Victoria Cristina G.

Devops Engineer

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My experience


PentalogOctober 2019 - Present

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and working as part of a team of certified Solution Architects and Engineers in the Pentalog Customer DevOps service. Agile and Lean principles is the foundation of our DevOps methodology, which promotes the collaboration between business owners and development, operations, and quality assurance specialists. Altogether as a team, we ensure alignment on the goals and we focus on continuous improvement to achieve them.

For microservices based applications:
  • Creating branching rules.
  • Creating build & deploy pipelines.
  • Creating deployment strategies.

SynertradeNovember 2017 - October 2019

DevOps Engineer within a company specialized in the development of software solutions and consulting dedicated to Purchasing.
  • Designing and improving the deployment strategies for microservices.
  • Creating automation scripts (bash).
  • Deploying microservices in Kubernetes and OpenShift environments.
  • Providing basic SQL operations on Mongo and Maria databases.
  • Maintaining and expanding build configurations in TeamCity.
  • Maintaining and improving operation of the deployed EFK stack.
  • Maintaining and expanding the functionality of SonarQube server.

NTT DataMarch 2017 - October 2017

DevOps Engineer within a reliable nearshore IT Service Provider in Romania that provides development assistance and expert advice for customers across various industries, IT service providers, system integrators and software companies.
  • Designing and developing strategies for Continuous Delivery.
  • Maintaining and improving the operation of the development tools (Gitlab, Jira, Confluence, Artifactory).
  • Maintaining and improving automation scripts (Ansible, Python, Bash) used for: environment VMs, application setup, Gitlab runners, Gitlab CI.
  • Maintaining and expanding Docker images used in the development and test environments.
  • Providing basic Oracle DB operations.

Serco Services Gmbh / European Central BankDecember 2016 - February 2017

License Management Expert within the central bank for Europe's single currency.
  • Providing support during life-cycle of technical services (License Management), especially in the integration, test, acceptance and deployment stages, focusing of aspects related to system and application integration.
  • Evaluating and executing changes and service requests according to provided operating procedures while maintaining agreed service levels and deadlines.
  • Contributing at the deployment of services in production by advising on the impact of planned changes, assisting Data Centre Operations during the roll-out and post implementation.
  • Deploying and configuring systems and environments to integrate services according to the system design and network policies.
  • Providing document installation and operational procedures for further deployments in the Data Centre Operations.
  • Reviewing the technical procedures related to system integration.
  • Liaising with technical teams for the acceptance and handover of service in production.
  • Supporting end-users during pilot phase for introduction of new services.

Siemens Industry SoftwareApril 2010 - November 2016

Build Administrator (CAE Department) within a company providing simulation and testing solutions for functional performance engineering.
  • Administrating the CAE Department's build system across multiple platforms: Windows, Linux.
  • Enhancing and expanding the automation of the build system: monitoring the build status, logging, notifications, distribution of build across sites, installations, automated test runs.
  • Batch and shell scripting.
  • Source code management: Mercurial, SVN.
  • Software installation using Catia, and Visual Studio.
  • Installing and maintaining the license servers: FlexLM, RLM, Catia DSLS, Catia LUM.
  • Providing support for colleagues with problems with the C++, C# tools creation and maintenance.
  • Database administration (MySQL, basic) for 2 years.
  • Web application maintenance (Mantis) in PHP for 2 years.
  • Server maintenance.

Transilvania University of BrasovJanuary 2006 - January 2009

First Grade Technician for a public institution of higher education in Brașov, Romania.
  • Providing computer network maintenance for the Electronics Department (30-50 PCs).
  • Installing and configuring the software used for academic work.
  • Troubleshooting software and hardware problems.
  • Maintaining Linux server functionality.

MonedinJanuary 2005 - January 2006

PC Operator within a company providing software development.
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting.
  • Resolving warranty problems for clients.
  • Hardware installation.
  • Maintaining the network.
  • Software and hardware maintenance of client networks.
  • Maintaining print-servers.
  • Network installation.
  • Physical network installation.
  • Configuring the site administrator.
  • Providing MySQL database and website maintenance.
  • Being part of the team that was involved in the installation of a large network in an office building (of about 300 computers).
  • Helping to install the physical network (cabling, patching) and setup the computer network for one of the clients in the building.

Games Explorer 2000January 2004 - January 2005

Software Developer within a company providing game development.
  • Testing and C++ programming inside Microsoft Visual Studio 6.

My stack

Spoken languages

FRENCH: Average
ENGLISH: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

Environment of Development

GIT, Visual Studio 6, Openshift, Mercurial, GitLab


C#, C/C++, SQL, PHP, Bash scripting, Python

Networks and Systems

Linux, Docker, VMS, VerneMQ, AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit), Windows Server, Ansible

Open Source solutions



MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB

Software Testing



RabbitMQ, Artifactory

Analysis Methods and Tools

SonarQube, Microservices


Confluence, FlexLM API, EFK Stack, Mantis, DevOps

Application Servers

TeamCity, Apache

My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Transilvania University of Brasov.2009 - 2011

Master's Studies in Virtual Environments Technologies for Industrial Application, Virtual Reality -Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies Pisa, Italia.2009 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Transilvania University of Brasov.2004 - 2009

My tests

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