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Qualified companies receive one month at no cost.*

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We offer a wide range of specialties & fast ramp-up.

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Accelerate backlog delivery ahead of the recovery.

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The first month is “no charge” even if you cancel or choose not to continue working with Pentalog. We’ll provide as many as 5 Pentalog software development profiles and only start billing in Month 2, after the trial period.

To Serve Our Community, We’re Going the Extra Mile as Global Recovery Begins

Businesses need flexible solutions to deploy business-critical software. This offer is ideal for companies seeking to increase engineering power on an existing team or add a missing technical specialty.

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The savings don’t stop after the Free Trial Period ends, since you’ll have the chance to access discounted offshoring day rates for Delivery Centers in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Central America.

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We Invite You to Experience Pentalog Quality: The Difference is Our People

Pentalog has 20+ years of expertise recruiting, training and managing offshore developers. All of our team members are agile-trained, English-speaking and vetted using our proprietary assessment platform.

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We Supply Engineering Talent for Many Popular Technologies
From 7 Global Software Delivery Locations

Pentalog serves startups, enterprise platforms and companies in between with a global tech workforce from 7 software delivery centers in Eastern Europe (Romania, Moldova), Asia (Vietnam) and Central America (Mexico).

No matter where your operations are located, we can help build or expand your product team with experienced offshore coders working in your timezone.

We cover the following high-demand technologies.

Ask about specialties not listed below.


To take advantage of this special FREE trial offer, talk to a Pentalog Solutions Advisor today.

*Free Trial Offer: Terms & Conditions

  • Under the terms of this Free Trial Offer (“the Offer”), Pentalog will provide a maximum of five (5) Profiles, such as software developers, scrum masters and QA engineers necessary for developing mobile or web applications. The Offer excludes Pentalog consulting services such as security, DevOps, UX/UI, Growth, marketing and innovation. Additional discounts may be available for clients requiring larger teams and/or consulting services.
  • Terms and Conditions of the Free Trial Offer will be presented to the client “as is” using a standard Pentalog legal template and will be subject to amendment at Pentalog’s sole discretion.
  • The Offer is limited to companies which are not currently active Pentalog Clients and is limited to one Offer per client.
  • During the Free Trial Period, Pentalog assigns to Client, exclusively and definitively, all rights necessary for the exploitation of the Deliverables and source codes.
  • The Free Trial Period represents thirty (30) calendar days from the start date of a project which typically represents twenty (20) workdays per month per Profile. Projects may only begin once all Profiles intended for the Free Trial Period are available to begin work. Any additions or removals of Profiles during the Free Trial Period will be made at Pentalog’s sole discretion.
  • The Free Trial Offer includes Pentalog to provide a regular computer and related connectivity tools for each Profile but does not cover costs for licenses, special equipment, travel or any other materials associated with the project, which will be the sole responsibility of the Client.
  • The present Terms and Conditions for the Free Trial Offer must represent a minimum 3-month term, with the first month considered free of charge to the Client. During the Free Trial Period, Client may cancel at any time with a 5-business day prior notice sent by mail.
  • Following the Free Trial Period should the Client request any changes in number, type or level of Profiles defined in the Free Trial agreement, Pentalog may, at its sole discretion, choose to require execution of a new contract covering these changes.