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Mihaita-Bogdan V.

Devops Engineer

17 years
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  • Superior technical and people skills
  • 17 years of industry experience
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My experience

Sleep Diagnostics CompanyDecember 2021 - Present


LuxoftMay 2020 - November 2021

DevOps Engineer within a company specialized in software development for telecommunications and embedded systems.
  • Packaging, deploying builds, updating and installing various tests.
  • Staging and producing environments on different Operating Systems: Linux, Windows using Team City with Maven.
  • Debugging failing jobs.
  • Planning the Release activities together with Release Management and QA teams
  • Using uDeploy tool for automation of deployments on Unix, database and webservers.

UTI GRUPNovember 2019 - November 2021

DevOps Engineer within a large holding company in Romania structured in four divisions:
security and defense systems, information technology and communications, installations/ constructions and facility management.
  • Worked closely with the Java development team provide support with daily tasks.
  • Supported for the ticketing project team help them to implement open AEP Linux custom solution for buses validators and OBC.
  • Supported for other developer teams.
  • Upgraded and maintained VmWare infrastructure
  • Upgraded old Linux Centos servers infrastructure to version 7 with systems and active support.
  • Migrated applications and databases from old Centos distribution to new infrastructure.
  • Migrated dev projects form SVN to GIT.
  • Integrated GitLab CE with Docker in order to develop pipelines in order to deliver daily builds and continuous deployment in test/production environment.

certSIGNSeptember 2018 - November 2019

System Engineer for a company specialized in the development and the implementation of software applications for information security.
  • Being a part of the Digital Smart Tachograph department creating, deploying and maintaining various IT configurations for CertSIGN and for his partners. 
  • Provided technical support to the product manager.
  • Maintenance and technical support to CertSIGN Tachograph department and for his clients (internal/external).
  • Maintenance and technical support to cards personalization team and for their infrastructure Muehlbauer laser printers and IT components.
  • Configured and maintained the CertSING Tachograph second generation servers VmWare based with various operating systems from CentOS Linux to Windows servers.
  • Worked and configured Net HSM from THALES and Solo XC HSM also from THALES.
  • Worked with Oracle XE.
  • Experience with Fortigate firewalls as they are a part of the solution for some projects.
  • Worked with various Linux distribution configuring them and deploy on the solutions.
  • Worked with complex PKI infrastructures.

- Projects:
- Second Generation Tachograph solution for Romania represented by ARR.
- Second Generation Tachograph solution and cards personalization for Cyprus road Authority.
- Second Generation Tachograph solution for Portugal represented by Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda - Incm.

UTI GRUPJune 2014 - September 2018

System Engineer.

- Projects: NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance, SafeShore, EWISA (Early Warning for Increased Situational Awareness)
  • Provided system administration services for Linux infrastructure and development systems (scripting, loading machines, system configuration).
  • Provided Vmware VCenter administration for both developing and testing environments.
  • Asterisk PBX administration and dial plan programming.
  • Ensured that thesystems were kept in required configuration profile, including: maintenance, changes as required by evolvement of production environments, updating software and software configurations
  • Troubleshot Linux systems, identifying hardware, software (both OS and application level), and networking issues
  • Kept up-to-date with the latest open-source technologies
  • Ensured that product performs to specifications
  • Other server complex configurations.

Ama RomaniaJuly 2011 - April 2014

System Administrator for a sister company of Ubisoft, Gameloft, Guillemot Corporation and Longtail Studios. 
- AMA (Advanced Mobile Applications) started as a developer and independent publisher, creating Lifestyle Games & Applications for mobile phones. 
- AMA is now an international publisher for mobile phones applications and games. The published titles are on Java, Brew, Symbian, Android, Bada, RIM, Windows Mobile and Apple platforms (iPod Touch and iPhone).
  • Maintained and administrated Apache-Tomcat 6, Oracle 10g and WebLogic 10g servers, held services for live mobile applications for United Stated At&t clients
  • Assured the well functioning of Load Balancing service. 
  • Administrated 2 virtual servers, having Red Hat Enterprise operating system, placed in Amazon Cloud Computing, EC2 and S3 service, on which were running Java and PHP applications.
  • Configured and administrated the company’s servers, having Dell platform hardware and CentOS 6, Red Hat Enterprise 6, Debian and Windows Server 2003 software. 
  • Assured the well functioning of services running on this servers, like WWW, DNS, Mail, MySQL, SVN, VPN, Proxy, Active Directory, Windows Server Files, DHCP, FTP. 
  • Assured the main network and subnetwork’s security, well functioning of VPN connections with offices in United States and England, hardware support for company’s equipment, either servers or workstations. 
  • Responsible for the logistics of IT department. 
  • Performed data backup and recovery operations. 
  • Assured technical support for development, testing and sales teams. 
  • Used software like Cacti and Nagios for traffic monitoring and several equipment and servers’ parameters. 
  • Administrated several applications, like Redmine (project management web application written in ruby on rails framework) or OWL (multi user document repository). 
  • Assured the well functioning of SMS server.

Unidec Computer SistemsJuly 2005 - June 2011

Network Administrator for a software company specializing in Information Technology services.
  • Administrated and configured company's servers, having CentOS, Debian and Slackware platforms.
  • Assured the proper functioning of the services on this platforms, as www, DNS, Mail, MySQL, Samba, CVS, SVN, VPN, Proxy. 
  • Ensured the security for the main network, as for the sub-networks. 
  • Responsible with the 4 VPN connections with company's partners in US and Holland, work properly. 
  • Assured hardware support for the equipment of the company, either servers or workstations, that were mostly on hardware Dell platforms.
  • Took care of logistics for IT departments. 
  • Did weekly backup operations for software sources servers (CVS and SVN) and monthly backups for the other servers. 
  • Assured technical support for QA equipment. 
  • Collaborated with United States NEC, NEC Philips, Active Voice and AVST specialist, in order to improve technical services and PBX(Private branch exchange) specialized software. 
  • Used several software applications for monitoring traffic, servers' parameters and equipments in the network, like Cacti. 
  • Installed operating systems, starting with windows 95 and NT4, then windows 2000(both professional and server), windows XP, windows 2003, windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7. 
  • Did virus cleaning, using several anti-virus specialized software (MacAfee, Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition, Nod 32 Business Edition). 
  • Configuring and administrating software applications used by developers and QA, like Mantis (bug tracker) or OWL(multi user document repository), keeping the inventory of the hardware equipment, software licenses management, administrating Wireless sub-networks.

Mediapress AdvertisingFebruary 2005 - October 2010

Network Administrator for an advertising company.
  • Administrated the company server, on which at first it was implemented a Linux Red Hat system.
  • Upgraded the operating system of the server to Centos 5, the server supplying internet access through a proxy service (Squid). 
  • Made a LAN Wireless network. 
  • Ensured proper functioning of company's equipment's, both from hardware and software aspects. 
  • Implemented a security system for the internal network.

My education and trainings

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology - Titu Maiorescu University.2012 - 2015