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TourRadarMay 2018 - Present

PHP Developer.
  • Analyzing the client's requests and proposing adapted solutions for the encountered problems.
  • Integrating 3rd party APIs in the application.
  • Integrating and maintaining the proper functionality of the data collected from ~150 active 3rd party sites.
  • Unit and functional testing of all features and bug fixes.
  • Complying with the strict policy of creating tests for the new code.
  • Refactoring and optimizing the code base.
  • Code review in collaboration with the team members.
  • Intercepting inappropriate design and bugs at an early stage.
  • Knowledge sharing within the team and close cooperation with the other members.
  • Continuousdocumentation regarding the business logic and important architecture points.

CoravinFebruary 2018 - December 2018

DevOps Engineer.
  • Creation of a Dockerized environment for a Magento 2 multi-store, with SSL termination.
  • Configuration of data caching using Redis.
  • Performing full page caching with Varnish.

SolutiOctober 2014 - May 2018

Web Developer.
  • Analysis of project requirements and proposal of technical solutions adapted to the client's needs.
  • Front-end development: implementation of application design, creation of models.
  • Development and implementation of applications in accordance with the technical specifications.
  • Maintenance of the developed applications.
  • Investigation of technical problems reported by the client, offering and implementing fixes to ensure the proper functioning of applications.
  • Tests of developed features.
  • Security improvement of the server and Wordpress platform.

DevOps Engineer.
  • Server administration and maintenance.
  • Deployment of new releases.
  • CI / CD installation and configuration for a new project (using Jenkins and Sonar).

PentalogSeptember 2014 - September 2014

Developer within an internal project focusing on the development of a social network offering the possibility to create events, polls, galleries, user groups, integration with some corporate services etc.
  • Development of a new module entitled "Marketplace / Bazar" by means of which users can create product offers and requests, having as well the possibility to  sell, exchange or offer free of charge products they possess.
  • Design of the module and writing of the code in accordance with the established specifications.

Social PagesSeptember 2014 - September 2014

Developer within a project which aims to provide a social marketing web application allowing users to have a better control of their social networks. One of the main features of the application is to automatically search for articles of interest for the end user and publish them in a smart, automated way on social networks. The creation of a functional prototype of the application was initially carried out as part of an internal contest launched by Pentalog with the aim of encouraging start-ups.
  • Design of the database.
  • Contribution to the design and development of the initial architecture of the project.
  • Coding application features and modules in PHP.

PentalogAugust 2014 - September 2014

Participation in an extensive training on Symfony2.

Web Developer - Creativ SoftJune 2013 - May 2014

Web Developer within a company providing professional web design and development solutions and services. Their portfolio includes web sites dedicated both to individuals and companies as well as e-Commerce stores and outsourcing services.
  • Design and development of websites according to project specifications and client requirements.
  • Maintenance of the developed websites in order to ensure they respect the required quality standards.

Participation in the development of several projects:
- Website designed for publishing job offers and CVs.
  • Maintenance and optimization of the website.
  • Development of new features.

- Social website dedicated to the publication of articles and the visualization of news and job offers.
  • Maintenance and optimization of the website.
  • Development of new features.

- Online store of a company specialized in selling household appliances.
  • Development of the website based on Magento Platform.
  • Graphical editing using Photoshop and Fireworks.

- Website dedicated to news publication; the site takes information about recent events from the main news portals in Moldova and brings them together into a single platform.
  • Development of the administration panel of the website.
  • Development of a module allowing to gather information from various sources, analyze them and store them into a database.

- Event planner - website aiming to provide an efficient tool for planning events. The clients place their order and choose a representative of the company to organize their party. This person has access to the administration page of the event which allows him to manage all the steps of the process.
  • Development of the application using Wordpress.

- Online store dedicated to selling clothing items.
  • Maintenance of the website.
  • Development of new features.
  • Development of a tool used for importing data from XML files; the tool was optimized so as to process large sized files.
  • Development of the application using Magento platform.

- Website of the "B.P. Hasdeu" town library.
  • Maintenance and optimization of the website.
  • Development of new features.

- Online store for selling cosmetics and accessories.
  • Maintenance and optimization of the website.
  • Development of new features.

- Presentation website of a company deploying its activity on the petroleum products market.
  • Development of the website.
  • Development of a website administration tool.

- Presentation website of a company specialized in providing maintenance services for heating systems.
  • Development of the website.
  • Development of a website administration tool.

- Site web developed with the aim of promoting the products of a specialist in energy drinks.
  • Maintenance and optimization of the website.
  • Development of new features.

- Presentation website of a company providing services in the yachting field.
  • Development of the website using Wordpress.

My education and trainings

Vue.js Training.2017 - 2017

Magento 1.x Training.2016 - 2016

Magento 2.x Training.2016 - 2016

NodeJS Training.2015 - 2015

AngularJS Training.2015 - 2015

MongoDB Training.2015 - 2015

Advanced JavaScript Training.2015 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Information Management, Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova.2011 - 2014

Symfony2 Training.2014 - 2014

Agile Training.2014 - 2014