Darius-Mihai P.

Front End Developer

7 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA
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My experience


Data Intelligence ExpertJuly 2021 - Present

Front-End Developer.
  • Stabilization of the application through bug fixing and development of the last Change Request and Improvements.
  • Fast picked up both the business logic and the development part.
  • Quick adaptation to the project demands.
  • Following the ramp-up period, started working as the single developer of the project on the front-end side for full support to the client.

PentalogJune 2021 - June 2021

Front-End Developer within the Pentalog group.
  • Training on front-end development techniques and best practices, following an internal roadmap.
  • Internal integration by understanding the organizational culture.
  • Adjusting to the business practices.
  • Proper alignment with the company's vision.
  • Learning how to work according to the Agile methodology.

Arnia SoftwareApril 2020 - May 2021

Front End Developer within a leading provider of software development services, IT outsourcing, and nearshore dedicated teams. 
  • Working on a video editor application that lets the user tag a video with important moments like a goal from a football game. The tags are then exported as clips to be later.
  • The application also has a video player for playing the clips created by the video editor.
  • I can also mention that I worked on the presentation website for this application.
  • The technology stack used for building the application and the website includes Vue.js with HTML 5 and CSS3, NodeJS, and PHP with Laravel.


Vue.js, HTML 5, CSS3, NodeJS, PHP, Laravel

LuxoftFebruary 2018 - March 2020

Front End Developer for a digital strategy and software engineering firm providing bespoke technology solutions that drive business change for customers the world over.
  • Worked on a network management application that runs in the cloud. The application helps customers visualize their network and change the configuration of the network and devices inside the network, for example, adding new devices or connections and modifying existing ones.
  • The application uses a microservices pattern and an API gateway written in NodeJS, that I built, which routes every request to their appropriate microservices and does authentication and authorization for the requests.

Vue.js, HTML 5, CSS 3, SCSS, Node JS

BT&T Software DevelopmentFebruary 2015 - January 2018

Web Developer within a Dutch owned software nearshoring company developing, delivering and implementing high tech solutions for European and American clients.
  • Building some modules in ASP.net (C#) for a document management system, like for example a conversion from their templating language to PDF.
  • Building different components for their web applications like for example:
    - Drag and drop module for a CMS like module of their application. 
  • Integrating different libraries in their web application like a LazyLoader plugin etc.
  • A templating system for email campaigns based on MJML.
  • Fixed lots of bugs.

HTML 5, CSS 3, ASP.net (C#), Angular JS, jQuery, Foundation, SCSS

IBMFebruary 2014 - May 2014

SharePoint Consultant within a company providing tech solutions, offering analytical applications, business intelligence, data management, financial performance and strategy management, portals and mashups, information integration, and master data management.
  • As a SharePoint Functional Analyst, solved different requests from their Belgium clients regarding the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Online GROWJanuary 2014 - February 2014

PHP Developer (Internship).
  • Building some modules for their projects like for example a minimalist search engine for one of their client websites.
  • Building a tool for exporting data from the database in a presentable way for the client.

My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Computer Science - University of Bucharest.2013 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science - University of Bucharest.2010 - 2013