Launch your project

in only 2 weeks

launch your project

Pentalog Software Factory can help you launch your project in only 2 weeks and ramp up your team in an additional 2 weeks’ time. To achieve this ambitious goal, we rely on our 850 full-time front-end and back-end developers and our 200 000 IT tested engineers to develop your project and accelerate your time-to-market!


We know that launching a new project can be tough. To make things easier we have set up the following 4 step program to accelerate your project:


1 – Pitch your needs!


When you first contact us, be prepared to explain your needs to us exactly as you would pitch your product/service to a client! This will help our sales team understand your business and product needs and find the best pre-sales technical consultant to design your technical architecture. Please feel free to send us the existing description of your needs, your business plan or even better, your specifications! The better you communicate the more efficiently we can accelerate your project.


2 – Internal workshop for analyzing your needs with our pre-sales consultants


After analyzing your documents and envisioning a first idea of your product, the pre-sales team will organize a workshop with our technical and functional experts to define the scope of your needs, the associated constraints (delay, technical skills and requirements, legal constraints, organization methods, etc.) and the budget. A skills map will be drawn out and we will start finding the best profiles for your project.


This second step enables us to conceptualize our vision of your project!


3 – Workshop on our vision and solution(s)


In this second workshop, the pre-sales team will present to you how we envision your product in terms of organization, methodology, technical aspects, conditions of success, budget, duration, contract, etc.


Other goals of this workshop are to respond to all of the pending questions in order to refine and optimize our proposal and close the skills map to quickly start recruitment interviews!


4 – Contract signature


Once you give us the green light to start the project and all negotiations are complete, we will plan the kick-off meeting. At the same time, we will ramp up the team and select the technical resources needed to start the project: cloud resource provisioning, travel planning, making available specific equipment and devices, purchase of licenses, etc.


The idea is to create the best conditions for the launch of your project after only two weeks of preparation!


Now that it is ready to launch, learn how we can ramp up your team and start your project in another 2 weeks!



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