Front-end software development

Booming handheld electronic devices strongly impacted web development architecture in recent years. User experience must be the same whatever the device used. Thinking applications differently, using front-end frameworks is a must and not an option.


The front-end part is the one users interact with. Depending on the technology used, it is generally controlled by the user’s web browser. Our developers (check out all our profiles) work closely with our designers and ergonomists to build powerfull and user-friendly interfaces to maximize efficiency and increase conversion rates.


To meet these objectives, our developers are hands-on specialists in HTML, CSS and for sure, Javascript languages. In addition, frond-end developers are also familiar with the latest frameworks like Bootstrap, AngularJS, EmberJS, Backbone, Meteor or Polymer that ensure great looking content whatever the device used.


Our front-end development services

  • design

  • cross-device development

  • SEO / SMO / Inbound marketing



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