mobile applications development

Creating a mobile application or a mobile version of a website is a crucial element in developing an effective digital strategy. Mobile platforms are a critical point of contact between you and your current and prospective customers. To make the most out of this connection with your customer base, your application must be cleverly designed and built to last. On average, mobile users download 35 applications but only use 11, and out of those only 6 are used on a regular basis.


To stand out from the crowd and cement your position in the top 6, our consultants and engineers specialized in IT strategy and cross-platform mobile application development will help you define and implement the best practices for both the application and its future use. For example, correctly managing notifications (scheduled time, frequency, message relevance based on the location of the mobile user) can increase the number of visits to the application by more than 50%.


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The amount of global web traffic from mobile devices that you currently have or wish to attain is a major factor in determining your mobile strategy. We offer 2 approaches to mobile development:

  • development of a mobile application or web app complementary to, or as a mobile version of your site.

  • development from scratch (mobile first, desktop second).


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Our developers are enthusiastic and always in search of disruptive mobile solutions. They are masters in most mobile device platforms for tablets and other connected devices (smart watches, etc.), namely Android, iOS and Windows 8 Mobile.


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