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Pentalog High Tech01.07.2012 - Present

In charge of the Information-Infrastructure System of the Group, responsible for the consistency, availability and robustness of the network infrastructure and for the agencies technical resources.
  • In charge of assuring the resources availability.
  • In charge of assuring the system security.
  • Anticipation of the activity of the Support Department.
  • Coordination of the Support team.
  • Assistance to the Pentalog Training Program manager in selecting the infrastructure resources.
  • In charge of assuring a good communication in the processing of the support requests.
  • In charge of assuring a technological supervision.
  • Maintenance and configuration:
  • - Web services,
  • - Data base services,
  • - Mail services,
  • - Monitoring services.
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    Electrical Appliances Manufacturer01.07.2005 - Present

    Participation in the implementation of a remote server supervision solution:
    - incident reporting,
    - set up of the reporting methods.

    Polytechnic University of Bucharest01.01.1999 - Present

    University project: Development of a Java application for String Matching Algorithms:
    - design of the program architecture and the graphic interfaces,
    - development of the interface in an applet form,
    - documentation in HTML format.

    Pentalog High Tech01.06.2003 - Present

    Network Administrator

    Maintenance and configuration:
    - web services,
    - application services,
    - database services,
    - mail services,
    - security services.

    - development rollout,
    - test rollout,
    - exploitation platform rollout.

    Lowendal Group01.04.2005 - 01.07.2005

    In charge of remote network supervision for the Clementz company:
    - administration of production web servers (Unix),
    - administration of the local server and database on the company’s headquarters(Windows),
    - database administration (MySQL).

    Set up of a WiFi printer.

    French organization for road safety01.12.2004 - 01.01.2005

    Physical and logical installation of Sun Solaris servers.
    Database server installation for statistical records management : configuration and parametrization in order to respond to security constraints.

    ATB Selni01.11.2004 - 01.11.2004

    In charge of data migration for a payroll management system from Oracle to Oracle
    - system (Windows 2003 Terminal Server) and server installation,
    - Oracle database server installation,
    - data migration from Oracle to Oracle,
    - database and access parameterization,
    - user rights administration.

    Arnaud SA01.09.2004 - 01.09.2004

    Design a customization of training plan based on network theory, Cisco hardware and Windows 2000 Server for the IT Manager of the company.
    Training and improvement of the theoretical and practical knowledge of the IT engineer responsible for the network architecture of the Arnaud SA company.

    Berrang France01.07.2004 - 01.07.2004

    Installation of an IBM Windows 2003 Server.
    - Hardware and software installation.
    - Server integration.

    Computacenter France01.06.2004 - 01.06.2004

    In charge of installing Microsoft Project Server 2002 on Microsoft Server 2003 for an institution
    - Server installation and configuration.
    - Writing of the technical documentation
    - In charge of ensuring the knowledge transfer.

    Pentalog High Tech01.06.2004 - 01.06.2004

    Installation of an open LDAP server on Linux(integration and configuration).

    Computacenter France01.06.2004 - 01.06.2004

    In charge of the migration of a customized application for an automotive industry company.
    - Installation and configuration of an HP server.
    - Installation of Oracle 9i2.
    - In charge of database migration.

    Pentalog High Tech01.05.2004 - 01.05.2004

    Update of an ERP management system for a textile industry company:
    - installation and tuning of the J2EE - Websphere application server,
    - installation of the Oracle 9 database server,
    - data migration from Oracle 7 to Oracle 9,
    - in charge of back-up procedures and documentation,
    - writing of the user, security, maintenance and back-up documentation for the application.

    Pentalog High Tech01.03.2004 - 01.03.2004

    In charge of installing Skype (P2P VoIP tool) on distant workstations in an international network:
    - ensuring proper sending of skype data packets through firewalls,
    - testing and adjustment of the communication quality according to bandwidth and machine capacity.

    Lowendal Group01.02.2004 - 01.02.2004

    Development of the implementation procedure of a VPN with protected mobile access:
    - study of the existing technologies,
    - creation of a test network: internal client stations, firewall, nomadic stations,
    - writing of the implementation procedure.

    Pentalog High Tech01.01.2004 - 01.01.2004

    Organization of information exchange through secured lines between Pentalog's international offices:
    - reorganisation of the Firewall security of the main server in France,
    - implementation of a VPN tunnel to the central server,
    - installation of the EAI server,
    - installation and configuration of the replication databases,
    - configuration of the connection for different applications.

    Pentalog High Tech01.11.2003 - 01.12.2003

    In charge of the implementation of a Microsoft platform including a Windows 2000 server, SQL Server 2000 and Exchange Server 2000.
    - Parameterization of accounts and rights,
    - Implementation of the security policy.

    Pentalog High Tech01.11.2003 - 01.11.2003

    In charge of the implementation of a VoIP system according to H323 protocol with open source tools:
    - installation of the OpenGK call server (gatekeeper),
    - installation of the OpenMCU conference server,
    - set up of the firewall security policies,
    - installation of the telephone client on the OpenPhone workstations.

    Pentalog High Tech01.09.2003 - 01.10.2003

    In charge of the implementation of a Websphere application server:
    - configuration of the Websphere server,
    - porting of Pentalog's intranet on the Websphere server with a secure connection,
    - server maintenance.

    Pentalog High Tech01.08.2003 - 01.10.2003

    Administration of a Lotus Notes 6 server:
    - user management,
    - providing solutions for e-mail and security problems,
    - integration of an anti-virus program.

    Pentalog High Tech01.08.2003 - 01.08.2003

    In charge of a training session on Websphere tools:
    - Installation (Websphere studio, parameterizing).
    - Administration of the web applications (web applications, security (SSL, LDAP))
    - Architecture management EJB (deployment, persistance, connexion pool, transaction, access rights).
    - Tuning and maintenance (analysis, improvement, resources sharing)
    - Advanced administration (clusters, scalability and load tests).

    Pentalog High Tech01.06.2003 - 01.06.2003

    Network Administrator at the French headquarters of the company.

    Maintenance and configuration:
    - Retrofitting of Linux Red Hat 9 versions and Oracle 9i database server,
    - Setting of security policy.

    Kondiment Solutions01.10.2001 - 01.05.2003

    Linux System Administrator - in charge of configuration and maintenance:
    - HTTP Server: Apache/PHP, Orion Application Server, Tomcat;
    - Database server: MySQL, FirebirdSQL (Interbase);
    - Mail services (SMTP/POP3/IMAP);
    - DNS Services;
    - Routing and Gateway services.

    - Firewalls;
    - Intrusion detection;
    - Traffic monitoring and shaping at TCP/IP layers - MRTG, IpTraf, HTB;

    Server rollout:
    - Web, Mail, Gateway Server;
    - Hardware component selection and assembly;
    - Operating system tunning for higher performance and stability.

    LAN Administration - Windows 2000 Professional and XP Network.

    Networking -
    LAN network design and installation - structured cabling.

    Server deployment, system administration and networking support
    for clients like: eJobs (, Bergenbier (, LabelOn (, MTV Romania, Hollywood Multiplex, Alitalia, Dacia, etc.

    MediaFax Bucharest01.12.2000 - 01.09.2001

    System Administrator.

    In charge of maintenance and configuration:
    - Mail, DNS, HTTP, SQL services under Linux RedHat 6.2
    - Windows 2000 Advanced Server Domain and Domain Controller.
    - Informix Database Server on Sun Solaris platform.
    - In charge of internal and external routing and security policy.

    - In charge of user support:
    - Network and hardware support for over 30 users developing applications on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 workstations.
    - Additional configuration and hardware support for devices (printers, fax machines, etc.).

    Polytechnic University of Bucharest01.05.2001 - 01.06.2001

    Master's thesis: design of an IT system for press, radio and TV news storing and monitoring:
    - Software implementation using PostGreSQL for database support,
    - Easy and reliable web access with Apache HTTP Server and PHP for database connectivity and authentication,
    - In charge of security, storing, circulation and user access policy.

    Computer Science Sun Information TechnologyLaboratory01.02.2000 - 01.06.2000

    Development of a software platform connected to logic circuit interfaces:
    - Application development and implementation,
    - Logic design simulation,
    - Hardware implementation of logic designs on different Field Programmable Gate Arrays,
    - Documentation and project management.

    Technosoft Bucharest01.11.1999 - 01.02.2000

    Development of an MCQ application for students:
    - design of the database and user interfaces,
    - development of the interfaces and maintenance of the database.

    My stack

    Spoken languages

    FRENCH: Advanced
    ROMANIAN: Native speaker

    Networks and systems

    Advanced routing, Firewalls & Security, Linux, Network Design, Windows, Windows 2000 Professional & Server, Sun Solaris, CITRIX Metaframe


    Korn Shell, PHP, C/C++, JAVA, .NET Languages


    MySQL, Oracle, Interbase, MS Access

    Application servers

    Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Orion


    The Port



    Computer tools

    MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Internet Explorer

    My education and trainings

    Master's Degree in Computer Science - Polytechnic University of Bucharest