Florin U.

Marketing Analyst

13 years
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My experience


PentalogJuly 2019 - Present

Data Analyst.
Member of the DataOps team in Pentalog Products Development department.
  • Conducting research to develop prototypes and proof of concepts.
  • Creating, configuring and managing Data Sources, dashboards or workbooks in Tableau.
  • Documenting meta-data in Azure Data Catalog.
  • Learning and fully using the Azure stack of services: Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Search, Azure SQL Database.
  • Extracting data from various sources, MySQL databases or external services like Google Docs, Marketo, Salesforce.
  • Transforming raw data from Data Lake for Service and Speed layers.
  • Processing volumes of data with U-SQL.
  • Creating, managing and enriching SQL Server Databases or Azure Search indexes also exporting them in CVS or JSON formats in Azure Data Lake or Azure Blob.
  • Exploring data, assessing values, visualizing it in charts, putting it on dashboards.
  • Finding new ways of exploring and representing data that open new perspectives.
  • Designing data and integrating data modeling gaps.
  • Giving feedback to Data Engineers and asking to integrate more data, structuring it differently, evolving data models.
  • Analyzing collected data and business processes for further improvement.
  • Consuming API data or data from Speed layer in order to build Tableau.

Marketing Analyst.
  • Working in the online marketing industry.
  • Online research using MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft Excel at a high level.
  • Formulating plans and presenting them to the senior management.
  • Interpretation of data, drawing reports and providing recommendations.
  • Gathering and analyzing statistical data using modern and traditional methods for collection it.
  • Data warehousing and mining.

YardiJanuary 2010 - May 2019

Marketing Analyst / Web Marketing Specialist / Data Analyst within a company providing design, development and support services for real estate investment management and property management software.

Marketing Analyst.
  • Research, analysis and interpretation of data, using statistical techniques about the North American real estate industry and market trends.
  • Running SQL/Oracle queries to extract data from several databases, analyzing the data in Excel, interpreting the results, highlighting the most interesting findings and summarizing the findings in a short and easy-to-comprehend report in order to create news stories based on statistical findings.
  • Researching, analyzing and compiling real estate market reports and news stories based on industry leading data-sets, user behavior or business metrics (proprietary data or surveys).

Web Marketing Specialist (2013 - 2014)
  • Helped define campaign goals, targeted audiences, strategies, and identify the optimal mix of marketing channels.
  • Involved in creating and articulating product messages for each campaign.
  • Responsible for monitoring, optimizing, and reporting paid online campaigns covering email marketing, displays advertising, search, re-marketing, and social services.
  • Developing and updating existing content, identifying new ways of engaging different audiences and providing even greater value.
  • Helped in creating / updating various maps such as “NYC Lis-Pends” or gentrification maps for NYC, LA, SF and St Clara (extracted, analyzed, and compiled the data, set automatic updates).

Data Analyst (2010 - 2013)
  • Analyzing real estate information and ensuring that the 750 US counties marketed on the website are up-to-date and have high quality data.
  • Researched and redesigned the “Property Tax” section, as well as rearranged the data for over 650 counties from U.S. This involved a huge amount of research for each county/city. It also was a continuous learning process due to the different systems in each location.
  • Responsible for gathering, analyzing and processing real estate data for the other departments in the company.
  • Collaborated with various departments such as Marketing, Customer Support, Cartography and Development teams.
  • Aggregating large sets of data from multiple sources and research missing/incomplete data.
  • Identifying patterns, analyzing and interpreting complex data sets in order to be able to extract relevant information.
  • Assessing, ensuring and maintaining data quality.
  • Developing technical skills, while working with technologies like Oracle, SQL and Perl.

My education and trainings

Engineer's Degree, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering - The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.1997 - 2001