Full-stack software development

Full-stack software development consists in cross-functional development across the full technology stack, including both front-end and back-end services. Our full-stack developers (check out all of our profiles) master the full package. They immediately identify the client and server-side responsibilities of a solution and analyze the pros and cons of various solutions.


Whatever the size of your company, Pentalog helps you build a professional and optimized digital presence by identifying tools that fit to scale!


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Pentalog includes full-stack development in a more complete development strategy which is called DevOps. DevOps experts who are generally speaking back-end developers can fluently talk about front-end and work with the key users from the one side and with IT operations from the other side.


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Pentalog offers 360° development capabilities that also include all desktop or mainframe applications. It concerns all specific developments done on a specific layer like back-end for mobile, software for IoT / M2M products, etc.


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