress work environment

*Utilized skills in application, web, and database development.

MicroPact, IncOctober 2012 - January 2014

*Required security clearance

*Scrum development framework

*Contributed to project design decisions

*Implemented a constantly changing list of requirements from client in a fast-paced, high stress work environment

*Utilized skills in application, web, and database development.

*Used J2EE technologies to help custom build BPM systems for the following government agencies: IRS TAS (Taxpayer Advocate Service) division, TSA OSHIS (Occupational Safety and Health Information System), DOC IG (Inspector General)

Software AGMay 2012 - October 2012

*Gather requirements, and consult customers by building business processes that automate and streamline functions of the organization through the webMethods framework: Integration, B2B, BPM, etc.

*Used Java and a proprietary language called Flow within webMethods to help automate and/or expand the functionality for certain tasks for

My stack

XML, Webpack, Web Applications, SQL, SharePoint, Scrum, Sass, Redux, React.js, Oracle, Objective-C, Node.js, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Linux, Knockout.js, Karma, JSON, jQuery UI, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, iOS, HTML5, HTML, Gulp.js, Grunt.js, ESLint, Dojo, CSS, C++, AngularJS, AJAX, .NET