Nearshore outsourcing

We have facilities all over the world located right next to our clients, wherever they are based. Our sales offices and delivery centers in North and Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe as well as Asia make it possible to deliver nearshore IT outsourcing services to our clients with only a 0 to 4 hour time difference anywhere in the world.

This optimized geographic and time proximity allows reasonable travel times for clients to visit their delivery center and at least 4 working hours in common. This makes Pentalog a true global nearshoring partner to companies on all continents.

Nearshore Outsourcing

The Pentalog Platform has 1,000 highly skilled IT engineers under permanent work contract and a talent pool of 500,000 skill tested IT experts to draw on. This workforce enables us to build and ramp-up teams of several dozens of IT engineers in only two weeks.

What benefits does nearshore outsourcing provide?

  • cutting IT-related costs
  • improving product / service quality while reducing time-to-market
  • accessing rare skills and accelerating team ramp-up
  • leveraging growth opportunities through innovation and international expansion

How do we choose our coding spots?

We are continually on the lookout for new overseas expansion opportunities focusing on the following criteria:

  • quality of higher education and availability of workforce: to ensure fast and sustainable recruitment of highly qualified human resources
  • geographical proximity: to limit time differences and keep travel time and expenses as low as possible
  • political, social, and economic stability: to benefit from a secure and mature business environment
  • local culture and language skills: to ensure smooth communication and high-performance collaboration with employees that speak your language
  • overall cost-effectiveness of the environment: evolution of salary levels, real estate prices to ensure sustainable development of our activities with the best possible quality/price ratio in service provision.
  • cutting-edge infrastructure: quality internet connection, roads and proximity with international airports to ensure the best possible working conditions

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