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Brindusa-Angela D.

Product Owner

14 years
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  • Superior technical and people skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 14 years of industry experience
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My experience


FinTech company specialized in collateral managementApril 2020 - Present

Product Owner.
  • Analyzing the client's needs and translating them into comprehensive user stories.
  • Communication with the client regarding the functionalities of the product and regarding the status of the analysis / development.
  • Creation and maintenance of the product backlog.
  • Prioritization of the product and sprint backlog.
  • Representing the client in front of the Scrum team.
  • Refining the user stories in the refinement and planning meetings.
  • Providing assistance for the development team.
  • Evaluation of the work in sprint review meetings.
  • Direct functional assistance to the client before and after the release of the product.
  • Analyzing / coordinating the analysis of the bugs.

Wolters KluwerMarch 2011 - April 2020

Business Systems Manager / Product Owner / Functional Analyst / Business Engineer within a company providing information services and solutions for professionals in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance and legal sectors.

Business Systems Manager / Product Owner(April 2017 - Now).
  • Acting as a voice of the customer.
  • Setting up and maintaining the product backlog, as well as managing the change requests.
  • Working with the Scrum Master and the development team members, in order to define clear requirements on the feature and story level, having solid and unambiguous acceptance criteria.
  • Ensuring a successful execution of the definition of ready and definition of done.
  • Participating in all the Agile ceremonies or events, in order to ensure  the proper refinement, sizing, estimation, planning and review of the product backlog items.
  • Ensuring acontinuous improvement.
  • Collaborating with the fellow product owners.
  • Supporting the product development key initiatives and programs by adopting and supporting these changes as well as assessing their impact on the product backlog.
  • Adopting our business processes as defined in our Quality Management System.
  • Providing reports for the higher management and stakeholders, adhering to our business processes.

Functional Analyst(January 2016 - March 2017).

  • Taking part in the team Agile / Scrum development process, actively participation in the Scrum ceremonies.
  • Performing a detailed analysis of regulations to extract business requirements, in order to be part of our software solution.
  • Writing functional and business specifications according to the interpretations of the regulatory requirements.
  • Translating the business requirements into functional specifications, in order to be implemented by software engineers.
  • Evaluating the impact of the new developments on the application and its data model.
  • Contributing to the functional design of the application as well as working closely with the technical team, in order to ensure a clear understanding of those requirements
  • Contributing to the estimation of the development efforts and impact analysis.
  • Creating or enhancing the functional test data and expected results, in order to test new developments.
  • Defining the test scenarios and performing non-regression analysis.
  • Analyzing the test results, in order to validate the new functionalities in close collaboration with the other team members on a functional view.
  • Participation in the full system development life cycle per company's SDLC standards.
  • Participation actively in the product documentation.

Business Engineer(March 2011 - January 2016).
  • Monitoring and interpreting the regulatory changes in the financial sector.
  • Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the regulatory bodies.
  • "Translating" the functional specifications for the technical development team and supporting the team in the overall development and testing process until the final release of the software product.
  • Delivering various workshops related to specific FRSG reporting products and applications.
  • Developing a cross-functional awareness.

Participation in various projects.

I. Spain Tax Reporting.
  • Analysis of the regulatory Spain Tax Authority legislation regarding the tax reports which have to be submitted by corporate, banks, small and medium companies, individuals to the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Administration.
  • Interpreting the Spain Tax legislation and transposing the economic information in specific rules which "build" the reports through an internal software tool.
  • Collaborating with the domain expert, who is up to date with the latest requirements from the regulator.
  • Collaborating with the technical team in developing the software product.
  • Sharing knowledge to the less experienced team members.
  • Creating Oracle Test Data in order to test the accuracy & performance of the reports.
  • Testing the reports using SQL Developer and "Report Generator" which is an internal software tool used also by the financial institutions in order to generate the reports in the specific format required by the financial regulator (XML, XBRL, etc).
  • Writing the specific documentation for the end-user, the financial institution.
    - Release Notes.
    - Application Product Dictionary.
    - Application Installation and Configuration Guide.
    - Application Interfacing Guide.
    - Application Data Dictionary.

II. Other similar projects:
- Luxemburg - Balance of Payments.
- Germany - Securities trading.
- Ireland - Balance sheet reporting.
- Oman - Balance sheet reporting.
- Greece - Balance sheet reporting.

Banca TransilvaniaMay 2010 - March 2011

Retail Consultant within a banking institution.
  • Promoting the bank's products and services for individuals & strategy implementation.
  • Inside and outside - office clients' counseling.
  • Card, loans, accounts, cash management related activities & credit scoring analysis.
  • Assisting the retail analyst.
  • Collecting information and preparing the documentation view to granting credit products.
  • Various activities related to collecting and maintaining a low debt service for the outstanding debts.
  • Developing a trust-worthy relationship with the existing and potential customers

INGOctober 2008 - March 2010

Retail Consultant within a multinational banking and financial services corporation.
  • Promoting the banking services for individuals, as well as for small and medium enterprises.
  • Inside-office and self banking-space clients' counseling.
  • Collecting information and preparing the documentation, view to granting credit products.

My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Banking and Capital Markets, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca.2008 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - "Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca.2005 - 2008