About Orléans

Dynamic region

Information technology, from wind turbines
to pharmaceuticals

Convenient location

on the Loire, just one hour
from Paris

Nerve Center

Project Management, Product Ownership & Consulting

Pentalog was born in Orléans, founded by students. Despite the growth of the company around the world, we’ve always kept an anchor in our home city.

In 2014, Pentalog moved into Château des Hauts, a 15th-century building and the company’s nerve center. Here we oversee staffing, marketing and strategic services.

Industry innovation

FinTech, EdTech, MedTech, eCommerce, Software, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Integrated digital platform

We provide staffing and services solutions for today’s growing digital economy

Dedicated team

In-house developers, freelancer recruitment

The services we offer in Pentalog Orléans

Staffed by project directors, agile coaches, growth hackers, security experts, and freelance recruitment managers, Pentalog Orléans collaborates with startups and multinationals from all over the world on IoT, software engineering, cloud computing, and mobile development projects.

Gestion de projets

Located on the picturesque banks of the Loire River, Château des Hauts in Orléans features a spacious garden and terrace. When the weather permits, it’s the ideal place to host small group meetings or share lunch or coffee.

Team members across disciplines share the Château, whose stone and exposed beams are a reminder of France’s history and timeless character.

Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Manager Europe & Asia
Château des Hauts
1 rue des Hauts
45380 La Chapelle Saint-Mesmin
+33 2 38 25 30 30
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