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Octavian-Alexandru B.

Full Stack Developer

11 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA
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Why I'm Top 5%

  • People skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 11 years of industry experience
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My experience


APS MANAGEMENTMarch 2021 - Present

Technical Lead.
  • Accountable for architecture, design, code quality, system stability and resiliency of the solution.
  • Partnering with managers to help with decisions around prioritization, execution, work division, sprint planning, goal setting and tech-debt management.
  • Integrating payments, geolocation, reporting services and communication layers with IOT devices.
  • Guiding the team through technical issues and challenges.
  • Conducting security audits to identify areas of improvement.
  • Conflict management and helping the team members to develop their soft skills.

Node.js, MQTT, Redis, MySQL, Firebase, React Native, Docker, Security, Sendgrid

FINTECH COMPANYJune 2020 - March 2021

Technical Lead.
  • Accountable for design, code quality, system stability and resiliency the solution.
  • Direct collaboration with the solution architect to build a new codebase.
  • Developing connectors to aggregate data from various banks APIs to process, normalize and comparisons.
  • Streamlining and enhancing the Strong Customer Authentication process across different services.
  • Collaborating with the team to identify and fix technical problems.

Node.js, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3, Puppeteer, OCR, Burp Suite, Frida, Cryptography, Reverse Engineering

RINF TECHOctober 2017 - June 2020

Full-Stack Developer within a technology and engineering company which enables organizations' growth through digital transformation.
  • Developing a new product to facilitate the due diligence process during M&A transactions.
  • Developing new APIs and microservices using Node.js and NoSQL databases.
  • Enhancing various core services such as identity management and gateways.
  • Dependency risk management, vulnerabilities and license compliance risks.
  • Code quality tools, analysis of code to detect bugs, complexity, smells, coverage
  • OWASP vulnerabilities.
  • Developing new user-facing features using React.js.
  • Translating designs and wireframes into quality code
  • Internet of Things - Smart City Solution.
  • Back-end development, interacting directly with Intel's Helix Device Cloud and embedded team and developed multiple microservices including:
    - Telemetry processing.
    - Management of device configuration and software inventory.
    - Over the air updates to deliver functionality and security enhancements.
    - Device Health, Diagnostics, Graphs and Reporting.

Under Development OfficeFebruary 2017 - July 2017

Back-End Developer within a software development company based in Romania and focused on complete delivery of software products.
  • Development of various back-office functionalities, RESTful APIs and performing penetration testing for a cryptocurrency solution platform.
  • Working with Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Knex.js & Express.js.

Knowledge Investment GroupDecember 2015 - February 2017

Back-End Developer within a business consultancy company with strong experience in project management, project funding and value investing.
  • Development of unannounced projects, a production process manager and various internal tools, using Node.js, PHP & DevOps.
  • Maintenance and enhancement of legacy applications.

Clinceni High ScoolSeptember 2013 - August 2014

Science Teacher.
  • Responsible for teaching students "Information Technology and Communications-ICT" using theoretical framework, tests, applications, projects and methodological considerations.
  • Contributing to the design, delivery and future planning and development of the schools IT curriculum.

Independent IT Consultant/ContractorNovember 2010 - July 2013

Full-Stack Developer within a company providing various services and solutions.
  • Developing various small PHP projects.
  • Creating WordPress themes and offering consulting services on security and search engine optimization.

IT-PAC RomaniaApril 2010 - November 2010

IT Support Specialist within a company providing various services and solutions.
  • Providing technical support.
  • Troubleshooting.

My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Computer and Information Systems Security / Information Assurance - Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.2014 - 2016