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Victor B.

Mobile Developer

16 years
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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  • Superior technical skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 16 years of industry experience
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My experience


A cloud-based software publisherOctober 2020 - Present

Flutter Developer.
  • Creating the mobile application from scratch.
  • Communicating technical needs to the client and the team.
  • Analysis of the client's business needs and proposal of adapted technical solutions.
  • Tasks estimation.
  • Development and implementation of features and optimizations according to technical and functional specifications.
  • Performing tests and fixing bugs.

Taxi Reservation Application Start Up CompanyJanuary 2016 - Present

  • Design and development of new features.
  • Carrying out estimations.
  • Unit testing of the applications in order to identify possible issues.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Maintenance of the developed applications.

CoravinApril 2020 - November 2020

Android Developer.
  • Android development.
  • Creating the mobile application from scratch.
  • Working in an Agile environment.
  • Communication with the client and the team.

Specialist in field intervention management IT solutionsFebruary 2016 - April 2020

Android Developer.
  • Analysis of the client's business needs and proposal of adapted technical solutions.
  • Performing estimations for the assigned tasks.
  • Development and implementation of new features and optimizations according to technical and functional specifications.
  • Performing tests and fixing bugs in order to ensure that the developed solutions comply with the standards required by the client.

Specialist in Open Source Solutions ManagementApril 2015 - November 2015

QA Automation Engineer and Developer within the QA team on the project.
  • Development of the testing framework.
  • Manual testing of the web application.
  • Running REST requests to test the app back-end.
  • Participating in daily standups, recurrent story pointing meetings, other various meetings with different members on the team.
  • Reporting progress to project management.
  • Actively participating in holding interviews with candidates for the QA Automation Engineer and Developer role on the team.

Ocea Smart BuildingDecember 2014 - April 2015

Android Developer within the development team in charge of the Android version of the application.
  • Adjusting and porting of functionality from tablets to handsets.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Implementing new functionality and client-requested improvements of the current one (both for tablets and handsets).
  • Creating and handling technical tasks in JIRA.
  • Progress reporting.
  • Proposal of application color scheme changes.

PentalogNovember 2014 - November 2014

Participation in an extensive training session on mobile application development concepts, techniques and technologies on Android platform.

PentalogJune 2014 - November 2014

Developer within an internal project focusing on developing a mobile application capable of dynamically composing its own interface depending on the content provided by the server to which the application is connected. Among its features we can count a dynamic display, as well as dynamic forms which allow to send various pieces of information to the server.
  • Defining the application architecture.
  • Design of the user interface.
  • Implementation of the application's features.
  • Manual testing of the application.

Fragrances and Flavours Industry LeaderNovember 2013 - October 2014

Business Analyst within the development team of a web application which is designed to collect data from a sibling system, compute costs and prices based on it, and provide back the resulted data.
  • Analysis of the specification documents and update suggestions.
  • Communication with the client side in order to validate specification documents, change request documents, defects, etc.
  • Execution of manual tests, cross validation of executed tests by other members.
  • Maintenance of tickets in Quality Center (raised by the client side) and those in JIRA, synchronization between Quality Center and JIRA.
  • Participation in decision making regarding workflows, testing approaches, etc.
  • Report of the progress to the project management.

Major player in the energy sectorMarch 2013 - October 2013

QA Automation Engineer within a development project of a web application which comes in French and English versions and is designed to automate the management of a telecommunications network.
  • Building of a JAVA project using Selenium 2.0 + Webdriver API in order to automate the testing of the application.
  • Execution of manual tests according to the latest specifications supplied by the client side.
  • Report of any defects, improvement requests using the Jira system setup by the client.
  • Proposition of any functional, usability, design modification ideas, destined to improve the quality of the product.
  • Permanent communication with the team in order to clarify what is available for test, to report any issues that are worth fixing as soon as possible, as opposed to posting them in Jira first, to discuss any development standards (like attribute usage and naming standards on the web pages) so that both the development and testing processes are less error-prone and more maintainable.
  • Report of the progress to the Team Leader in order to ensure the correct execution of tasks.

SolveITApril 2012 - March 2013

Developer and Tester within a company providing consultancy, development and testing services for the IT domain.
  • Analysis of the client's requests.
  • Testing of the applications in accordance with the specifications.
  • Management of anomalies using specific software.
  • Participation in the development of the Java application.

FreelanceJanuary 2012 - January 2013

Development of several applications as freelance projects:
- 2D games - an asteroid shooter and a 15 puzzle game, both for Desktop and Android, created making use of Java SE 7 and libGDX API. The games have been developed using the following techniques and tools: libGDX API, TexturePacker, NinePatcher, TweenEngine, Particles System, Box2D, Platform Abstraction (Desktop, Android), FreeTypeFonts, JSON Skinning, Music/Sound management, Android Accelerometer.

- Android projects developed using the following techniques, tools and features: Android Fragments, Fragment Transactions, Custom Views (including drawing and measuring), Image Nine patching, JSON parsing and bitmap caching using Google’s Volley library, conditional layout inflating, the Communicator design pattern for inter-fragment communication, handset and tablet separate designs, BackStack, SQLite Database Modeling.

- Client-server app whose purpose is to transfer files from a server machine across one or multiple other client machines. The application includes two main modules - server module and client module - each one having its own UI which can be deployed independently on separate workstations. The main aim of the project was to provide an application that could facilitate file transfers throughout the network, from the server to the selected client instances, by removing redundancies and similar actions and by offering users the possibility to define certain sets of parameters and to exploit the application's features through a minimum of actions. The application written in Java SE 1.6 under Eclipse Juno IDE. The client-server communication was established by implementing a library with standard Java sockets. The application is based on a MySQL database, the connection to the database and data processing instances being carried out with JDBC.

- Initial work on a foreign Java SE project which has been ultimately won by the development company and fully developed subsequently.

Engineer and QA Team Leader - Allied TestingOctober 2008 - April 2012

Engineer and QA Team Leader within a company specialized in the field of quality assurance and software testing. Its expertise targets the capital markets and the financial and commercial industries.
  • Permanent communication with the client in order to clarify the specifications for each project, to send results and to ensure the follow up of the delivered projects.
  • Coordination of the testing process with the QA team, ensuring task distribution according to individual competencies and training of team members.
  • Daily reports concerning the team's progress to the client and the employer.
  • Training of new team members, ensuring support, assistance and follow up concerning resources management, the testing process and the issues regarding the product.
  • Estimations creation, work evaluation and proposal of improvement solutions. 
  • Participation in regression, functional, system, integrity and exploratory testing.
  • Management of anomalies using the internal bug tracking system and the client software.
  • Creation of test scripts in an efficient manner, respecting deadlines and quality constrains.
  • Participation in the testing and management of anomalies within a development project of a FX trading system using an internal bug tracking software. 

“Moldova Apa-Canal” AssociationSeptember 2007 - September 2009

IT Engineer within an association offering drinking water supply and industrial water treatment.
  • Update and development of the website of the association.
  • Ensuring hardware and software IT support.

Senior IT Engineer - State University of MoldovaNovember 2005 - September 2008

Senior IT Engineer within the SOFT department of the university.
  • Organization and coordination of the engineers within the department.
  • In charge of ensuring the support concerning hardware and software issues.
  • Reporting of the activities to superiors.

My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Mathematics - State University of Moldova.2007 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science - State University of Moldova.2003 - 2007