Bogdan L.

Full-stack developer

Bucharest, ROMANIA
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My experience


MasteryConnect01.12.2013 - Present

Python Back-End Developer.
  • Code optimization for better scalability: benchmarking the current solution and finding ways to reduce the time spent in handling HTTP requests.
  • Adding and maintaining unit tests for the Django back-end code part: increasing the test coverage of the back-end code.
  • Code refactoring and server migration from Heroku to Amazon virtual machines: redesign of the entire back-end architecture.
  • Development of solutions to handle statistics and TCP messages, and replacement of the external solutions to reduce costs: PubHub was used to handle communication over TCP between server and clients, while New Relic was used to handle statistics.
  • Addition of the threading capability to the back-end part and refactoring of the code to be thread safe: currently, the back-end is using 4 processes and 1 thread per process; more threads are required to increase the number of requests processed per second.
  • Implementation of new features on the back-end side.
  • Porting parts of the application to Node.js and Express.

PENTALOG CLIENT : Telecom security and simulation solutions manufacturer01.01.2017 - 01.06.2017

  • Mentorship of the Python developers.
  • Code review and proposal of architectural solutions for several features, in order to achieve a better performance.
  • Converting the platform to run with Docker and implementing Jenkins scripts for the deployment and test execution.
  • Configuration of the Nginx web server and the uWSGI module for a better performance.

Energy Management Solutions Provider01.08.2016 - 01.11.2016

Software Developer.
  • Creating the software architecture (using a multi-process approach) for the web application.
  • Implementing, using Python in Django framework:
    - the main backend functionalities (user account management, scripting editing/ parsing/ execution, data base management);
    - the front-end part (the corresponding pages for the above mentioned functionalities).
  • Implementation of a daemon code in Python 3 to read the data from the sensors and update the database with the new values.
  • Implementation of a daemon to provide a crontab feature like code execution (the scripts were written in the web interface using a JS library for syntax highlighting and error checking).
  • Testing the source code using different hardware setups.
  • Writing documentation.

LET NETWORK01.12.2012 - 01.11.2013

Senior Server Developer for a new social network developed to help people raise their voice. It is based on an algorithm that detects remarkable events in the big data stream (text, pictures, video and music).
  • Module development on the server side : Python 2.7:
    - Image processing using Wand and OpenCV Python modules.
    - Audio processing using Python audiotools module.
  • View development for Django.
  • Unit testing of the written code.
  • Development of a cross platform prototype in C++ (QtSDK) similar to Dropbox, using a proprietary protocol for file upload/download.
  • Development of Windows Phone 8 client prototype to ensure communication with the company's server.
  • Work with several tools and technologies:
    - uWSGI, Django combined with gevent threads to process http requests;
    - Redis to cache data used frequently;
    - geventhttpclient for fast external http calls;
    - GIT and GIT flow (branch management).

Synchronoss01.01.2012 - 01.12.2012

C++ Team Leader for the mobile innovation leader that provides personal cloud solutions and software-based activation for connected devices across the globe.
  • Management of a team of 2 people for porting BrewOS clients on low end handsets for different carriers using CDMA tehnology. These network operators were from South Koreea, Venezuela, US, India.
  • Setup and maintenance of Hudson CI which was used for handling the different porting branches.
  • Reporting to the Project Manager.
  • Task assignment and monitoring within the team.
  • Delivery of the releases within the required timeframe.

MIYOWA01.03.2010 - 01.01.2012

C++ Developer for the global leader in unifying the mobile social experience.

Participation in the development of different projects:
- A cross platform build chain using wxWidgets;
- Widgets for Nokia and Symbian v3 mobile phones using Nokia WRT (web run time), developed with HTML, Javascript and CSS;
- Maintenance of a client for BREW OS developed in C, which was deployed on very very low handsets;
- Porting and maintenance of a C++ client (Intouch5) on BrewOS handsets. The project was a cross-platform solution using a proprietary framework, it could be compiled and executed on Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Application development based on specifications.
  • Unit testing for the company's framework using CppUnit.
  • Hudson configuration for release management.
  • Rewriting of the tools used in application packaging in order to ensure cross-platform compatibility.

OPEN PLUG01.11.2006 - 01.03.2010

QA Tester, QA Team Leader and QA Manager within a French company focused on mobile applications development tools and software for mobile phones.

Management of the testing process.
  • Management of a team of 8 test engineers over 3 different projects.
  • Maintenance of the project (OPUS) tested by the team.
  • Maintenance of the test tool developed in-house.
  • Task planning and monitoring for the QA team.
  • Performance monitoring and definition of the project objectives together with the Project Manager.
  • Writing automation test cases in ActionScript 3.
  • Contribution to the development of a tool chain used for automated execution of tests written in ActionScript 3.

Coordination of the testing team.
  • Task organization and assignment within the team (around 5 test engineers on 2 projects - OPUS and Elips Suite).
  • Development of automated tests using C and recording of the performed tests using a Ruby engine for GUI automated testing.
  • Maintenance of the automated tests to the changes in the code.

Application testing.
  • Writing and maintenance of the tests in the test plan.
  • Writing test cases for manual testing and automated test cases.

My stack

Spoken languages

FRENCH: Average
ENGLISH: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

Networks and systems

Amazon EC2, Docker, Linux, MacOS, Windows


Python, JavaScript, ActionScript 3, Bash scripting, C#, C/C++


Gunicorn, MemCache, Win32 API

Web technologies

Django, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Express, Node.js


MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLite

Development Environment

PyCharm, CVS, GIT, SVN, Jenkins CI, CMake, GitLab, Visual Studio

Application servers

Nginx, uWSGI


Brew SDK, Windows Phone 8 SDK


Modbus, ZigBee

Open Source solutions

Qt SDK, wxWidgets

Software testing

CPPUnit, Mantis Bug Tracker

Embedded and Telecom

Raspberry Pi


Windows Phone 8


Agile, Scrum, Bugzilla, JIRA


ImageMagick, OpenCV

My education and trainings

Bachelor's Degree in Automation and Computer Science - "Politechnica" University, Bucharest.2005-2010