Outsourcing Moldova: Why choose Moldova as a nearshore destination

Is software outsourcing to Eastern Europe right for you? Competition is harsh and IT costs are constantly rising with the pace of technology. Decision-making is tough, but adopting new strategies is essential to propelling your growth to the next level.

Consider outsourcing your IT project to Pentalog’s delivery center in Moldova and take full advantage of their developers’ technical expertise and Agile thinking while optimizing your development costs.

Control the cost of innovation

Moldova is one of the most convenient nearshoring locations in Eastern Europe. It is an easily accessible destination with connections to most major cities in Western Europe and a highly-competitive IT market.

Pentalog has been active in Moldova since 2005, operating IT outsourcing projects for clients worldwide. Currently, there are over 20 active projects in development, many of them as long-term collaborations spanning over several years already.

IT Outsourcing

Our range of services for IT Outsourcing to Moldova are designed to facilitate the set-up of your project and accelerate its time-to-market:

  • Project kick-off in just 2 weeks to catalyze your project launch
  • Fast team ramp-up in another 2 weeks
  • Full control over your development budget via a dedicated team or a fixed-price contract
  • Cost absorption in the first 9 months and up to 25% in savings starting from the first year

Ready to better manage the costs of your innovation project and launch your product at full speed?

Explore the strengths of an outsourced development team

Outsourcing your project to Moldova creates new opportunities for collaboration and gives access both to well-trained workforce and cutting-edge technologies.

The Chisinau office represents the second largest Pentalog nearshore delivery center in Europe and houses a team of 170 full-time IT engineers with an environment of open communication and a common project culture.

Our dedicated teams will provide you with an outstanding outsourcing experience:

  • We speak your language: 99% English-speaking; with the addition of French, German and Russian language skills
  • We have an Agile mindset
  • We are tech-savvy: PHP, JAVA, .NET, JavaScript, Mobility (Android, iOS)

Take advantage of an outsourced team who shares your values at convenient prices!
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Moldova IT Outsourcing: meet your true partner

Pentalog is a digital one stop shop dedicated to IT projects and companies and has over 20 years of experience in crafting rewarding IT outsourcing opportunities for its clients.

This is what defines us:

  • 1000 engineers under permanent work contract and a talent pool of 300 000 IT skill tested specialists
  • Global presence with facilities in Europe, America and Asia
  • 5 production centers in Eastern Europe: one in Moldova and 4 in Romania
  • 100% Agile project management
  • High-end technical expertise and soft skills
  • ISO 9001 certified software quality

We offer transparent pricing to help you fully benefit from the advantages of IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe: cultural similarities, hard and soft skills on demand, optimal time zone coverage, flexibility and more.

Make a first estimation of IT outsourcing costs and optimize your business strategy and innovation capacities by outsourcing your development projects!