Nicolae D.

Full Stack Developer

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PentalogFebruary 2020 - Present

Full-Stack Developer working on Pentalog products.
  • Analysis and estimation of the user stories.
  • Development of new features, maintenance and bug fixing for a prices and profiles catalog application.
  • Working on continuous refactoring of the application.
  • Writing technical documentation.

Online community for school, parents, alumni, and businessesNovember 2018 - February 2020

Full-Stack Web Developer.
  • Development of a new application based on Vue.js and Laravel Lumen Microservices APIs.
  • Development and support of CI/CD pipelines for AWS cloud integration.
  • Participation in project estimations.
  • Performance proposals and improvements.
  • Testing of the developed features.

KaliosJuly 2019 - September 2019

Web Developer.
  • Development of the 2 desktop applications, about 80% identical but with key differences.
  • Implementation of graphic interface.
  • Error handler.
  • OS integration with tray icons showing the application status and system notifications on error.
  • Stress testing the application to ensure files are correctly synchronized.

SkillValueSeptember 2018 - November 2018

Web Developer.
  • Working on the SkillValue platform, developing new functionalities and improving existing ones.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Communicating with various stakeholders.

Provider of financial products and consulting servicesJuly 2018 - September 2018

PHP Developer / Team Leader.
  • Code review.
  • Ensuring the code standards are complied with.
  • Providing technical support within the team.
  • Solving technical issues.
  • Proposing the application architecture.
  • Writing code and unit tests.

Crystal WorksDecember 2011 - June 2018

Full-Stack Developer within a company providing web and mobile development services for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Working primarily with Symfony, Drupal and Cocos2D.
  • Implementation and maintenance of fully fledged websites or just the front-end side.
  • Building browser games and drawing tools, widgets, style-guides, MVTs (multivariate testing).
  • Analyzing requirements.
  • Providing technical solutions and estimates.
  • Research on new technologies and techniques.
  • Building PoCs (proof of concept).

Participation in the development of various projects within the company.

I. Website development for a game.
- Originally built in Symfony 1.2 , re-implemented in Symfony 3.4 (soon to be released).
- Optimized for high-traffic: 2 levels caching (HTTP Cache and Akamai), Opcache, stateless pages with stateful content retrieved through AJAX, unknown GET parameters ignored.
- MySQL replication between the CMS and the front-end side.
- Articles with live page update functionality through WebSockets, Long Polling as fall-back.
- Database: listing with faceted search, infinite scroll, SEO.
- Custom Gulp script for loading JavaScript and CSS, including compiled assets versioning, selective minification and uglification.

II. Development of a website for parents and kids.
- Front-end implementation for both website versions (dedicated to parents and kids).
- Custom responsiveness for the kids site (adaptable to any screen resolution).
- Engines: Masonry stack with JavaScript generated animations based on JSON configuration.
- Painting module: pure JavaScript drawing tool with save and print.

III. Development of various games using Cocos2D.

Omnisource TechnologiesDecember 2009 - November 2011

Full-Stack Web Developer within a company offering a combination of Nearshore / Offshore IT Resourcing and Custom Application and Integration Services.
  • Working primarily with CodeIgniter and Drupal.
  • Implementation and maintenance of fully fledged websites.
  • Providing estimates.

Participation in the development of various projects within the company.

I. A mobile application for a manufacturer and retailer of designer dresses.
- The application is built in CodeIgniter (re-implemented in the meantime).
- Custom CMS for editing dress details and attributes, faceted search, wishlist.
- Mobile version (running on different domains, using browser detection to redirect from one to another).

II. Reported customer satisfaction.
- The project is built in CodeIgniter.
- Based on companies ranking platform and reported customer satisfaction.
- Company's involvement in mitigating customer complaints.
- Multiple user roles, reports, live feed of recent activities.

III. An online catalog.
- The project is build in CodeIgniter.
- Online catalog automatically generated from pdf catalogs.
- Extracting individual pages from uploaded pdf documents, storing each page as image and text.
- The project owner can then search for keywords in all catalogs and can browse each catalog in the browser.

Aliat.NETJanuary 2008 - November 2009

Full-Stack Web Developer within a company providing IT solutions and services in several fields: Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Content Management, e-Commerce, Internet Applications Development.
  • Working primarily with Symfony and custom PHP.
  • Implementation and maintenance of fully fledged websites.
Participation in the development of various projects within the company.

I. A web parser to scan real-estate websites.
- The project is based on custom PHP code.
- Designed to run in the background, the parser would scan pre-configured real-estate websites and extract ads.
- A custom CMS is used for defining the real-estate websites and the rules for data matching. Information is identified using a combination of HTML Xpaths and regular expressions.

II. A tool used to display the real-estate ads extracted by the parser.
- The project is built using Symfony.
- It features a faceted search and linking option to the original website link.

III. The website of a postal office.
- The project is built using Symfony (re-implemented in the meantime).
- It is based on a custom CMS for editing the services, postal offices and boxes, postal codes etc.
- The front-end displays the services with price calculator, lists the postal offices with their working hours, maps for offices and postal boxes, postal code search.

IV. An online newspaper.
- The project is built using Symfony.
- It is based on a custom CMS for news management, with image and video gallery, TV schedule import.

V. A platform allowing users to find and hire contractors.
- The project is built using Symfony.
- It includes a rating feature available for both service providers and customers.
- The platform provides a custom calendar for checking availability and booking.
- It also includes multiple roles, invoice generator, reports etc.

Toner ExpressMay 2007 - September 2007

Web Developer within an online shop selling printer rechargeable ink and other IT&C components.
  • Building websites using TYPO3 CMS.
  • Implementation of dynamic menus and internationalization using TypoScript.

Star ComputersJune 2005 - April 2007

Data Entry Operator / Web Developer within a full-service computer services company.
  • Working on a price comparison website built using custom PHP, with Smarty and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Filling in the full specifications of each product, matching the products to those sold by the affiliated retailers.
  • Training new employees and acting as a team leader in coordinating and overseeing the data entry process.
  • Optimizing the CMS in order to make the data entry easier and faster.

My stack

Spoken languages

ENGLISH: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker


Scrum, Agile


PHP 7, JavaScript, Bash scripting, Regex


Cocos2D, Unit Testing


Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL

Analysis Methods and Tools

Material Design, Microservices

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, Fabric.js, WebSockets, Symfony, Node.js, CodeIgniter, Statamic, Vue.js, JSON, Webpack.js, Laravel, AWS, Nuxt.js

Networks and Systems

Docker Swarm, Windows

Application Servers

ELK, ElasticSearch


Active Records, Lumen, Box2D



Environment of Development


Open Source solutions

LAMP, Propel, Doctrine, Drupal, Smarty, TYPO3, WordPress, Sentry

My education and trainings

Studies in Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca.2002 - 2005

My tests

English language placement quiz
English reading quiz medium level