Veaceslav M.

C++ – OBJECTIVE C – ANDROID – C# Software developer

Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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My experience


OtoSense01.02.2014 - Present

Master Developer.
  • Design of the project architecture for both Android and iOS versions of the application.
  • Lead developer of the sound pattern matching algorithm, ensuring its implementation within the application.
  • Use of Jackson and JSONModel for objects to json serialization.
  • Sound processing (FFT calculation, sound parameters calculation).
  • Implementation of the Apple Push Notifications services which are used for notifying users when certain sound patterns have been identified.
  • Implementation of the Location Services (based on GPS).
  • Access to hardware devices such as cameras or microphones, enabling the application to collect information on the environment by analyzing sound patterns and afterwards to send it to the user under the form of flash lighting or vibrations.
  • Direct canvas drawing.
  • Crash reporting using Acra and Crittericism.

Software publisher in the field of digital communication01.10.2013 - 01.01.2014

  • Application development based on Scala.
  • Deploy on virtual machines using Vagrant.

Major player in the energy sector01.08.2013 - 01.11.2013

  • Bug fixing on the application.
  • Application stabilization.

Asian Quality Control Services Provider01.03.2013 - 01.08.2013

Android Expert.
  • Design of the architecture of the application for Android phone and tablet.
  • Implementation of the designed architecture.
  • Testing of the application.
  • Integration of web services.
  • Design of the data layer, business logic and user interface.
  • Responsible for finding solutions to the problems encountered during the design and development phase.

Elster Coronis01.11.2011 - 01.04.2013

Software Developer.
  • Development of a project which allows to open and standardize the Wavenis Ecosystem, as well as to facilitate the communication with the Wavenis Device and their functionality.
  • In charge of the application development, estimations and design.
  • Design of the project architecture and the use cases.
  • Communication with the client.
  • Finding solutions to the problems encountered during the design and development phase.

Interactive entertainment solutions designer01.10.2012 - 01.01.2013

Software Developer.
  • In charge of application profiling.
  • Optimization of the data processing.
  • Addition of new features to the application.
  • Responsible for performance improvement and testing.

Major player of M2M01.08.2012 - 01.09.2012

Android Expert.
  • Research and development of an optimal solution to decode/encode audio streams from and to device.
  • Design of the architecture for the solution.
  • Ensuring the functionality and the implementation of the found solution.
  • Finding solutions to the problems encountered during the design and development phase.

SkillValue01.08.2011 - 01.11.2011

  • Development of various features of the applications.
  • Debugging of the application.
  • More

    Market leader in Bluetooth communication systems01.05.2011 - 01.08.2011

    Embedded C Developer.
  • Participation in the architecture project definition.
  • Analysis of the requirements.
  • Elaboration of the documentation for the functional design.
  • In charge of architecture, implementation and tests.
  • Writing of the technical specifications.
  • Creation of modules according to the defined specifications.
  • Implementation of several communication algorithms via Bluetooth, using DSP processors.
  • More

    Ocea Smart Building01.10.2010 - 01.05.2011

    Engineer- Developer.
    Participation in the following developments:
    - Google Maps - visual map display component, specifying the location by longitude and latitude;
    - 2D Quartz Drawing - iPhone design using two-dimensional coordinate system with the creation of animation;
    - RSA Cryptography - information encryption with two asymmetric keys, one public for encryption and one hidden for decryption information;
    - XML parsing - reading text information from a XML file and converting the read information into internal data structures - using SDK proposed by Apple.
    - SQL Lite database - storing data in local database.

    Elster Coronis01.08.2010 - 01.10.2010

    Developer and Project Manager.
    • Participation in the implementation of the reading capabilities of the Coronis module into the AMPLEX system.
    • Communication with the client.
    • Responsible for the specifications and technical charges.
    • Implementation of new functionalities.
    • Unit testing of the application.
    • Implementation of the developed solution.
    • Bug fixing.

    Ocea Smart Building01.07.2010 - 01.09.2010

    Engineer - Developer.
  • Participation in the development of the application GUI.
  • Participation in the development of the web service communication module of the application.
  • In charge of testing.
  • Responsible for the application compatibility with the versions 3 and 4 of the iPhone OS.
  • More

    Pentalog High Tech01.07.2010 - 01.07.2010

    Participation in a training on Objective C and iPhone development.
  • Study of the Objective C language, iPhone SDK framework.
  • Responsible for iPhone test applications.
  • More

    Academy of Science, Moldova01.06.2007 - 01.07.2010

    Developer and Consultant.
  • Implementation of BIO computing.
  • Development of a membrane computing on P-System simulator.
  • Research of Cell-like and Tissue-like P Systems.
  • More

    Moldavian company01.01.2007 - 01.01.2008

    Senior Developer, Team Leader and Software Architect.
  • Software development for UMTS network monitoring.
  • Study of GSM & UMTS standards and protocols.
  • Integration of protection and licensing for applications.
  • More

    Moldavian company01.01.2006 - 01.01.2007

  • Development of a modified and simplified transport (TCP and UDP) for the TCP/IP stack.
  • Maintenance of the existing services.
  • Development of support software.
  • More

    Moldavian company01.01.2005 - 01.01.2006

    Developer and Software Consultant.
  • Implementation of several servers under Linux which manages the database.
  • Implementation of the mail decoder and processor.
  • More

    Moldavian company01.01.2004 - 01.01.2005

  • Integration of the security layer in existing Open Source projects.
  • Analysis of the projects.
  • More

    Moldavian company01.01.2003 - 01.01.2004

  • Design of Client-Server applications.
  • Development of Client-Server applications.
  • Cross platform programming.
  • Porting server-client applications from Linux to MS-Windows.
  • More

    Moldavian company01.01.2001 - 01.01.2004

  • Microcontrollers programming.
  • Debugging of the software and hardware.
  • Design and implementation of the Embedded interpreter.
  • Slave devices testing.
  • Project design.
  • Development and deployment of the project.
  • More

    Moldavian company01.01.2000 - 01.01.2004

    System Administrator.
  • Network administration.
  • Design of the LAN network.
  • Shell scripting.
  • My stack

    Spoken languages

    FRENCH: Beginner
    ENGLISH: Average
    RUSSIAN: Advanced
    ROMANIAN: Native speaker

    Networks and systems

    Linux, Windows


    JAVA, Scala, Objective-C, JavaScript, Assembler, C#, C/C++, CUDA, Delphi, PHP, Shell Scripting, SQL, XML


    J2EE, JNIWrapper

    Web technologies

    AJAX, AngularJS, CGI, HTML, JSON, Node.js, Ruby on Rails


    MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite

    Analysis methods and tools

    Jackson, JSONModel, UML

    Development Environment

    Eclipse, GIT, IntelliJ Idea, NetBeans, SVN, Vagrant, Visual Studio, XCode

    Application servers

    Apache, Tomcat



    Open Source solutions


    Embedded and Telecom

    Embedded Visual C, UMTS


    Acra, Android, iOS


    Av Libraries, Bugzilla, Crittericism, Eclipse Plugin



    My education and trainings

    Agile Training.2014

    "Visibility, Inspection and Adaptation" Training.2014

    Android Self-training.2014

    "SCRUM Management" Training.2013

    "People and Project Management" Training - Session 3.2012

    "People and Project Management" Training - Session 1.2012

    Android Training.2011

    "Quality Deployment" Training. 2011

    PhD in Mathematics and Informatics - Academy of Science of Moldova.2009-2011

    Master’s Degree in Computer Science - State University of Moldova.2007-2008

    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science - Technical University of Moldova.1997-2001