Adrian-Octavian P.

Full Stack Developer

8 years
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My experience


SENSEEAugust 2021 - Present

PHP / Full-Stack Developer.
  • Developing high-quality software solutions on a Microservices Architecture.
  • Creating from scratch new Microservices.
  • Developing high performance solutions.
  • Developing end-to-end REST endpoints.
  • Documenting API applications with Swagger.
  • Developing back-end solutions for better software efficiency.

PHP, REST, Swagger, Microservices

eToroFebruary 2021 - Present

Popular Investor for a platform that enables people to invest in the assets they want, from stocks and commodities to crypto assets.
  • Good results since August 2019, considering the past two years in terms of economic and geopolitical issues.
  • Navigating fluctuations, avoiding huge losses on many downward trends and successfully not jumping on the bandwagon for every mass hype or hysteria.
  • Technical skills (Master in Computer Science) allow me to understand the underlying tech of many popular listed companies.
  • This, along with business education, gives me an overall better view of their economics, metrics and fundamentals.

SepaIT RomaniaOctober 2017 - July 2021

Full Stack Engineer within a Romanian software and development company headquartered in Oradea, Romania.
  • Improving the existing modules in terms of resources used, implicitly speed.
  • Developing new modules that integrate in the framework’s structure.
  • Designing and coding efficient solutions that solve specific problems while allowing for components to be used individually if necessary.
  • Implementing monitoring and logging systems in order to track performance.
  • Debugging complex issues that involve multiple systems, including external ones.
  • Documenting processes and complex functionalities as a means to onboard newer developers and extend common knowledge base.
  • Assisting the colleagues with specific coding issues as well as design-level decisions.
  • Integrating external libraries into existing architecture.

Technologies used:
- Frameworks: Symfony (Thelia, API Platform).
- ORM: Propel (Thelia), Doctrine (Symfony).
- Database: MySQL (Thelia).
- Templating Engine: Smarty.
- Other Tools: GIT, Docker, Redis, Elasticsearch, Linux, Swagger, Jira, Confluence, Google Cloud.

- Additional Business related tasks:
  • UI/UX suggestions, documentation and review.
  • Google Analytics/Tag Manager/Optimize/Ad Words deployment and partial integration.

- Exposure to other technologies (Academic experience):
  • Frameworks: Python - Django, Java - Spring, PHP - Laravel.
  • ORM: Django ORM, Hibernate.
  • Database: PostgreSQL.
  • Templating Engines: Jinja, Twig
  • Front Engines: React, Angular.
  • Other Tools: RabbitMQ, gRPC, SOAP.

Business Analyst (October 2017 - July 2018).

- Data Management:
  • Data Entry processing and management.
  • Collecting, organizing, and storing information using databases.
  • Scanning through information to identify pertinent information.
  • Correcting errors and organizing the information in a manner that will optimize swift and accurate capturing.
  • Creating accurate spreadsheets, do computational operations in Excel/Google Sheets.
  • Ensuring data is backed up.
  • Detecting wastage and improving the efficiency of data management systems.

Data and Business Analysis:
  • Analyzing and providing internal support for departments that want to increase efficiency, productivity, or profitability.
  • Analyzing data and processes to look for and better understand problems.
  • Collecting and analyzing raw data to identify trends, patterns, anomalies, and other helpful information.
  • Using data to develop and optimize strategies and processes, increase profits, efficiency, quality, or security, and reduce costs.
  • Identifying and validating new data sources.
  • Creating reports and presentations to summarize findings and influence company decisions.
  • Reviewing and improving analytics processes, methods, and tools to increase efficiency, accuracy, and security.
  • Simplifying complex data into a user-friendly format such as graphs, charts and other visual aids.
  • Informing relevant parties regarding errors encountered.
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing operational policies and procedures.

Marketing responsibilities:
  • Assisted in the development of marketing plans.
  • Conducted research on specific market conditions.
  • Analyzed consumer preferences to determine the potential sales of a product or service.
  • Analyzed prices, methods of marketing and distribution.
  • Gained knowledge of competitors' marketing initiatives.
  • Made important policy, planning, and strategy decisions.
  • Identified and addressed problems and opportunities for the company.
  • Developed effective business intelligence strategies and analytics solutions.

PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Linux, Doctrine, MySQL, Smarty, GIT, Docker, Redis, Elasticsearch, Swagger, Jira, Confluence, Google Cloud

Coventry University Student's UnionNovember 2015 - May 2016

Societies Committee: Academic Societies Officer.
  • Supporting societies throughout the year, worked closely with the activities officer to assist and promote all the societies' activities and events at Coventry University.
  • Allocating funds to societies based on their applications, considering new societies' applications towards their creation and being a representative of academic societies through my presence on the committee.
  • Suggested ideas to improve societies' experience on campus and helped them engage more  students in their activities, supported with promotion of their events and activities while also attending them in order to assure everything goes accordingly.

Student Counselor: Society Committee Councilor (September 2015 - May 2016).
  • Attended meetings to discuss upcoming issues within the Student's Union, had a voting right and also was allowed to raise motions an policies to better the experience we offer at Coventry University for students.
  • Hold Sabbatical Officers accountable for their manifestos and assured everything was in order and no student groups are abused or not represented.
  • Assured that all motions in regard of societies, presented by any member of the council, properly represented the best interest of societies while also remaining an upright and honest individual and trying to represent any and all categories of students properly. 

Student Ambassador (November 2015 -  February 2016).
  • Being a person of first contact on open days, university tours as well as various other events as well as building rapport, offering visitors of Coventry University a qualitative experience, to further improve Coventry's public image and boost its recruitment success.
  • Supported staff in preparation of certain events, from a managerial perspective while also acting on the provided plan to ensure the perfect execution of the appointed tasks.

Coventry University Student's UnionOctober 2012 - July 2014

Deputy Faculty Chair.
  • Identifying and recruiting individuals with appropriate qualities to promote and properly represent fellow students through the Representation system.
  • Managed and monitored the activities of the departmental representation system, assessing the success of monthly operations. 
  • Created departmental platforms in order to better communicate with the Students Union as well as the university.
  • As the coordinator of the marketing department representation group, my position involved leadership in the form of attributing responsibilities, giving presentations for the student representatives and at certain faculty wide-board meetings.

Senior Course Representative (May 2013 – July 2014).
  • Coordinated the marketing forum representatives alongside with another senior representative.
  • Acted as conduit to the larger student body by organizing and running focus groups, surveys and other activities.
  • Attended other departmental meetings and committees.
  • Ensured all communication between all levels of Reps. Closely liaise with Course Reps, Deputy Faculty Chairs and Faculty Chair. 
  • Proactively developing and enhancing the overall student experience.

Societies Committee: Event Representative (October 2013 – June 2014).
  • As the societies committee, supported the Coventry University Students’ Union’s Sports and Societies Office by managing more than 100 societies on campus.
  • Developed and managed daily events as well as periodically reoccurring major events.
  • Supported the event management and creation of individual societies’ activities in order for them to increase awareness and their membership numbers.
  • Assisting the Societies Office with the management of the biggest events on campus (Fresher’s, Refreshers, Carnival, and World Wide Week).
  • Was the direct liaison between the RAG societies to the Societies office.
  • As a committee member, involved in the evaluation and decision-making process of funding applications on behalf of societies (events, trips, start-up sponsorships).

Course Representative (October 2012 - May 2014).
  • Communicating with fellow students. 
  • Interacting with colleagues, collecting feedback to pass on to senior course reps, university staff or other support positions.
  • Putting forward new ideas on how to improve the course, based on my own experience. 
  • Engaging with other students from other courses within the faculty.

Romanian Union of Students (RoNUS) CICFebruary 2014 - June 2014

Marketing Junior.
  • Handling several stakeholders and liaison with them in order to manage the relationship of the organization with them.
  • Participated in the creation process of new activities within the organization and the creation of marketing materials. 
  • Lesioning with the Design department for the creation of branded materials, writing and proofreading public documentation.
  • Marketing research for potential partnerships for upcoming events and making recommendations based on the research on how to initiate partnerships, develop and apply social media marketing communication plans.
  • Organizing and conducting the interviews for various programs and events.

SGI Serious Games InstituteNovember 2013 - March 2014

Marketing Intern: Maseltov Project for an International center for excellence in Serious Games Applied Research, Business Engagement and Study.
  • As a part of the marketing department, helped with the creation of the Maseltov social-game, while doing that, learned valuable skills regarding application creation while observing the game’s development team.
  • Helped in the promotion of the game on various distribution channels: Google Play/Apple Store, while also helping the team develop Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Website forums, Blog) and manage them.
  • Participated in the creation of the brand’s logo and its implementation into the actual game while incorporating the brand vision into all the marketing and gameplay-related aspects.

AIESEC OradeaOctober 2011 - September 2012

Team Leader for an organization that develops leadership among youth aged 18 to 30 and contributes to strengthening the global employability market through providing an end-to-end international talent recruitment solution. 
  • Manager of a CSR project, which encouraged companies and students from various academic background to work together in order to have a very responsible approach towards the environment and the community. 
  • Promoted recycling as a proactive behavior among businesses.
  • Recruited and coordinated a team of 6 individuals, all specialized on different areas, managing and adapting this project to the specific target we had to achieve. 
  • Delegated tasks, while also assisting the members with various tasks they could not perform.
  • Lastly, the sessions were all unique and creativity from the team’s part and mine was a must while also transmitting the core message of the campaign, CSR and keeping participants interested.
  • Designed, coordinated and employed with my organizing committee various special events.

Team Member (Sales Department) (October 2011 – September 2012).
  • As the member of the sales department, had various attributions such as doing sales pitches, public speaking on various occasions, this while being in contact with the business environment and sometimes conducting presentations.
  • Developed sales portfolios, based on the organization's available programs, programs for which we were actually employing the sales activities, while also keeping organization culture and branding at the heart of all our activities.
  • Involved in other non-departmental activities, in other positions such as Incoming Exchange, Communication members and various other roles.

My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Computer Science - Technical University of Cluj Napoca.2019 - 2021

Full Stack Web Development Certification, Computer Software Engineering - freeCodeCamp.2017 - 2019

Java Development, Computer Programming - The Informal School of IT.2018 - 2018

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing - Coventry University. 2012 - 2016