Top 3%
Dorina G.

Scrum Master

8 years
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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Why I'm Top 3%

  • Superior technical and people skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 8 years of industry experience
  • Proficient with agile scrum methods
  • Familiar with security and data privacy
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My experience


Code Factory GroupOctober 2019 - Present

Project Manager for a custom software development and quality assurance services company providing services across the globe and operating with the newest technologies.
  • Analyzing and troubleshooting projects issues;
  • Managing teams to ensure timely and accurate customer deliveries;
  • Overseeing daily activities for the teams and providing direction and guidance as needed;
  • Performing workload assignments according to projects requirements;
  • Serving as primary point of contact for team members and client;
  • Communicating administrative / project changes to team members;
  • Managing handovers and performing introductions for new members;
  • Ensuring that holidays & sickness are managed, tracked and considered in planning;
  • Ensuring that the team is always working on the highest priority work and is aware of the priority;
  • Knowledgeable about each member of the team, their strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness, whilst translating each of their behaviors into clear tasks and objectives to improve their individual performance;
  • Ensuring that projects are accurately estimated and delivered according to schedule;
  • Assisting in the collection and documentation of user's requirements, development of user stories, estimates and work plans;
  • Ensuring the team is collaborating closely with the customers and that it understands their requirements;
  • Ensuring all team members turn up promptly to team meetings;
  • Responsible to facilitate Scrum ceremonies: Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Retrospective meetings;
  • Ensuring that all Timesheets are completed and approved each week;
  • Ensuring estimates for new projects are accurate and delivered in time;
  • Mitigating conflicts, rumors;
  • Liaising the development team with the business team (client);
  • Keeping knowledge and information flowing seamlessly;
  • Organizing a project team;
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction: minimizing uncertainty, avoiding unwanted surprises; maintaining effective communication and keeping the company / client up-to-date.
  • Managing reports and necessary documentation.


1. Apprenticeship Management Platform
Description: A complete solution for the management and delivery of apprenticeships, easy to use and helps to drive best practice. It supports all aspects of successful apprenticeship delivery, including learning, funding and management. The platform brings together applicant management, program creation, e-portfolio, workforce & learner reporting and funding management into a single powerful package.
Technologies: .NET (C#), Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS

2. Betting Platform (Sports HomePage)
Description: The platform allows users to place bets on the biggest sports games: football, boxing, tennis tournaments, golf championship outrights, rugby union, greyhound racing & horse racing etc. Also offers live in-play sports betting, so user can place bets in last glorious minutes. Also, users can use the bet calculator to see how different rules and outcomes will affect their bets, allowing them to stay on top of the action at all times.
Technologies: React.js, TypeScript, Redux, Redux-Saga

3. Betting/ Prediction Platform
Description: This is a prediction website where players will predict outcomes of sporting events to gain points. Competitions are created in the backend system. A player will be able to deposit money and convert them to points. Later, a player can use these points to place predictions on outcomes. Winners of the competitions will be awarded prizes.
Technologies: React, Redux, TypeScript.

Soft Tehnica S.R.L.February 2019 - October 2019

Project Manager within a company that has gathered over 14 years worth of experience in developing software products. 
  • Elaboration of software development plan with the team;
  • Establishing and organizing the team, organizing the process of working on the project, ensuring the inverse link between the team and the client, detecting and removing any obstacles for teams;
  • Monitoring performance of the team;
  • Following the project requirements, controlling the quality and delivery of products within the set deadline;
  • Ensuring acceptability and approval of deliverable by the client and stakeholders of the project;
  • Communication with the client, including reporting the status of the project;
  • Escalating problems to senior management that can not be solved inside the team;
  • Ensuring that the terms and requirements of the project are respected within the budget.
  • Involvement in business analysis for software system, implementation of specifications based on specifications, collaboration with stakeholders and final users, communication of technical data about the product to the non-technical public;
  • Planning of testing and validation as part of the development process.


1. Development of intranet system for report generation
Description: The system is used to generate the annual report for an organization that monitors the water usage/production for Luxembourg’s south region. The actual report is formed from many statistical parts, that will be entered by the Beneficiary during the whole year. Afterwards, the actual report is generated from the ‘selected’ parts and exported as a PDF / presented as a separate web-page.
Technologies: PHP7, Drupal8, jQuery, Twig, MySQL

2. E-commerce platform for a butchery company
Description: The main goal of project was to develop a web platform with two different front-ends (one front-end for the butchery shops and another front-end for catering service), but with a common back-end. Development of the eCommerce platform for online selling of existing products of the 7 butchery shops. Each of the Beneficiary’s shops has its own stock, from where clients can purchase products available in menu, also they can purchase the products available at the offer. Also, for the stock, sales and promotions management, the platform is linked with Beneficiary’s existing accounting and management tool (Leogest).
Technologies: PHP7, Drupal8, jQuery, Twig, MySQL

3. E-commerce platform for a jewelry store
Description: The goal of the project was to develop an eCommerce platform that will permit Beneficiary to sell his jewelry online.
Technologies: PHP7, Drupal8, jQuery, Twig, MySQL

"Unifun International" S.R.L.January 2017 - January 2019

Project Manager for an innovative solutions provider in the field of telecommunication VAS products. 
  • Cooperating with mobile operators;
  • Defining project scope and resources, based on gathered information;
  • Approving technical realization of the project;
  • Developing integration schemes/ integration documentation;
  • Preparing project plans/ project schedules;
  • Seeking for the appropriate hardware and managing its purchase and delivery to the client;
  • Managing project team from project initiation through to project completion;
  • Tracking tasks completion and checking achievement of key performance indicators;
  • Reporting on project progress;
  • Managing the project costs and creating monthly reports (including profit and loss);
  • Conducting product testing;
  • Preparing product descriptions and guides.


1. Beep Call
Description: Beep Call is an innovative call completion solution, which monetizes failed calls of Mobile Network Operator subscribers, due to no balance on their account. 

How Beep Call works:
- Subscriber A with no balance calls Subscriber B.
- Mobile operator rejects the call due to no balance on Subscriber A account.
- Beep Call platform catches this call attempt in online mode and generates a beep call to Subscriber
- Subscriber B sees the beep call and calls Subscriber A back, generating money to mobile operator. 

- “Beep call” is a short call with 0.2 seconds duration from MSISDN A to Subscriber B.
- Beep call looks like a standard missed call on Subscriber B mobile phone.
- Beep calls can be sent on-net and off-net.
- Once Beep Call is deployed, the service is activated free of charge for all subscribers of MNO.
- Once received a beep call, Subscriber B thinks he has missed a call from Subscriber A.

2. Beep Call USSD-NI (Static/ Interactive)
Description: Beep Call USSD NI is an advertising tool designed for effective promotion of MNO services of any kind. The tool is offered to Operator as a separate option that can be perfectly integrated with Beep Call platform. For promotion are used dynamically targeted USSD NI (network initiated) notifications. They are sent to Subscriber A when called Subscriber B receives a beep call (missed call) from Subscriber A.

Beep Call USSD NI notifications include:
- information that the missed call alert was sent;
- targeted advertising text (tail) with the most relevant promo offer
e.g.: Sim Credit service or infotainment VAS with free trial period. 

Types of advertising USSD NI tails:
Interactive USSD NI tails − subscribers can activate the promoted services on the go within the same USSD session.
Static USSD NI tails − to activate a promoted service, Subscriber has to close the USSD session and use an IVR/USSD/SMS code for service activation.

“MediaVest” advertising agency – part of Vivaki GroupJanuary 2014 - January 2017

Media Manager within “MediaVest” advertising agency – part of Vivaki Group.
  • Communication with clients (account lead for clients Samsung Moldova, Visa International, Sandoz Moldova, Oriflame, GreenHills, Mezellini, Eldorado);
  • Negotiation with clients and suppliers;
  • Active participating in meetings with clients;
  • Team management;
  • Organizing an own working group;
  • Full document flow management (contractors, accounting department, legal department);
  • Creating commercial offers for new business projects;
  • Involved in elaboration of yearly advertising/marketing strategies;
  • Complete market analysis and reports;
  • Monitoring all media performance;
  • Elaborating Media Plans for advertising placement;
  • Booking on media channels;
  • Starting, monitoring and optimizing advertising campaigns;
  • Creating performance reports.

My education and trainings

Master's Degree in Economical sciences - Moldova State University.2015 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree in Exact sciences (Mathematics and Informatics), Informational Management - Moldova State University. 2011 - 2014