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Paul-Daniel D.

Mobile Developer

10 years
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Why I'm Top 5%

  • Superior technical skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 10 years of industry experience
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My experience


iOS Developer - devix.mobileJanuary 2011 - March 2021

iOS Developer within a company specialized in mobile and web development.
  • Worked well independently and on a team to solve problems.
  • Organized and prioritized work to complete assignments in a timely, efficient manner.
  • Exhibited good interpersonal communication skills.
  • Contributed to the creation of company objectives and worked to support them.
  • Working with product stakeholders on developing state of the art mobile functionalities, technical solutions and UX improvements.
  • Consistently worked with client satisfaction in mind.

Worked on numerous projects throughout my 10 years of experience which were aimed at a variety of different fields.
Here's some relevant examples:

1. Influencers app
- An app designed to connect influencers and businesses around the world. The platform displays a series of offers aimed at the influencers and offered by the businesses which offer rewards in exchange for social engagement and visibility.
Technologies and features: social media integration, Google Maps, JSON, Core Data, chat, Firebase, map annotation clustering, push notifications.
  • Took over this project from a colleague and was in charge of refactoring the original code, updating it and optimizing it with the ultimate goal of making future updates easier to integrate into the system.
  • Worked on several major updates and coordinated with the team to help develop the Android version of the app.
  • Performed maintenance work and bug fixing.
  • Developed a separate version of the app specifically designed to cater to businesses.
  • Worked closely with the client and testers to identify weaknesses in the apps and to improve the user experience.

2. Safety App
- App aimed at safety inspectors who are visiting factories and work sites and perform periodic checks. The app can be personalized with each company's logo and aesthetic. It's a platform which allows users to create inspections, incident reports and follow-ups based on a variety of customized templates.
Technologies and features: PDF generation, data synchronization, offline mode, template versioning, UI optimization.
  • Worked on existing code written by a team member and continued to implement new features requested by the client as well as to perform maintenance work.
  • Collaborated with a team to ensure both the iOS and Android versions of the app were being developed simultaneously, had similar behaviors and were delivered on time.

3. Private social app
- This is an app currently in development and close to being released.
It's a social-oriented platform which allows users to connect with one another based on a time and a place which they shared in the past. After establishing a connection 2 users can then chat.
Technologies and features: real-time chat using sockets, end-to-end encryption, SpriteKit, Keychain.
  • Worked on this project from the start and was solely responsible for the iOS version.
  • Created the architecture and implemented all the features in stages, closely following the client's feedback and bringing their vision to life.

4. NFC-based app
- NFC-based app which allows users to read NFC tags with their phone. The user can view, save and share the information written on the tags.
Technologies and features: NFC, Wi-Fi configuration.
  • Developed the app from scratch and worked on maintenance and bug fixing.

5. Medical app
- The app is a tool for persons with dyslexia designed to help them write easier and faster and to perform spell checks. It offers text predictions and suggestions, has integrated voice support and speech recognition.
Technologies and features: AVFoundation.
  • Worked on the project from start to finish and built in from scratch.
  • Was the only developer involved in the project.
  • Implemented a series of features such as text prediction and text to-speech.
  • Performed maintenance and bug fixing.

My education and trainings

- Dived into building apps with SwiftUI.- Built an app to get familiar with the way CoreData combines with SwiftUI.- Built several apps with widget extensions to test functionalities like: - keeping a widget up-to-date with online data. - user-configurable widgets. - having multiple widgets with different data on the home screen for the same app.2021

- Created a video player SDK using the Apple native AVPlayerController, implementing key features like pinch to resize video, pan to move, playback controls etc.- Published the video player as a library on, getting familiar with creating, uploading, documenting and updating a pod.2021

- Practiced Unit Testing.- Got familiar with the TDD process.- Practiced UI Testing.- Built several functional apps for testing purposes.2021 - 2021