TPAM, Third-party Application Maintenance, refers to the delegation to an external provider of services related to the life cycle of an application (bug correction, knowledge maintenance, adding upgrades etc.).

Outsourcing application maintenance offers numerous benefits to the company :

  • Cost control
  • Guaranteed service quality
  • Access to specialized competencies
  • Ensuring knowledge continuity on the project

For each maintenance project, Pentalog commits to service quality indicators defined in the contract together with the customer at the beginning of the project. These commitments are regularly measured and presented by the project manager and project director in the steering committees.


In order to guarantee the best service quality and allow you to focus on your business, Pentalog has set up a rigorous organization and a series of best practices acquired over a period of more than eight years :

  • Reliability of existing resources
  • Action traceability on the application
  • Technical and functional documentation
  • Functional test and validation file
  • Version management
  • Maintenance of functional and technical competencies
  • Reintegration procedure at the end of the mission (reversibility)


The offer of Pentalog in the field of application maintenance consists of three parts that cover the entire software outsourcing scope :

Our Expertise

With more than 40 dedicated teams within the group, Pentalog has a recognized experience in third-party application maintenance in several functional fields. The distribution of our production centres allows us to offer nearshore services only three hours away from Western Europe or offshore services under even better financial conditions that allow you to reduce your maintenance budget. Local presence of one of our employees who speaks your language and knows the local habits and customs is a considerable asset as it allows us to learn your needs and to take the project to success together in a win-win spirit.


In order that our maintenance service is provided under the best conditions, Pentalog sets up a dedicated team for your project and an organization in three phases :

Start mission
The start mission is the first phase of a maintenance project. It involves learning the project. This action is carried out by the project manager who comes to your site for a determined period (generally one month). During this phase, the project manager will learn all the applications from the maintenance scope and measure the stakes and the level of criticality of each application. This phase also includes the writing of the Project Quality Plan which describes the entire organization that is implemented, the rules to be observed, the frequency of the follow-up and steering meetings and the service quality indicators.

During this first phase, the project manager also takes over the implementation of the entire infrastructure necessary for the proper provision of the service: development tools, hardware resources (database servers, source servers, test servers etc.), follow-up tools (BugTracking, timetracking, a wiki for managing the project documentation).

Third Party Application Maintenance

Carrying out the TPAM

This is the operational phase of the maintenance. During this phase, all corrections, upgrades and optimizations are industrialized.
With a predefined frequency, generally once a week, the project manager organizes a meeting for the operational follow-up of the project. Once a month, the project director organizes a steering committee with all the players who have decision-making power on the project, but also with the customer’s project manager and Pentalog’s project manager for project coordination purposes. During these steering committees, new services can be added in order to extend the team’s scope of intervention (training, assistance etc.).



Reversibility corresponds to the reintegration phase. Pentalog team members must provide training to customer teams on all the changes that were made during application maintenance. The reversibility process is thoroughly described in the reversibility plan and is accompanied by a schedule validated by the client.

During the entire maintenance project, the coordination is ensured by the project director who is your local contact for all contractual provisions and by the project manager who supervises the maintenance team and is your operational contact.

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Creating great software starts with a team infrastructure that breaks down silos, anticipates risks and communicates openly.
As an IT outsourcing provider, Pentalog equips teams with modular rules and dashboards, to ramp up, scale and pivot quickly, with minimal friction, maximum support and costs you control.
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