Marius-Emanuel I.

Mobile Developer

7 years
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My experience

An Employment AgencyNovember 2021 - Present


Cornerstone Technologies / Softbinator TechnologiesNovember 2019 - January 2021

iOS Developer within a company using cutting edge technologies to create a wide variety of software products.
  • Involved in the development of an educational platform where a community of experts in different areas driven by the desire to share or exchange valuable knowledge make a meaningful difference worldwide. The app was designed to be implemented in poor internet connection areas and work online and offline. The project aims to ensure universal access to education worldwide.
  • Developed a Swift-based app using Alamofire to consume REST, Realm and User Defaults for local storage and SnapKit for User Interface components.
  • Worked closely with a big development team from Romania, managed by a remote Singapore team in bi-weekly sprints using Jira and daily meetings.
  • Prepared the app for the first release implementing new features and capabilities like Push Notifications, In-App Purchase on 50 consumable products, Live Streaming or Deep Linking / Universal Linking with BranchIO.
  • Increased deployment speed on CI / CD making changes on build flow and cache system.

iOS, Alamofire, REST, Realm, SnapKit, Push Notifications, BranchIO, CI / CD

StefaniniJuly 2018 - August 2019

iOS Developer within a global company that offers a robust selection of services including application development & maintenance, digital workplace services, systems integration, cybersecurity.
  • Fully developed and deployed an in-house event app where conferences are gamificated using Blockchain tokens allowing users to earn points attending events, asking questions and being social in networking events.
  • Helped the management team to simplify the test and deployment process with HockeyApp (AppCenter) and MDM profils.
  • Maintained and fixed bugs on in-house app developed in Objective-C for employees.
  • Worked a ten-people team based in Bucharest and Chisinau in weekly sprints and daily meetings, using Redmine for issue tracking.
  • Implemented a reactive, multi-role app for organizers, speakers and attendees in Swift with RxSwift, RxCocoa.
  • Increased bug-free builds developing a decoupled and easily testable architecture based on MVVP, SOA, SOLID, logging bugs and crashes with Firebase and Crashlytics.

iOS, HockeyApp, Objective-C, Swift, RxSwift, RxCocoa, MVVP, SOA, SOLID, Crashlytics, Blockchain

OurID.comFebruary 2019 - June 2019

iOS Developer for a company providing web development.
  • Maintained and refactored an identity theft protection app in Swift.
  • Redesigned the architecture to make easier the development of features, like Paid Subscriptions or consumable products for data protection.
  • Worked in a 6-people team, for a startup based in Bucharest.
  • Helped the team to adopt working protocols and Agile principles.
  • Increased stability of the app with TDD and wrote 50+ tests with XCTest, RxBlocking and RxTest while refactored and developed new features.

iOS, Swift, TDD, XCTest, RxBlocking, RxTest, TDD, Agile

mReadyAugust 2017 - June 2018

iOS Developer for a company providing mobile apps strategy and development.
  • Developed and maintained multiple apps in Swift and Objective-C, including fitness apps, a music provider and an app for one of the most popular TV shows in Romania used by over 70k people.
  • Worked in a startup of almost 15 people ruled by Agile principles.

iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Agile

StegaJune 2013 - July 2017

Full-Stack Engineer for a provider of comprehensive managed security service.
  • Developed multiple presentation websites for local companies and distributors, including systems for payments management and client notification.
  • Developed a web dashboard based on Xtreamer template to see and manage Linux resources for a TV streamer from Cyprus.
  • Worked directly with non-technical clients.
  • Understood their needs and deployed sites as requested.
  • Developed front-end sides mostly in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript with Ajax and jQuery.
  • Used Nginx and Apache servers.
  • Developed back-end side for a part of those websites using PHP, Slim, MySQL, MariaDB and SMS Gateways.
  • Helped clients with networking problems in their locations and advice for feature technical development.
  • Involved in projects for Bella-Italia Romania (Braila), Rently (US), RNP Romsilva (RO), C.M.D.GL (RO), Xtreamer (Cyprus).

PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Nginx, Apache, Slim, MySQL, MariaDB, SMS Gateways

FreelanceApril 2015 - November 2016

Freelance Back-End Developer.

Participation in various projects:

I. Seven Interactive LLC - April 2015 - September 2015.
  • Developed scalable multitier web service for keyword monitoring on news and social media posts with 100,000+ users, understanding client needs and requirements.
  • Worked in a remote team with people from Romania, India, Brazil, Macedonia and USA.
  • Worked on the back-end side of a private content website with over 15,000 active paid subscriptions.

II. Tranctor tracking app integrated with sensors for fuel level, fuel statistics, agricultural area marks and fleet statistics, developed for farmers and small agricultural companies. The app was developed in Objective-C and Swift - August 2015 - November 2016.
  • Worked with a non-technical client, using an already deployed RESTful back-end in Agile-like methodology.

Objective-C, Swift, RESTful, Agile

My education and trainings

Master Studies in Security and Applied Logic - The University of Bucharest.2020

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science - The University of Bucharest.2016 - 2019